How to Replace Toyota Corolla Headlight Assembly in 2024 – Easy DIY Guide

DIY Guide to Replacing Toyota Corolla Headlight Assembly

Is your headlight not functioning well these days?  Do you want to know how to replace Toyota corolla headlight assembly?

If you think that your Corolla’s headlight is heading to an end, maybe it is time for you to replace it.

Toyota Corolla’s headlight bulb is typical, and you can easily replace it if needed. If you are thinking of replacing it by yourself, this article can help you replace it step-by-step.

What Are The Types Of Headlights and Headlight Bulbs

Types Of Headlights and Headlight Bulbs


There are different types of headlights that you can choose when you replace your corolla’s headlight, and here are some of them.

01. Reflector Headlights

The reflector headlights are the most common type of headlights for every car. It has a bowl-like case with mirrors that reflects the light in the road.

02. Projector Headlights

This type of projector is also a common type of headlight but enhanced by the technology. Newer models of cars are using this.

03. H4 Conversions

The H4 conversion is a standard reflector-type of the headlight housing. It can be an excellent upgrade for your headlight system.

Headlight Bulbs

There are numerous types of headlight bulbs in the market, but what are the types of headlight bulbs that you can use to replace your old ones?

  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Xenon & Bi-Xenon Bulb
  • LEDs

What Types of Headlights are Suitable for the Toyota Corolla?

Types of Headlights are Suitable for the Toyota corolla

Now that you know the different headlights and their bulbs, what do you think is suitable for your Toyota Corolla?

  • Halo Headlights
  • Switchback Headlights
  • Euro Headlights
  • Sealed Beam HEadlights
  • LED Headlights
  • DRL Bar Headlights
  • Custom Headlights

These headlights are all suitable for your car, especially for the latest models of cars it will be easy to replace them because there are lots of choices to choose from

Benefits of Different Types of Headlights

Benefits of Different Types of Headlights

Knowing the benefits of the headlights is important because each of them has its unique features where your car can benefit from it.

We will discuss with you what are the benefits of each type, so you can have an idea before you replace it.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen headlights are a type of automotive lighting that have been used for decades. These headlights use a tungsten filament that is heated by an electrical current to produce light. Halogen bulbs are known for their affordability and ease of replacement, making them a popular choice among car owners.

One of the main advantages of halogen headlights is their affordability. Halogen bulbs are relatively inexpensive and widely available, making them an accessible option for car owners who need to replace their headlights on a budget.

Another advantage of halogen headlights is their ease of replacement. These bulbs can typically be replaced without the need for professional installation or specialized tools, which can save car owners time and money.

HID Headlights

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights, also known as Xenon headlights, are a type of automotive lighting that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike traditional halogen headlights, HID headlights use a high-voltage electrical charge to ignite a gas-filled bulb, producing a bright, white light that is similar to natural sunlight.

There are several advantages to using HID headlights over traditional halogen bulbs. One of the main benefits is their brightness and visibility. HID headlights can provide up to 3 times more light output than halogen bulbs, which can significantly improve visibility while driving at night or in inclement weather conditions.

Another benefit of HID headlights is their longevity. HID bulbs typically last much longer than traditional halogen bulbs, with a lifespan of up to 2,000 hours compared to just 400-600 hours for halogen bulbs. This means that drivers will need to replace their headlights less frequently, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

LED Headlights

LED headlights are becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles due to their numerous advantages over traditional halogen and HID headlights. LED (light-emitting diode) headlights use light-emitting diodes to produce light. LEDs are small, solid-state electronic components that produce light when an electric current passes through them.

One of the main advantages of LED headlights is their energy efficiency. They use less energy than traditional headlights, which can lead to improved fuel economy and lower emissions. LED headlights are also long-lasting and can last up to 25,000 hours, which is significantly longer than halogen or HID headlights.

LED headlights also offer better visibility and improved safety. They provide a brighter and more intense light, which can help drivers see further down the road and avoid hazards. LED headlights also have a more focused beam that reduces glare for oncoming drivers.

Material Required for the DIY

Material Required for the DIY headlight replacement

If you plan to do the DIY headlight replacement, here are the things you will use throughout the process.

  • Headlight replacement
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Wrench Set
  • Plastic Gloves
  • 10mm Socket
  • Circlip Pliers
  • Ratchet

DEKOPRO 228 Piece Socket Wrench Auto Repair Tool

The headlight in your Toyota corolla has an important role, and driving without it can be very dangerous. Without it, it will be harder for you to see during the night and foggy conditions.

Step by Step Guide for How to Replace Toyota Corolla Headlight Assembly

If you have a broken headlight and want to know how to replace the Toyota corolla car headlight assembly, you come to the right place.

  1. Get your tools. We listed the tools you need for this procedure and ensure that you have them before starting the replacement. Having the tools by your side can help you save more time.
  2. Open the hood of the car.
  3. Go to the engine bay and look for the body clips.
  4. Remove all the body clips on top of the grille.
  5. Remove the cover and set it aside.
  6. Look for the other body clips underneath the cover’s location and remove them all.
  7. Lift the front part of the vehicle with the jack stands.
  8. Remove the bolts that hold the undercarriage splash shield.
  9. You will see a harness after removing the splash shield, disconnect the fog lamp.
  10. Remove the fender liner at the fender well by detaching the screws.
  11. Repeat the steps on the other side
  12. Pull off the front bumper.
  13. Remove all the body clips that hold the headlight. You will see them at the top and on the side. There are a total of three body clips, two at the top and one at the side.
  14. Detach the bolds that hold the headlight assembly. Look for every place possible, including underneath.
  15. For the wire, remove all that connects to the headlight assembly.
  16. Now that it’s all clean, you can install the new headlight by following the reverse step of this process.

Here is a video that might help you as well in this process.

Table for the Best Toyota Corolla Headlight Assembly

Approximate cost of the service/setup

If you are thinking of getting professional help, this can be the cost of your headlight replacement.

The headlight bulb can cost about $65 to $85, and for the labor, it can be for up to $50. So, the estimated price for the replacement will be more or less than $100.

Guide for How to Replace Toyota Corolla Taillight

After discussing the replacement of the headlight, we are heading to the taillight.

This part of your car also serves a crucial role because it warns the cars at your back when changing lanes and breaking. So if you think that your taillight is not working correctly, replacing it is necessary.

Here are the steps to follow when replacing the taillight with the DIY process.

  1. Open up the trunk of your car.
  2. Find the square fabric that covers the rear part of the tail light.
  3. Pull it off gently to properly see the bulb sockets of both brakes and turn the signal light bulb.
  4. Remove the bulb you will replace by grasping the bulb’s socket and turning it 1/4 counterclockwise.
  5. Pull it out from the tail light assembly.
  6. Pull the bulb straight out to separate the bulb from the socket. If it stocks, try wiggling it.
  7. Now, you can replace the bulb with your new tail light bulb.
  8. To install it, you can reverse this process.
  9. Test it, so you can know that your purchase is working.

Table for the Best Toyota Corolla Taillights

For the reverse backup light, here are the steps on how to replace it.

  1. Look for the rectangular plastic access on both sides.
  2. Pry it off using a flat head screwdriver. If you don’t have that, you can use your finger.
  3. Rotate the bulb 1/4, turn counterclockwise, and pull it out.
  4. Pull it out to separate the bulb from the socket.
  5. Install the new bulb that you have with the reverse process of how you remove it.
  6. Follow the reverse step of this for the installation process.
  7. Test the light bulbs if they are working.

Approximate cost of the service/setup

Let’s go with the approximate cost of the service when you do the replacement with the help of professionals.

Taillight can cost $100 up to $750 depending on the brand, features, and design that you want. This can include the service fee, or maybe just the tail light replacement.

Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulb Replacement Guide

Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulb Replacement Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to replace the headlight bulb on your Toyota Corolla.

  1. On the driver’s side of the car, locate the handle to open the hood.
  2. Pull it up, and your hood should open up a little.
  3. Pull the latch-up by reaching the tiny notch; with this process, you can open the hood all the way.
  4. Please search for the prop and attach it to the hole of the hood to secure the hood in the upward position.
  5. Find the location of the bulb. You can start at the opposite side of the battery.
  6. A gentle reminder that does not touch the glass of the new bulb because it can cause bulb failure. Now, you find the bulb and twist assembly 45° counterclockwise and remove it.
  7. Reach for the latch and pull it. The bulb should come out without any wires attaching it.
  8. Now, get your new bulb, make sure that you don’t touch it on the bulb, and repeat the steps in reverse.
  9. After the replacement, do some checking if you properly attach and do everything in the guide.

Table for the Best Toyota Corolla Headlight Bulbs

Here is a video that can explain these steps.


What kind of light bulbs do I need for my Toyota Corolla?

The answer to this question will depend on which part of your Toyota Corolla needs a replacement. There are many parts in the car that uses light bulbs, so see what feature it needs.

When you determine which part needs the bulb, you can now choose what bulb you required for the replacement. Some types of bulbs are LED, Halogen, Incandescent, and many more.

What should I do if my Toyota Corolla headlight bulb breaks?

When you feel that your headlight is not functioning as it used to, you need to replace it ASAP. The lights like the headlight and taillight are essential, and there is a reason why.

Those lights are not just for the looks, but it is for everyone’s safety. In addition, police officers give a ticket to anyone who drives with a broken headlight, so replace it once it gets damaged.

You can do it by yourself or ask for help from professionals. Either of those, changing a broken headlight is essential.

Why are Toyota Corolla LED bulbs so good?

Toyota Corolla LED bulbs are highly regarded due to several advantages they offer over traditional halogen bulbs. One of the main benefits is their energy efficiency, as LED bulbs consume less power, which can result in better fuel efficiency and a longer battery life for your vehicle.

In addition to being more energy-efficient, LED bulbs have a significantly longer lifespan than halogen bulbs, often lasting 25,000 hours or more. This durability means less frequent replacements and lower maintenance costs over time.

LED bulbs also provide better light output and visibility, which can enhance driver safety. The bright, crisp light emitted by LED bulbs improves the illumination of the road ahead, making it easier for drivers to see obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

What Does It Mean When Headlight Comes On?

What Does It Mean When Headlight Comes On

When the headlight of a car comes on, it typically means that the driver has turned on the headlights manually or that the vehicle’s automatic light system has turned them on. Headlights are a vital component of a car’s safety system, as they help drivers see the road ahead and alert other drivers to the presence of their vehicle.

In many countries, it is required by law to use headlights when driving during certain times of the day, such as during nighttime or in adverse weather conditions. Headlights are also mandatory when driving on highways and other high-speed roads.

If the headlights come on unexpectedly or won’t turn off, it may be a sign of an issue with the vehicle’s electrical system or light control module. In this case, it is recommended to take the car to a mechanic for inspection and repair.

The main reason the light comes on is that the oil pressure in the engine is too low, which means that you have a low fuel level.

Why are the headlights and tail lights not working?

These two lights are essential, and if one of them is not working, an immediate replacement is needed. But why do they stop working?

These two have a different fuse, so if they both stop together simultaneously, maybe there is something wrong with the power.

You can do a test light to check both the power and ground of each bulb’s fuse. There are several reasons for the faulty headlight and tail light.

Some reasons are using it for too long, and it already burns out, or maybe a faulty wire causes power interruption to the light bulb.

Do You Need To Know About Problems In Toyota Corolla Headlights?

Headlight problems is not a rare condition; it can be a problem to you without warning. You can have a good functioning headlight today, but not tomorrow.

Of course, knowing these types of things is essential if you own this car. Maybe if the time comes for this to happen to you, you know how to solve it.

That is why knowing the replacement and repairs by yourself is important because it can save your car from a lot of trouble.

Either way, always check these lights as often as possible for maintenance.


The replacement of your headlight will always be up to you. There are many choices to choose from, from the types of assembly up to the bulbs.

Headlights can also add additional fashion sense to your car, so better choose the one that will benefit you the most.

Our goal is to help people like you do the work as easily as possible, and I hope this article helps you with your headlight replacement.

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