How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius – Simple & Easy DIY Guidelines

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius

Suppose you find yourself searching for how to reset the maintenance light on Toyota Prius. In that case, you probably have an issue with it. Or maybe you want helpful information to help you do the maintenance all by yourself. Well, whichever the case may be, you just found yourself at the right place.

Driving a car today without a maintenance light or a poorly maintained one could cause your car/vehicle to break down without a warning sign. It could result in even more significant problems for the owner and threaten the car’s long-term use.

What is Maintenance Required Light?

A maintenance required light is a warning light that indicates something is wrong in the car, or a particular system may need to be upgraded, fixed, improved or change (as in engine oil).

Generally, the maintenance required light will warn or notify you of the need for maintenance after particular vehicular mileage.

How Does It Works?

The maintenance light works with a computer system attached to it, which collects data about the miles the car has traveled from a previous reset.

The data collected from sensors is interpreted by the computer, which then triggers the maintenance light on the dashboard and notifies the driver that maintenance is needed or there is a need for an oil change.

What it Mean’s on Toyota Prius?

When the maintenance required light comes up after making a mileage of 5000 from the previous, such light means the engine oil is due for change on the Toyota Prius engine.

Guideline for How to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius

How to reset your maintenance light on your 2012 Toyota Prius

Material Required to Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Prius

Resetting the maintenance has been made easy and may not require any tool but materials like the maintenance guide and instruction manual.

Approximate cost of service/setup

Unless you want to take the car to an expert to reset, you will have zero cost to reset on the maintenance light. You wouldn’t have to spend to do any setup for the reset either.

And even if you choose to use the service of a professional, it will cost between 100-200USD.

However, if we fail to heed the warnings from the maintenance light, or the warning signs don’t come up due to a faulty electronic system directly connected to the maintenance light system.

Or just simply our failure to reset the mileage to zero after completing one maintenance cycle. It could cause the driver or car owner not to be aware of the need for maintenance.

And if this is allowed to go on for a more extended period, it will lead to damage which would cost us more and, in some cases, leads to an accident.

How to reset maintenance light on Toyota Prius by Model Year

There is a need to see a guide on reset maintenance lights on different Toyota Prius models.

Difference models may not have the same reset features, but the guide below will help overcome this challenge.

Before we delve into the steps to reset the maintenance light, we must understand that the reset is usually done on the ODOMETER.

The ODOMETER is a device that displays the miles the vehicle/car has traveled. It is installed on the dashboard and in the speed clock window adjacent to the steering wheel.

The mileage is displayed at a small rectangular window that reads or counts in digits just at the bottom of the speed meter in the speed clock window. The ODOMETER has two lines.

The two lines read the mileage, but while one counts the overall mileage since the vehicle/car started been put to use, the other one tells the day-to-day miles made by the vehicle since we reset the counter to zero.

The reading on the first line on the ODOMETER is permanent and cannot be changed or reset. Still, the second reading on the other line can be adjusted and reset.

Therefore it is this second reading that is resettable we are going to be talking about and steps to take when resetting them for various Toyota Prius models.

Now, let’s see how to reset maintenance lights for a range of models of the Toyota Prius:

Reset Prius Maintenance Light for 1997-2003 Model

La Toyota Prius (2001) screenshot

To reset the maintenance light in the 1997-2003 model, you should follow the instruction below;

  • Turn on the car ignition: this is the first thing that you must do in the process of resetting the maintenance light. It would be best if you turned on the ignition without starting the car engine.
  • Trip button: The second step towards resetting your maintenance is pressing the Trip button on the ODOMETER according to the car model.
    And the Trip button helps you toggle between displays on the ODOMETER, where you can see the total mileage.
  • Turn off: now, turn off the car/vehicle completely by simply turning off the ignition.
  • Press and hold down: you can now press and hold down the Trip button and put on the ignition again until mileage on the ODOMETER is set to zero.

Reset Prius Maintenance Light for 2004-2009 Model

  • Turn on the ignition without having to start the engine.
  • Press the trip button as you toggle between mileages on the ODOMETER according to the model specifications. And get a view of the full display of the car mileage.
  • Now turn off the ignition completely.
  • Hold down the Trip button this time.
  • Lastly, turn on your ignition (please do not start the engine). Continue this process until the mileage digits on the ODOMETER are displaying zero. Here, you have successfully reset the Maintenance light.

Reset Prius Maintenance Light for 2010-2015 Model

  • As usual, turn on the ignition without having to start the car engine.
  • You can now press the Trip or MPH button as the case may be for each model. By doing so, you will toggle between mileages on the Meter (ODOMETER) until you have Trip A displayed.
  • Just like we did for other models, you can now turn off the ignition completely.
  • After turning off, hold down the Trip button or MPH button as the case may be for each model.
  • Then, turn on the ignition while yet holding down the Trip or MPH button. Make sure you don’t start the engine while turning on the ignition.
    And the only release after the digits on the Meter reads zeros. You have successfully reset your maintenance light.

Reset Prius Maintenance Light for 2012 Model

How to reset your maintenance light Prius 2012

  • Power on the ignition without starting the engine
  • Press the KpH or MPH button. Toggle between mileages on the ODOMETER, and you will see Trip A on display.
  • Now power off the ignition.
  • Hold down the Kph/MPH button turn on the ignition again.
  • Hold it down until the mileage is reset to zero. After this, you have completed the reset.

Reset Prius Maintenance Light for 2016-2024 Model

  • Hit the Meter’s power button just once and without activating the brakes to push start the hybrid system.
  • There are arrows on the display screen. Push left or right to choose the gear icon that will display.
  • You can use the up or down arrows to select your vehicle settings. And click on the desired one.
  • Now select the maintenance system on the display
  • Click on oil maintenance and select yes
  • You have successfully done the reset on your Toyota Prius maintenance light of the model range above.

Some Common Problems and Solutions about Toyota Prius

Like other vehicles, the Toyota Prius also has some common problems and, of course, solutions to these problems. While problems may be induced due to poor maintenance habits by the car owner, problems can also arise due to no direct fault of the driver or car owner.

The issues that are present due to no direct cause by the driver but are familiar with most if not all of the Toyota Prius models are what we are going to discuss under this sub-heading. The problems happen to be what most owners of Prius often complain about. It can be frustrating. However, we can manage the issues. And if so, you can enjoy your car any time, any day without this problem coming to hunt you. Now, let see some of the issues and their solution.

1. Headlights problems

Failure in the lower beam headlights is one of the common problems of the Toyota Prius. Due to the fragile material used in making the head headlights, they can quickly get damaged.

The bulbs are not of high quality. They burn out quickly, which causes the sudden blackout of the lower beam headlights in the middle of a journey and puts the car passenger, including the driver, at risk. It often forces car owners to use the full headlight.


One will be tempted to want to change the bulbs to deal with the intermittent on and off. But if after changing the bulbs and the problems still go away, then we will be stuck with it.

It most likely can be a fault from the wiring, and therefore we must sort the help of a professional to help us with the diagnostics.

To prevent the headlights from falling off, we should avoid rough terrain that may cause vibration and trigger it to go off due to its fragile material.

2. Consuming more oil than average:

2010-2015 Toyota Prius OCC and Oil Consumption

Owners of Toyota Prius have raised issues about the excessive consumption of engine oil by the Prius car engine.

About a quarter-liter of engine oil is often burnt out for less than a thousand miles. You found the problem to be from the engine and due to faulty pistons.


This problem can be overcome by simply changing the pistons. Although it may be pretty expensive to change, it is less costly if we change the entire engine if it becomes damaged from a faulty piston.

3. Car stalling without prior warning:

It is yet another common problem with the Toyota Prius. It suddenly seizes without a warning sign.

And just that, there is often failure with the steering wheel, resulting in collisions with other vehicles. Even while waiting like, let’s a stop, the car die suddenly.

The problem was traced to the issues below;

  • Faulty ignition coil
  • Fuel injectors pathways clogged
  • Excessive heating of fuel pump
  • Inadequate fuel and air mixture
  • Faulty plugs
  • Sensors issues


To give an adequate solution to the problems listed above, you have to let the car under proper diagnostics to find precisely the cause of stalling.

And you have employed the service of technician to help you fix stalling problems.

Tips for maintaining Toyota Prius

There are helpful tips to help you keep your Toyota Prius up and running and prolong its roadworthiness. Following the directions will indeed allow you to enjoy the vehicle for a long time.

  • Heed to the warning light

Please do not ignore the notification of the warning light by simply putting it off. The warning informs you that the vehicle oil change is due.

Ignoring would mean set our vehicles up for expensive damage that could cause the car to be immobile for a long time.

  • Keep vehicle clean inside-out

Another essential tip is to lean the vehicle regularly. Wash the inside car thoroughly, and be sure to have a cover or jacket to put over your vehicle. Preventing it from stains and spots that could fall on it when parked.

  • Use instruction manual

Use the vehicle instruction manual to go about the maintenance and usage of care functions.

  • Always use professionals to help you fix complex problems

There are limits to what we can do, even with the best instructional guides. Some technical kinds of stuff are best left for professionals to deal with.

This way, we will save money from wastage and allow the certified technicians to fit our car for another mileage.

Why Should You Reset the Maintenance Light?

How to remove the check engine light on a Toyota Prius

The computer systems that trigger the maintenance light work with data from the car’s mileage fixed for each vehicle maintenance schedule.

It has to be reset to its zero reading to count another mile to a fixed point again to trigger the maintenance light.

We have to reset the maintenance light to function accurately and give us prompt warning when maintenance is due.

What Causes the Maintenance Light to Come ON?

After a 5000 mile journey, the engine oil would have dropped in level or been overused and require change.

A computer system will trigger the maintenance light after it has gathered data of the vehicle miles travel through sensors and its equals to 5000mileage. The mileage is displayed on the ODOMETER.


Does the maintenance light blink or flash, or is it solid?

The maintenance light on a device, such as a laptop or a car, typically serves as an indicator of the need for maintenance or the presence of an issue. When the maintenance light blinks or flashes, it might indicate a minor problem that requires attention. In some cases, it may also serve as a reminder for scheduled maintenance.

On the other hand, a solid or continuously illuminated maintenance light can signal a more severe issue that requires immediate attention. It is essential to consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer’s support for specific information on the maintenance light and its behavior for the particular device in question.

When doing one, first start noticing the maintenance light?

You will start noticing the maintenance light when the vehicle has made specific mileage according to the vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

When I am driving and have my maintenance light on, can I continue driving?

If the maintenance light is illuminated on your vehicle, it’s essential to pay attention to it. The light typically serves as a reminder for scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes or other routine services. In most cases, you can continue driving for a short period until you can schedule an appointment with a mechanic or perform the necessary maintenance yourself. However, it’s crucial not to ignore the light for an extended period, as this can lead to more severe issues or damage to your vehicle.

If the maintenance light is blinking or flashing, or if you notice any unusual behavior, sounds, or smells coming from your vehicle, it’s best to stop driving and have the issue checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. This precaution can help prevent further damage or potential safety concerns. Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific information and guidelines regarding maintenance and warning lights.

Why do I still have my maintenance light on even after an oil change

Other than scheduled maintenance, which triggers the maintenance light, faulty sensors can also cause the maintenance light to come up.

When the mileage is not well reset after the oil change, it can be triggered prematurely. So, always see an expert help you determine the cause of the maintenance light on after an oil change.

How can one reset the maintenance light for my Toyota Prius 2006 model?

To reset the maintenance light on a 2006 Toyota Prius, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the ignition off.
  2. Press and hold the “ODO/TRIP” button located on the instrument panel.
  3. Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position, without starting the engine. Keep holding the “ODO/TRIP” button.
  4. After about 5 seconds, the maintenance light should start to flash or turn off, indicating that it has been reset.
  5. Release the “ODO/TRIP” button.
  6. Turn the ignition key off, and then start the engine to ensure the maintenance light is no longer illuminated.

Remember that resetting the maintenance light does not address any underlying issues or maintenance needs. Be sure to perform the necessary maintenance tasks or consult a professional mechanic to ensure your vehicle remains in good working condition.


A lot has been said so far, and we have brought some tips, questions, and solutions to help you have a broader guide and view about your Toyota Prius maintenance light.

And when you follow the steps and solutions we have mentioned in this discussion, you are sure to have a wonderful experience with your Toyota Prius.

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