How to Change Prius Headlight – Keep Your Lights in Top Condition

How to Change Prius Headlight

Our cars are like our best friends. They are with us everywhere we go. Constant driving is going to cause a lot of problems. But, there are steps you will need to take to fix it.

Since the Prius has grown in popularity there has been a growing demand for the parts. But if you own a Toyota Prius, you will definitely have to figure out ways in which you can find the correct parts, especially for the lighting.

Although changing the headlight on your Prius may seem quite challenging, it can be pretty simple if you follow a few easy steps. Our headlights are some of the essential parts of our vehicle. Without them, we will be prone to accidents.

On average there are over 17000 cases of car crashes recorded every day in the US. It is approximated that over 2000 of these accidents are due to headlight defects. This means that if we learn some of the tricks to get our headlights working well. It is possible that we are saving lives.

Headlights and headlight bulbs

If we don’t have our headlines and bulbs, we can’t see anything at night. We will have a better view of where we are going. In addition, other drivers see which direction we are coming from.

Having proper headlights and bulbs literally saves lives. You must ensure that both your headlights and bulbs are in the best condition before driving.

You should check and constantly wipe your headlights for any debris. When you change your bulbs, ensure you purchase the right type and are correctly installed.

Even you may believe your headlights are correctly installed you have to take some time out to ensure that they continue to work well. A lot of persons through frequent car checkups, ensure that your lights are checked as well.

Are headlights suitable for Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius, like other cars, have particular types of headlights.  There are two main types of Toyota Prism headlights LED light or Halogen.

Both are comparable in terms of their use and functions. Although the LED and Halogen have unique qualities, they serve the same purpose.

Some persons may prefer LED lights. However, each type has advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, they can both give your car the lighting it needs to go on the road.

Benefits of different types of Prius headlights

LED headlights are known to consume less energy. This headlight will allow you to save gas and, in the long money save money.

In addition, it also serves longer and is sometimes known to have a brighter shine than the halogen headlights.

For some people, the Halogen is brighter because it gives off a white laugh. They typically last longer than most traditional headlights.

Can I Change the Headlights by myself?

Changing headlights is way easier than we can ever imagine. It’s just the same as when you change a light bulb in your house.

Yes, it’s that easy. In fact, the most challenging part is to identify the correct bulb for your car.

But you can view your car manual or ask a trusted car parts dealer to assist you with the perfect headlight for your car.

Material required for the DIY

You will need a screwdriver to help pull out the old headlight and replace the new one. It doesn’t really matter the type in some cases. Just ensure it’s a tool good enough to remove the headlight protective shell.

You will definitely need the new light. Of course, you would already ensure that it’s the correct type for your Prius.

Aside from your pair of hands, you might need a flashlight or something to clean your hands and the light. It might get messy because it’s probably the first time you are cleaning the light after years.

Replacing the Toyota Prius headlight assembly

Step by step work guide on front and rear lights assembly

  • Secure your new LED or HID Prius headlight for the assembly. Each Prius may have some variations with the lighting. It is imperative that we find out the fundamentals to figure out what works for your car model.
  • Switch off your car correctly. Ensure that you have removed the keys from the ignition.
  • Open the car bonnet and trunk to view the area that you should unscrew to remove the bulb. You will be able to easily see the section popping out of the opening of the drunk and bonnet.
  • Unplug the headlight assembly power wires. Depending on the type of bulb, it may be a bit challenging to remove the cables. Try not to destroy the bulb when removing the headlight. But for the most part, you need to do a bit of screwing, and it will just pop right out.
  • Unscrew the old headlight assembly. After removing the wires, it will get loose enough for you to remove the bulb. Once you twist the bulb and it slackens, you just pull it right out. Now it should be off ultimately.
  • Screw in the new headlight bulb. Handle the bulb delicately to prevent any damages. Do not ever place your bare hands on the bulb. This will prevent it from being damaged.
  • After doing this, ensure that you have secured all the wiring and pieces that you should use to attach to the bulb protective casing in the car bonnet and trunk.

The cost of repairing your Prius headlight

It’s not an inexpensive installation. To install the headlight on your Toyota Prius. You will be required to pay at least $100. The labor cost could range from around $34- $44.

Meanwhile, the cost of labor will be around $75-$95. These prices represent the cost to replace one bulb. Therefore, if you are replacing four bulbs, it would be almost $400.

Toyota Prius headlight bulb replacement Guide

Step by step work guide on front and rear light bulbs

  • Check your bulbs to ensure that they are not actually working. It would be a shame for you to go through the entire process, and the car has a different issue. Remember it must be bright enough, don’t just check if it’s turning on.
  • Ensure you get a suitable bulb for the job. It would be best if you make sure you get the best bulb for you. Ensure that it is a new bulb so it won’t get damaged soon.
  • Turn off all your car to prevent any injuries, such as shock or burn from the old headlight bulb.
  • Get your tool required to open the pocket area where the bulb is located. Carefully remove the protective cover from the enclosed space. Be careful not to destroy any visible wires while removing the cover.
  • After removing the protective cover, gentle screw the bulb to remove it and put the new bulb in the area.
  • After fixing the new bulb in place, you will then make sure everything is okay and place the protective cover over it.
  • Ensure the cover is safely installed. You will now turn on the car and ensure the bulb is working well.

Approximate cost of the service/setup

To get the bulb going, it can cost anywhere between 80$ AND  95$upwards.

Truly the cost will be based on multiple factors. The person who is repairing your car might be very reasonable, and so you cut the costs.

Suppose you cannot pay extra it’s always okay to go to an authorized car dealership. An auto parts mechanic could be the ideal person to negotiate the costs with, but the price may not get much lower.

Some common problems & Solutions related to Prius headlight bulbs

  • The car bulbs may burn out quite quickly. The first sign of this may be depleted shining lights and lights that are flickering. If this ever happens, your car lights likely need changing.
  • If you seem to have any sort of electrical problems with the car. Even if the headlights just went out for a few minutes. Be careful to make the changes as soon as you can. Failure to ignore these signs may lead to severe accidents.
  • What if only one part of the bulb is working? Be extremely careful. Most likely, this bulb may need to be changed. Most of the time, the bulb will not be able to get any repairs.
  • If there is ever a case where you have installed the bulb incorrectly, it may cost a lot of complications. The lights may be flickering or won’t come on at all. Unplug the bulb and ensure that you have followed all the installations steps correctly.
  • Two leading causes of headlight damage are when you use your bulbs for long periods without checking. In addition, if you don’t clean your headlight often, you might be unable to detect defects early enough.
  • Why are my headlights going out sometimes for a short period, while they work well for days? The wires that help the lights to operate might be loose or destroyed. Although this could be because of other issues, this might be the main reason why the light behaves like this.


What if my Prius headlight is not working?

You must ensure that you have your lights checked out immediately. After which, you will then ensure that you find the right light for your car’s model and change it as it will most likely need replacing. Try not to drive your vehicle, especially at night if you know you are having this problem.

Why are my newly installed Prius lights so dim?

In most cases, this will be a consequence of a wire malfunction or installation error. If you have not installed the wires properly when changing to the new headlights, you might realize the brand-new light is not operating correctly. You will have to remove the headlight and ensure the bulb is well-wired

How long does a Prius headlight last?

Your Prius headlights can operate at their optimal level on average from around five to twelve weeks. This will definitely differ based on how often you drive using your headlights. In addition, if you care for your headlights, they may last longer at their best level.

Although on average, a headlight may last for over four years, it may not be as good as it will not be as bright as it was in the first year or so.

How do you clean your Prius headlights?

In order to clean your Prius headlights properly, you can use your preferred detergent. It would help if you used safe cleaning agents like vinegar to help remove dirt and overtime stains. After mixing your detergent of choice in water, you will pour on the headlight and clean with a gentle cloth until it seems to be as spotless as you desire.

Are headlight bulbs worth the upgrade?

Knowing that the headlight bulbs are such a significant part of driving, it is safe to say it’s worth upgrading. There have been thousands of accidents caused mainly due to the absence of headlights in cars. Try not to be a part of these statistics. In order to do this, ensure you are doing your regular headlight checks and replacing them when necessary.

What is the difference between LED and halogen headlights?

LED headlights are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than halogen headlights. They also provide brighter and more consistent lighting. However, they are more expensive than halogen headlights. Halogen headlights are cheaper but consume more energy and have a shorter lifespan.

How do I know if my car headlights are properly aligned?

Misaligned headlights can cause visibility issues while driving. To check if your headlights are aligned, park your car on a flat surface facing a wall. Turn on your headlights and observe the beam pattern on the wall. If the beams are not even or aimed too high or low, your headlights are misaligned and should be adjusted.

How can I improve the brightness of my car headlights?

If you want brighter headlights, you can upgrade to LED bulbs, which provide better illumination than halogen bulbs. You can also clean your headlights regularly to remove any dirt or debris that may be blocking the light. Additionally, ensure that your headlights are properly aligned, as misalignment can reduce their brightness.

What is the average cost of replacing car headlights?

The cost of replacing car headlights varies depending on several factors, such as the type of bulbs and the make and model of your car. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $400 for headlight replacement, including the cost of labor. However, you can save money by replacing the bulbs yourself, as the cost of bulbs is typically much lower than the cost of professional installation.


It’s always good to know how to have your car at its best. When it comes to your Toyota Prius, you want to ensure that the car’s engine and appearance are in check. But what about your headlights, which seems quite simple. They may not be seen as a big deal but can, in fact, be the difference between life and death.

Try to keep your car safer on the road by checking your headlights constantly. If it’s not working well, don’t just ignore it. Get rid of your Prius headlight malfunctions as soon as they are known to you.

Make it an initiative to learn how to do some things that you can DIY on your car. Like learning to change our car tires, we can learn how to change our light bulbs.

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