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How to Blackout Car Emblems & Plasti Dip Tail Lights
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How to Blackout Car Emblems & Plasti Dip Tail Lights in 2024 – Easy DIY Guide

Would you prefer your car emblem to stand out? Does the regular, shiny chrome color put you off? Well, you’re in luck. This handy guide will let you know how to blackout car emblems and make your car appear sleek, smooth, and glossy. Why do People Blackout Car Emblems? Before answering this question, we should

Jumpstart a Prius Safely
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How to Jumpstart a Prius Safely in 2024: Easy Jump Starting Steps

Gotten yourself a dead or drained battery and wondering how to jumpstart a Prius? No worries, as you can jumpstart a Prius in a few simple steps like other vehicles. Having a dead battery while driving on an important day can be a dreadful experience. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the process of jumpstarting

Toyota Yaris Maintenance Light
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How to Reset Toyota Yaris Maintenance Light in 2024 – Simple & Easy Steps

How to reset Toyota Yaris maintenance light? Is what one might often ask after seeing that yellow light flashing right in front of them. If you don’t know much about cars or just got your first one, you likely don’t know the reason behind it or how to fix it and switch it off. Toyota

Clean a Charcoal Canister
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How to Clean a Charcoal Canister – Easy DIY Instruction Guide

A charcoal canister is a vital part of any car. Knowing how to clean a charcoal canister is very important as it tends to increase your car’s overall lifespan. Many car owners might not know a charcoal canister exists in a car. It is not a popular part, and even those who know may not

Diy Backup Camera with a Switch
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How to Wire a Backup Camera with a Switch in 2024 – Easy DIY Installation Guide

When you know how to wire a backup camera with a switch, it gives you complete control over how your reverse camera works. You can turn on/off the backup camera at will. Usually, the backup camera comes on automatically once you engage the reverse gear. However, some car owners want complete control over this functionality.

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