How To Turn Off Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma 2024 – 5 Simple & Easy Steps

Turn Off Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

Sometimes, it is a big question of how to turn off the maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma. These lights are annoying and create discomfort for the drivers. But have you ever wondered these lights are most useful for you?

They can tell you if your vehicle requires any maintenance or not. These lights include all the necessary fields that help in the smooth running of your vehicle.

From engine to oil, these lights indicate that it is time to maintain important parts of your vehicle.

This blog will discuss the maintenance lights and their functionalities and how to turn off maintenance lights on Toyota Tacoma.

What is a Maintenance Light?

Maintenance Light Toyota Tacoma

The light present at the dashboard showing different maintenance required by the vehicle is called maintenance light.

The maintenance light is required for giving a reminder to the driver about the requirement of the maintenance.

You may have noticed when you start the engine of your vehicle, the speedometer of your vehicle displays some lighted symbols.

These symbols signify you to check the engine light, coolant emergency light, traction control, low engine oil light, maintenance requirement light, etc.

These all symbols provide a hint to the drivers or the owners to work on them and enhance the endurance of their vehicle.

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How Does Maintenance Light Work?

The maintenance light notifies you about your vehicle’s maintenance schedule according to the distance driven by it.

The light illuminates for around 3 seconds and then flashes for the next 15 seconds every 4,500 miles after it is reset.

The maintenance light reminds you that soon your car will require a service to drive without any worries. Most of the time, it indicates an oil change in your car.

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Guideline of How to Turn off Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma

Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma - Tips

The maintenance light of the Toyota Tacoma does not go away on its own.

Hence, it would be better to turn it off so that the dashboard will have less distraction.

These lights are sometimes very annoying when driving in a crowded area as the beep sound made by these lights can distract you from driving.

In the same way, if someone in your family does not know the meaning of maintenance light, then probably that person might think that the car is damaged or something.
Secondly, resetting is also required after the oil changes restart to counter.

When you drive for more than 5,000 miles, the light will automatically indicate that it is time for a new oil change, so you have to keep a manual track of the miles.

Material Required for How to Turn Off Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

When you turn off the maintenance light, ensure that the odometer displays the total mileage, especially the A display.  If your Toyota Tacoma is on, then turn it off.

When the vehicle is turned off, push and hold the ODO reset button. It would be best if you continued to hold the ODO button and turn the ignition key to keep the dash lights on.

At that time, the vehicle should remain in the off position. The ODO display button will flash for some time until it shows all zeros.

Once the ODO turns zero, you can release the button, and you can again switch the key to the off position. At last, the maintenance lights will finally turn off.

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Approximate Cost of the Service/Setup for How to Turn Off Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma

If we consider the maintenance costs, drivers, on average, spend close to around $500 every year on their Toyota Tacoma.  This depends on the low end compared to various brands.

The service is free during the first two years. Some exclusive policies for vehicles have made them very affordable for drivers.

The servicing for these cars is pocket-friendly for them. It is cheaper if compared with other brands of cars.

On average, you can consider it from $1,000 to $2,000. It adds coverage to your car and a vehicle warranty which includes the repair cost and saves your monthly budget.

How To Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma

Learning how to reset your Toyota Tacoma’s maintenance lights can actually avoid trips to an automobile shop for the sake of just reset.

People generally ask how to turn off the maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma; here’s what you have to do.

It is very beneficial for the users to learn how to reset the maintenance required light to avoid the traps of the service center or shop.

The following are a few tips on how you can do it manually.

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Step by Step Work Guide for How to Turn off Maintenance Light on Toyota Tacoma

1. Turning on the Toyota Tacoma

The car should be turned on so that you can look at the position on the dashboard. The odometer at that time must display miles and should not show miles.

2. Turn off the car and press the reset button of the trio meter

As you have turned off the key back, make sure that the trip meter reset button is pressed. Press that button for some seconds.

3. Turn off your car’s engine and press the reset button of the trio meter

Keep pressing the reset button and gently press the on button. Before turning on the engines, make sure it is in the turned-on position. Keep a close eye on the odometer.

4. Pressing the reset button

Keep a close track of the odometer and keep the trip meter pressed at the same point. The odometer will start displaying the series on the dashboard.

In a few seconds, it will start showing zero. Keep the button pressed until the odometer reading returns start showing on the screen.

5. Release the reset button

The last step left is releasing the reset button. The task is done.

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What are the Benefits of Maintenance Light?

Benefits of Maintenance Light

The maintenance light will appear as “MAINT REQD” on the dashboard of your Toyota Tacoma.

This light will appear permanently to help you know that your car needs an oil change.

Changing the oil in your Toyota Tacoma regularly increases the efficiency of the fuel to make your car run as smooth as butter.

The light gets turned on as an indication signal every 5,000 miles, which works as a reminder to your car for an oil change.

As a Toyota Tacoma owner, you need to know that if the lights are turned on and driving, it does not mean that the car is damaged.

The light completely relies on the odometer counting those 5,000 miles, which detects the requirement of an oil change.

It can annoy you sometimes if you have already changed the oil and still reminding you to change it.

These lights can be reset manually by you if in case the technician forgets to reset them.

What Could Cause the Maintenance Light to Come on?

The maintenance light on the dashboard of your vehicle can indicate several important issues in your vehicle.

If the engine is facing issues and some work is needed to be done on that, then the engine light will come on.

Other than this, when the coolant, traction controller, and oil pump are not working properly, the maintenance light comes on.

This is a good sign as you cannot manually check the engine or other internal parts of the vehicle thoroughly.

So these indicative lights give you a signal when your vehicle requires any such technical support. Apart from internal functionalities, the maintenance lights also give safety signals.

You might have noticed when you do not wear a seat belt, your dashboard shows indication.  Also, when you forget to pull off the hand brake, there is a notification for that.

You might have noticed there is a signal for open doors also. So these maintenance lights are helpful for drivers to detect a fault if there is any automatically.

Common Problems & Solutions About MAINT REQD On Toyota Tacoma

Some common problems related to maintenance lights are not identifying the need for servicing at the right time.

If you cannot detect the need at the right time, it may cost you a huge amount of service charges as we advance.  If any errors or issues are detected, then you should resolve them at the right time.

Other than this, sometimes half-marked symbols are also shown, which are caused due to some problems in the LED.

The servicing of the dashboard also becomes necessary if this happens again and again in your Toyota Tacoma.

Tips for Maintaining Toyota Tacoma

Maintenance is an essential part of life for each vehicle running on the road. This will help the body, engine, internal systems, and overall car structure work smoothly and give out the best service to you.

The following are the ways through which you can keep your vehicle up to date.

1. Scheduled car maintenance

You must get your car service as per the miles or months suggested by the company. This will keep your vehicle in good touch and enhance the driving experience.

When your car is a regular service, the engine, brakes, accelerator, and other accessories are perfectly tuned, and you are not required to worry about any disorder in your car.

In this way, your car will get a regular wash, and it will fill each part with grease to give a smooth operation.

2. Engine oil and filters

If the maintenance lights in your car’s dashboard are showing check engine lights, it indicates that your car’s engine is facing some issues.

You can go for an oil change and get the engine filters checked. Because of dust and sand particles in filters, the engine cannot breathe properly.

This may lead to the engine malfunctioning. So when it comes to the engine, please do not take it lightly.

3. Battery and other accessories

A timely check of battery and other accessories like the exhaust system, air conditioner, and fuel pump is necessary to help your vehicle perform smoothly. Any issue in these above-mentioned parts can end your vehicle’s life soon.

4. Wheels and outer parts

Another factor that you must consider while maintaining a vehicle is to keep your tires healthy and to rotate them regularly. Rotation can enhance the life of tires.

You must also keep a check on wipers, doors, mirrors, and other important accessories to give a long-lasting life to your vehicle.


1. What does it mean when the maintenance light comes on?

The maintenance light usually comes on when there is a system error in your vehicle. As an owner, whenever these lights come on, you need to visit the professional workers to get them right.

2. What to do when the maintenance light turns on in your vehicle?

When you see a maintenance light on the dashboard screen, first of all, try to find the problem.

Check which type of sign it is and try to find if you can do something related to that. If it is about the engine, then slow up your speed and check if something happens.

If you fail to figure out any problem, then try to get it correct from experienced professionals.

3. What does an exclamation mark mean in Toyota?

The horseshoe sign with an exclamation mark indicates that your vehicle’s tire pressure is too low. This light mainly focuses on the pressure of your vehicle’s wheel.

4. What are slip indicators in Toyota Tacoma?

The slip indicators generally refer to the malfunctioning of the traction controls. The slip indicator will show up when the risk of slipping is more. This generally happens when the driving wheels are not performing well.

5. How long does it take for the check engine light to come back on after reset?

Usually, it won’t come out if there is no problem detected by the ECM; how recently have you reset the maintenance light of your vehicle will not be a factor when the ECM finds fault signals from a respective sensor to turn on the maintenance light.

6. Can driving with the maintenance light on cause any damage to my Toyota Tacoma?

Driving with the maintenance light on for an extended period can cause damage to your vehicle if the underlying issue is not addressed. It is important to get your vehicle serviced and checked by a professional to prevent any long-term damage. Ignoring the maintenance light could lead to more severe problems and expensive repairs in the future.

7. How often should I change the oil in my Toyota Tacoma?

For most modern vehicles, including the Toyota Tacoma, it is recommended to change the oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. However, you should always refer to your owner’s manual for the specific recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle’s make and model.

8. Are there any other reasons the maintenance light might turn on, aside from the ones mentioned in the text?

The maintenance light can also be triggered by a low brake fluid level, worn brake pads, or problems with the transmission or emissions systems. If you have addressed the common issues mentioned in the text and the light remains on, consult a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem and avoid potential damage to your vehicle.

9. Can I trust the maintenance light to accurately indicate when my vehicle needs maintenance?

The maintenance light is a helpful reminder to perform routine maintenance on your Toyota Tacoma. However, it is crucial not to rely solely on this light. Regularly checking your vehicle’s fluid levels, tire pressure, and other essential components is important to ensure optimal performance and safety.

10. What should I do if the maintenance light turns on shortly after a recent service?

If the maintenance light comes on shortly after a recent service, it is possible that the technician forgot to reset the light, or there might be an issue that was not addressed during the service. It is best to contact the service center where the maintenance was performed and discuss the situation with them. If necessary, schedule another appointment to have the issue diagnosed and resolved.


As we have already discussed above, maintenance lights can be beneficial for all the Toyota Tacoma owners and how to turn off maintenance lights on Toyota Tacoma.

These lights help in indicating when any part of your vehicle is not working properly.

If you are a vehicle owner and wish to keep your vehicle up to date, you can follow the aforementioned steps and check on the maintenance lights as and when they give any signals.

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