Toyota Smart Key System How It Works in 2024 – Easy Smart Key Solutions

Toyota Smart Key System How It Works

In this article, you will learn more about Toyota’s smart key system and how it works. Aside from locking and unlocking doors, keys play other vital roles.

You are not expected to press a button each time you need to open your car door. The smart key system takes care of this aspect.

The Smart Key is a new technology, and we want to share this innovation with you today. Read on!

What is Smart Key System?

What is Smart Key System

Smart Key System has a plastic card-like shape than an actual key. Unlike a standard key, they are always inside a pocket, bag, or purse, and they are computerized.

This is a technologically integrated system that uses more microchips and computer sensors.

A key is for opening a car, a door, or a safe, but a single, smart key system can open any of the previously mentioned with just a single swipe.

How Does A Toyota Smart Key System Work?

Toyota’s smart key system has simplified the opening or closing of your car, safe, or door easier. You don’t need to stress yourself or worry about inserting or removing your key; the
Toyota’s smart key system helps save time and energy.

Just by simply walking up to your door or car, be rest assured the automated key system will do the rest for you.

After getting into your vehicle with the help of our automated smart key, press the “start engine” button, and your vehicle will ignite.

This system is developed not to require any physical access to your motor; just merely commanding your car to kindle by touching the soft “start button,” you can enjoy the luxurious life you desire.

Note that when using our smart key system, you don’t necessarily need to put it at the critical mouth of your car or door, it could be in your pocket, and you walk past; every other instruction you want your car to follow is at your tip.

The system also can store essential pieces of information like the driver’s desired mirror setting, seating position, power seat, etc.

Features of Toyota’s Smart Key

  1. By simply pressing the button above the plate license, you can open the rear liftgate.
  2. The key fob button can open the rear liftgate.
  3. The courtesy lights automatically turn on within 3 feet.
  4. By touching the handle, you can unlock the front door.
  5. The alarm has a crucial fob button.
  6. Open and close the door with a key fob button.
  7. Start your car by pushing the “start button.”

Toyota Smart Key System How It Works in Your Car/Truck

Toyota Smart Key System

01. Differences Between Smart Key And Keyless Entry

Yes, there is a difference between smart key and keyless entry. Although both are automated, an intelligent key is more advanced as it uses technological sensors and microchips than keyless entry.

A keyless entry, also known as passive entry, can open a vehicle without the key nearby while a smart key unlocks the car within the car range.

Although intelligent access requires it to be nearby where needed, it is preferable to keyless entry because it can play music and change car temperature.

02. Usage of Toyota Smart Key

  1. Add the primary key to the other keys:- The first step to adding your Toyota smart key to your car system is to connect the programmer to the OBD port of the required vehicle.
    In this connection process, you will hear a sound beep before it enters a search for the car’s status.
    Then you can press the start button and as a trigger against theft. If the module connection is successful, you hear beep sounds, which could be either 4 or 5 sounds. 4 sounds indicate an IV K system, while five sounds indicate a V CANBUS system.
    Thirty seconds after this system integration, there is a long beep sound, which means the car has entered the critical state.
  2. Add smart critical state- To add your smart key to your car settings, put the car key with the logo side in the start button to produce two beep sounds.
    After 5 seconds of these beep sounds, the SEC light will flash twice, and the vehicle will begin to connect with the smart key; this process may take up to thirty seconds, after which the SEC light begins to flash, and the car will automatically close to adaption mode.
  3. Initializing the key- Constantly press the LED button in the car and plug it into the OBD port; after two seconds, it automatically searches for car status.
    Press the start button twice; after this 7 seconds connection process, you would hear a long beep, and 5 seconds after this, the LED light off.
    Wait for at least 12 minutes, and then you will notice the LED light flickers with a long beep sound; this means the car has entered the study key state.

To program the vehicle to essential lost mode, add all required smart key that needs to be programmed access to the vehicle’s start button.

Wait for a while, and you will hear two sounds, and the SEC light will shine twice.

After this process, it would take 30 seconds for another SEC light to blaze, meaning the smart key is has been integrated into the car’s system.


  • You must use the appropriate smart key for the car and follow the instructions mentioned above, or you might miss a step.
  • If you notice the smart key does not match the device and the LED light is always shining, then clear the error code using an anti-theft system.
  • After successful program key(s) and noticing the SEC light on, use the primary key to stop the study mode manually.
  • It is advisable not to open the programmer’s dashboard or cover; failure to adhere to this may have severe consequences.
  • It is advisable to allow your auto repairer to follow this instruction to avoid any mistakes or errors.

03. Programming Smart Key for a Different Use

Programming Smart Key for a Different Use

Step 1

Get the smart critical software and a USB to OBD2 cable, then install the software on your tablet or computer. The installation instruction usually follows the line.

Step 2

Buy an OEM smart key unlock or buy any used smart key unlock. If you don’t buy an unlocked smart ticket, you might have to search for someone to help you with the opening.

Step 3

Install the diagnostic software and cable driver on your PC or tablet; installation instructions are usually with the package after buying them.

Step 4

Below is the programming instruction.

  • Connect your tablet or PC with OBD2 with the purchased cable
  • Click the “Connect to the vehicle” button after launching Techstream.
  • Choose your car engine, year, model, and maker.
  • Pick “with Smart Key” in the next option.
  • Select “without Smart Key” if your vehicle does not have a smart key fob.
  • Choose “smart key” in the next option.
  • Then select the “utility” button.
  • Choose “smart code registration.”
  • Ignite your car with the start button
  • Remove your mobile phone or any device that may cause interference.
  • Each step should be within the amount of time.
  • Carry only a smart key into the vehicle
  • Select all checkboxes and tick “next.”
  • If the available space for the new smart key is 0, then return to “smart code reset.”
  • Put the registered smart key in the vehicle and eject unregistered ones from the car.
  • Click “pre-start check” and check your entire field during registration.

04. The registration process for the new smart key

  • Click “start” to begin the registration process.
  • With your smart key that is registered to touch the engine and starts the switch, you will hear a beep sound.
  • After half a minute, eject the registered smart key, put in the new unregistered passport, and then start the engine; you will notice a beep sound.
  • The smart essential registration is successful.
  • To verify, try a new smart key.
  • To register a more smart key, press “next” or “exit” to signify you are through with the registration.

05. How to Use Toyota Smart Key Push Button

The smart key fob should be in your vehicle to use your Toyota intelligent key push button; the only thing left is to press the brake and the start button. When you arrive at your destination, park, and press the start button again, it will automatically go off.

If you notice your Toyota vehicle refuses to start after pressing the ignition button, then it requires the attention of a car specialist.

Features of Toyota push-button start

  • It has a Smart Key fob.
  • Rolling code.
  • The key fob works with push-button start systems.
  • Keyless operation.

Toyota push-button start problems


01. No lights coming on

If you have a weak key fob battery, it might fail to communicate with the car; thereby, lights won’t come on.

02. Light is on, but the “key is not found.”

If you have a weak key fob battery, it might fail to communicate with the car.

03. The brake lights don’t work

If you experience this, you need to check the brake light switch and its circuit.

06. What to Know About Using a Smart Key

Low battery, strong radio signal, or leaving the car parked for two weeks or more could affect the smart key system’s effectiveness. Noted the above if you want your smart key to last.


There is not much maintenance to do for Smart Keys other than to replace its battery when it starts showing signs of deterioration.

Ensure you replace the battery with the recommended type.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do ensure you check the Smart Keys battery regularly.
  • Don’t allow your battery to run down completely.
  • Do read your installation manual well before installing.
  • Do ensure you contact a qualified technician in case of any repairs.

Here is a simple Video guideline below

Importance of Smart Key System

01. Security

With a smart key system, be rest assured your car, house, or safe is secure. It can generate encrypted code, which always changes each time you unlock or opens your vehicle; it is easy to use, save energy, and has high-security technology.

02. Convenience

Coronavirus has opened a lot of people’s eyes to the effective use of technology. With Toyota smart key system, you can get a first-class technological system that provides maximum comfort. You have to be walking around holding your car key, and the car features are automated and designed to meet your specific need.

03. The cool factor

Imagine leaving your apartment in a nice top, shoes, and fitted trousers with any car key; you get into your vehicle, and all you have to do to ignite your car is to press a cool start button. Toyota’s smart key system provides top-class luxury; kindly use it today to get one integrated into your vehicle.

Some Common Problems and Solutions of Smart Key

01. Poor Smart Key signal

You might experience that your Smart Key signal is not strong because you have an old battery. If you experience this, you can hold your Smart Key close to the engine to start the car.

02. Smart Key functioning poorly

This could result from a bad battery and could cause the Smart Key to function poorly. To solve this issue, you need to replace your battery.

03. Occasional need for system reset

It is possible to experience a slight malfunction with your Smart Keys, indicating the need for a reset. However, to solve this, you can briefly get out of the vehicle and then enter once again.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Toyota Smart Keys

How to unlock and lock using a smart key

To unlock or lock your Toyota vehicle, ensure the smart key is close to the car; it doesn’t need to be on your hand; it should only be in the proximity of the required Toyota.

To unlock, slip your finger in any of the front doors and touch the handle surface. If you hear two beeps, it means the door had opened. To lock, and shut all doors and feel the groove in the door handle. If you hear a single beep, it has successfully closed.

How can I reset my smart key?

  1. Place your key in the ignition and turn it on and off for five seconds.
  2. The next step, remove your key from the ignition.
  3. In 40 seconds, open and close the driver’s door two times.
  4. Try the number one and two steps all over.

What can a smart entry system do in a Toyota vehicle?

A smart entry system, also known as a keyless entry system, is a feature found in many modern Toyota vehicles that allow drivers to lock and unlock their car doors without having to physically use a key. Instead, the system uses a key fob or remote transmitter to communicate with the car’s computer and perform various functions. Here are some things a smart entry system can do in a Toyota vehicle:

  1. Lock and unlock the doors: With the smart entry system, you can lock or unlock the doors of your Toyota vehicle by simply pressing a button on the key fob or transmitter. Some models also allow you to lock or unlock the doors by touching the door handle.
  2. Open the trunk: Many Toyota vehicles with a smart entry system allow you to open the trunk without having to physically use a key. You can do this by pressing a button on the key fob or transmitter or by using a touch sensor on the trunk handle.
  3. Start the engine: Some Toyota models with a smart entry system also have push-button ignition, which allows you to start the engine without inserting a key. Instead, you simply press a button on the dashboard to start the car.
  4. Set the alarm: The smart entry system can also be used to set and disarm the vehicle’s alarm system. This helps to deter theft and keep your vehicle safe.
  5. Adjust settings: Depending on the Toyota model, the smart entry system may allow you to adjust various settings, such as the seat position, mirror position, and climate control settings, remotely using the key fob or transmitter.

Overall, a smart entry system adds convenience and security to a Toyota vehicle, making it easier and more enjoyable to use.

What is the range distance a keyless entry can cover?

The range distance of a keyless entry system can vary depending on the specific technology used by the manufacturer. Generally, the range distance of a keyless entry system can be anywhere from a few feet to several hundred feet.

The range distance is usually affected by factors such as the environment, the strength of the signal, and any obstructions in the area. It is important to refer to the specific instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine the range distance of a particular keyless entry system.

Can the keyless vehicle be driven successfully without a key?

Yes, this is possible; once the engine has started, you can drive the keyless vehicle.

What is a smart key system recommended?

A smart key system is recommended for its convenience and added security. With a smart key system, you don’t have to physically insert a key into the ignition to start the vehicle, which can save time and effort.

The smart key system also has advanced security features that make it difficult for thieves to steal your car. The system uses a special code to communicate with the vehicle’s computer, and only the correct code will allow the car to start.

Additionally, some smart key systems come with features like remote start, which allows you to start the car from a distance, and a panic button, which can be used to sound the horn and flash the lights if you feel unsafe.

Overall, a smart key system is a convenient and secure option for modern vehicles.


Toyota’s smart key system is an impressive innovation by Toyota as it simplifies vehicle operations. Smart Keys perform a variety of functions, and it is essential for to the smooth handling of your vehicle.

We hope you have learned a few things about the smart key system. Feel free to drop your comment in our comment section below.

You can also watch these videos to learn more about Toyota’s smart key system.

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