10 Best Rock Sliders Tacoma Reviews – Upgrade Your Off-Roading Game

Reviews For Rock Sliders Tacoma

If you are considering an upgrade or buying rock sliders for the first time, we have carefully selected and reviewed the best rock sliders for Tacoma you will find on the market.

We selected these products based on brand credibility, performance, affordability, and durability.

They are manufactured by top brands such as Tyger Auto, Trail Gear, TAC, APS, Go Rhino, AJAA, Havoc Offroad, and AMP Research.

We have specially prepared this guide to inform you about the best rock sliders for Tacoma to buy and ease you from painful research.

Performance is indeed a top priority if you plan to take your Tacoma to the rocks or on some off-road driving adventures.

The truck must be well-equipped to handle the roughest terrains and hills by withstanding the obstacles it comes across as you continue on the adventure.

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Rock Sliders Tacoma

What Is The Best Rock Slider For Tacoma?

According to our research, the best rock slider on the market is Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048.

Why is Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 the Best Rock Slider for Tacoma?

TG-AM2T20048 is popular for its durability, appearance, great packaging, affordability, and ease of installation (easily bolt onto the truck).

So, there is no need for cutting or drilling before you can install it on your truck.

Top 10 Best Rock Sliders Tacoma Reviews

01. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048- Best Quality Rock Sliders For Toyota Tacoma

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048

Highlighted Features

  • The dual girder system protects the underside from damaging impacts.
  • Top-quality metal step pads for comfortable entry and exit from the truck
  • Perfect for double cab with 4 full-size doors
  • Heavy-duty 2inch diameter tubes
  • Heavy texture black powder-coated finish
  • Perfect fit for 2005-2020 Tacoma

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 is a top and popular rock slider brand you will find on the market, and it is our top choice.

The sliders are solid and durable, which allows them to withstand obstacles without causing any damage or dent to your truck.

The coating is flawless, the quality and packaging are awe-inspiring, and the Installation is easy.

The package comes with the necessary hardware and installation guide, and you can easily lose, fix, and adjust the sliders until you are satisfied with the installation outcome.

There is no need to drill, cut, or weld before you can connect the sliders to your truck. Ensures all the bolts are sitting in their appropriate holes before you tighten them.

It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete the installation process.

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048 is pocket-friendly. Notably, this design is one of the best you will get for its amazing price.

Enjoy an amazing off-road driving experience without worries about possible damage or dent to the truck’s body due to collision against obstacles.

Also, it solves the difficulty that comes with getting in and out of your truck, especially for truck owners with kids.  Overall, it’s worth that amount.

“The sliders are slightly heavy. In case you are assembling them alone, you may need jack stands for support during installation.”

  • Resistant to rust
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • The package comes with a DIY guide
  • The sliders are slightly heavy


02. Trail Gear Rock Slider 120002-1 – Best Slide Bars For Toyota Tacoma

Trail Gear Rock Slider 120002-1


Highlighted Features

  • Mounting legs are 11 1/4″ long
  • Mounting legs are not welded onto the sliders
  • 6 mounting legs- 3 on each side
  • Frame mounts sold separately

Here is another top-quality design you will find on the market.

The price is great, and the sliders offer amazing value for truck owners looking for tough rock sliders for off-road adventures-durable and sturdy.

Trail-Gear Rock Slider is built for superior strength (made from top-quality steel), thereby ensuring that the rocker panels of your truck are well-protected.

This great design comes with one of the strongest and most affordable sliders you will find on the market.

If you are looking for sliders that can withstand heavy hits from rocks and other obstacles without causing any harm to the body of the truck, here is a product for you.

Mounting legs are packaged loosed (not welded onto the sliders) to allow truck owners to attach the legs in their desired position.

The packaging is nice, and the bars are coated with light grease, which protects them from rust.

Installation is smooth, and the kit comes with all the necessary hardware needed for the installation. All you need to do is weld the bars directly to the frame of your truck.

“The installation process requires more time and effort than bolt-on rock sliders.

Also, this design is packaged and sold without being coated. You may have to paint the bars once you are done with the installation.”

  • Ability to withstand pounding from rocks
  • Made from high-quality steel for ultimate strength
  • Sold without finish


For those looking for a reliable off-road vehicle with sturdy protection, this 2015 Toyota Tacoma model is worth considering. 

03. TAC Side Steps – Best Nerf Bras For Toyota Tacoma

TAC Side Steps


Highlighted features

  • Built to resist ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Double layer finish for resistance against rust
  • Black glossy surface for an excellent appearance
  • Anti-slip step bars for grip and safety
  • 4-inch oval bend tube design

If you drive or own a 2005 to 2024 Toyota Tacoma, or you are looking for a perfect rock slider upgrade for your truck without breaking the bank, this is a perfect design that you can go for.

TAC Side Steps fit perfectly on your Tacoma, and they are effortless to install.

The package comes with all the necessary hardware for installation and a manual to guide and instruct you on how best to install the steps without any stress.

If you install a rock slider on your truck for the first time, the sliders are well labeled to ensure you install them on the appropriate sides (The driver and the passenger sides).

There is no need for drilling. With the aid of a screwdriver, you can easily install the brackets to the frame of your truck.

The sliders are durable, well coated, affordable, and fit perfectly well on your truck.

Asides from the extra protection these sliders offer, they also make the process of entering the truck and going out of it very easy.

Overall, this design offers great value, and you will fall in love with the appearance at first sight- the texture is nice.

During installation, ensure the sliders are rightly placed or positioned in the right holes before tightening the bolts.

“Well, the steps may be too high for kids. You may need to provide a little support for kids while entering and coming out of the truck.

It would have been nice if the steps were a little bit lower.”

  • Outstanding design
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Rust resistance
  • The steps are a little bit higher.
  • If you are not careful with this product, dents may from easily.


04. APS Rocker Slider

APS Rocker Slider


Highlighted features

  • Square tube design and slanted step bars
  • 5″ wide steps and double girder system
  • Full welds and a double “bolt-up” design
  • Aggressive, tough look
  • Supports 300 pounds in weight capacity

The appearance of this design depicts quality. Thanks to its solid design, APS Drop Steps Running Boards Rocker Slider is not your regular rocker slider.

The steps are attractive, thanks to the powder coating, and they are built for strength.

APS Drop Steps Running Boards Rocker Slider comes with a guide, and the instructions are easy to follow, making the installation process very easy and smooth.

It takes between 40 to 60 minutes to unbox and install these sliders on your truck, and it comes with the necessary hardware you need for installation.

As an adventurer with a great interest in off-road riding and rock climbing, you can invest in this product to give your truck that aggressive look.

Majorly, its sturdiness ensures the body of your truck is protected against rocks and other obstacles that could dent or cause damage to it.

The sliders are made from top-quality aluminum material, and they are not heavy.

If you need a solid and reliable rock slider for your Toyota Tacoma without breaking the bank, here is a design you can go for.

The steps are not too high. These sliders allow your kids to embark and disembark from the truck without stress if you are a parent.

“In some cases, the screws that come with the package may not fit into all the holes.

In case you experience this, you may need to invest in the right screws for installation. You can purchase screws from hardware stores around you, so it is not an issue.”

  • Resistance to rust
  • Protects rocker panels from impact and obstacles
  • Serves as both rock sliders and side steps
  • You may need to buy new screws for installation


05. Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 Rock Sliders

Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 Rock Sliders


Highlighted Features

  • 4inch wide black Side Step
  • Black powder coating to prevent rust
  • Step pads are wide, don’t slip, and are UV resistant.
  • Color coding packaging

Are you installing a rock slider for the first time or need an upgrade for your Toyota Tacoma?

This is one of the best rock slider designs you will find on the market. The quality, appearance, and texture are great.

The sliders are packaged in two different bags. The green bag is for the driver’s side, and the plain bag is for the other side.

Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 sliders are perfectly designed to fit the mounting holes of your truck, and they come with the necessary hardware you need.

This makes the installation process very easy to handle.

Installation can be done without a third party, and the installation manual that comes with it provides the necessary help you need. Also, no drilling is required.

Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 sliders are built for strength, which allows them to withstand external elements that may damage or dent your truck.

Once installed, you can confidently embark on off-road adventures without worries about the possible impacts of obstacles on the truck’s performance and appearance.

You don’t have to spend more on sliders. If you work with a budget, try out these sliders. They are not expensive, and they do the job pretty well.

“If you are 5’2″ and need help getting in and out of the truck without any struggles, you may want to consider another design. The steps are noticeably high.

Also, this product is designed for Double cabs with four full-size doors. It is not compatible with Access Cab with two full-size front doors & two suicided rear doors.”

  • Mounting brackets Included
  • Installation is not difficult (bolt-on)
  • Perfect fit for off-road adventures
  • The steps are high off the ground.
  • Designed for Double Cab with 4 full-size doors only
  • Sliders get dirty easily


06. Go Rhino D24429T Rock SlidersGo Rhino D24429T Rock Sliders


Highlighted Features

  • Textured black powder-coated
  • Drop-down step design for easy entry and exit to the truck
  • It fits only Toyota Tacoma 05-19 Double/Crew Cab.
  • Top-quality aluminum offers extra grip under extreme weather
  • 5″ Sturdy round steel tubing

Go Rhino D24429T fits perfectly on your Toyota Tacoma. Although there are several designs of rock sliders on the market, the goal is to go for the best and not settle for just any design.

If you need great sliders on your truck and don’t have a specific brand or design on your mind, this is a product you can try out.

The steps look amazing, packaged, built for strength, and the powder coating enhances the appearance. These are steps you will fall in love with at first sight.

Also, for support and balance while stepping in and out of your truck, especially if you’re 5’5″ or less, here is a design to invest in.

The installation process is easy (bolt-on) and fits perfectly on your truck. In about 40 minutes, you are done.

The package comes with the necessary accessories to aid easy installation.

Go Rhino D24429T is not expensive, feels solid, and looks good on your truck.

A perfect addition to your truck for off-road adventures. The sliders can withstand rocks, sticks, and other external elements you may encounter as you drive along rough terrains. This tells you how rugged they are.

“Although the sliders are made of top-quality metal and properly coated, the hardware is bare (not painted). To protect the hardware against rust, you may need to paint them yourself.

Also, installation instructions don’t come along with the product.”

  • Compatible with a body lift
  • Secure footing for you and passengers
  • The hardware is not painted
  • No installation instructions


07. TAC Side Steps Rock Sliders


Highlighted Features

  • 25-inch oval bend tube design
  • Made from heavy-duty mild steel with quality coating
  • Black powder-coated finish for excellent texture
  • Well labeled components/hardware

The texture and the color (matte black) are the first noticeable attributes of TAC Side Steps Fit 2005-2020 Pickup 4.25″.

An amazing fit for your Tacoma, and the sliders provide your truck with the clearance and protection it needs against dents or scratches that may result from a door ding.

The steps are not too high, and the width makes entering and coming out of the truck extremely easy.

Your kids, older family members, and even your pets can easily enter and exit the truck without any stress or discomfort.

Although the steps are made of plastic material, they have a rugged and sturdy appearance, and the coating is brilliant.

Each component of the hardware is properly labeled, and the package comes with a manual. The installation process is easy, and the sliders fit perfectly on your truck.

Overall, the sliders are great-looking and offer great value for money.

“If you live in a city or district with an extreme weather condition, you may have to repaint or recoat the sliders once in a while to protect them against rust.

Also, since the steps are made of plastic, TAC Side Steps Fit 2005-2020 Pickup 4.25″may not be a suitable choice for off-road adventures.”

  • Resistant to rust and scratch
  • Wider surface area or step pads
  • Needs regular maintenance under extreme condition
  • It May is not a suitable choice for off-road riders.


In addition to rock sliders, a bull bar can also provide extra protection for your Tacoma’s front end, and this Toyota dealership offers a selection of options.

08. AJAA Hex Side Step/Running Board

AJAA Hex Side Step/Running Board


Highlighted Features

  • Premium black coated steel
  • Perfect fit for 2005-2020 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
  • Installation guide & all necessary mounting hardware
  • A pair of sliders (for driver and passenger sides)

Upgrade the old rock sliders on your Toyota Tacoma with AJAA Replacement side step/running board.

This design is a perfect fit for the 2005 to 2024 Tacoma models, and they are one of the best choices you will find on the market.

The package comes with all the installation components or hardware needed to bolt the sliders on your truck easily.

The installation process is easy, and it takes between 30 to 40 minutes to complete the process without any assistance from anybody.

Make sure the steps are correctly placed in the appropriate positions/holes before you tighten the bolts- it saves time and prevents possible readjustment in case of misalignment.

Overall, the steps look great, and they can easily withstand and guide against possible hits on the body of your truck when other people try to open their doors into yours.

Also, the steps can support up to 300 pounds of weight- individuals within this body weight can easily stand on them to gain support while entering and exiting the truck, which indicates how strong and durable they are.

AJAA Replacement for hex Side Step/Running Board is sturdy, lightweight, and attractive coating steps. These are a perfect fit for your Tacoma.

“If you drive or live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you may need to carry out regular maintenance (recoating or repainting) on these steps to protect them from rust.”

  • Offers Side Protection for off-road Ride
  • Easy access and exit from the vehicle
  • Without adequate maintenance, the steps may be affected by rust.


09. Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Rock Sliders


Highlighted Features

  • 8mm Stainless Steel tubing construction
  • Textured black powder coat for a durable finish.
  • 75-inch step pad (wide surface)
  • A bent outer edge and inner toe guard
  • Sold in pairs, and comes with necessary hardware

This excellent design from Havoc specially fits your Toyota Tacoma model from 2005 to 2018.

If you drive any of these models and need sliders that you can rely on upon in terms of protection against obstacles while driving off-road or against unexpected hits on the body of your truck as a result of someone else opening their vehicle’s door against yours, here is an amazing choice you can rely on.

Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Nerf Bars Truck Steps are made from top-quality stainless steel, which gives them their sturdy and rugged appearance.

Also, the textured black powder coating makes them attractive at first sight and protects them from rust.

These steps are wide enough, and they guarantee ease of entering the truck and alighting from it.

The package comes with all the components and hardware you need, and they are easy to install.

“The manufacturer needs to work more on the packaging. Better packaging will guard and protect the components and sliders from scratches and damage before they get to the buyers.”

Overall, the steps are more of a great deal- they look outstanding and perform excellently well.

  • Super strong and perfect for any environment
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Provides a safe and secure stepping area
  • The sliders are high
  • Inadequate or unimpressive packaging


10. AMP Research 75162-01A Rock Sliders

AMP Research 75162-01A Rock Sliders


Highlighted Features

  • Automated/retractable sliders
  • Low-profile integrated LED light system.
  • Aluminum construction and stainless steel pivot pins
  • Durable black textured finish
  • Step boards extend and retract in one second.
  • Each board can withstand 600 pounds of weight.

AMP Research 75162-01A is different from all other slider designs we have on our list. The major difference is notable in its mode of operation.

These steps bar are automated- they are visible when you open your truck’s door, and they slide in when you shut the door.

If you drive a Toyota Tacoma model from 2016 to 2024, here is a perfect fit for your truck. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, this gives AMP Research 75162-01A its sturdy appearance.

Also, the precision stainless steel pivot pins guarantee exceptional stability and maintenance.

No matter the weather condition, these sliders are built to withstand whatever comes their way.

So, they are a perfect fit for areas with extreme weather conditions. Each slider can withstand or hold up to 600 pounds of weight.

This makes its durability and strength unmatched and unquestionable.

The package comes with complete components or hardware, and the installation is not difficult.

The installation process is different from the regular (requires connection of wires, and it takes a longer time), but you can do it.

“The steps are a bit high. It may be a bit difficult for people who are 5’2″ to get into the truck.

Also, due to how this design works (its ability to retract once the doors are shut), they are not a suitable choice for people who are interested in rock climbing or off-drive adventures.”

  • Resist corrosion and wear and tear
  • Lubrication is not required.
  • Not affected by scratches, chips, and discoloration.
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Sliders may be a bit high.
  • Expensive, but worth the price
  • Not designed for rock climbing or off-road rides


Buying Considerations for the Best Rock Sliders Tacoma

tacoma Rock Sliders

The following are some of the things you should consider before you choose to invest in a slider for your truck:

01. Material

The two most popular materials used in rock slider construction are aluminum and steel.

When you look at the sliders available on the market, most of these designs are steel.

Sliders made from steel are durable, rugged, affordable, and are known for their excellent performance.

Sliders that are made from steel are ideal for off-road adventures and rock climbing.

Well, for truck owners who are not adventures enthusiasts but need a slider they can climb on while entering and exiting from their trucks, you can go for a design made from aluminum.

Also, these designs are not heavy.

02. Cost

If you are looking for high-quality best rock sliders in Tacoma without breaking the bank, go through our selected designs, and choose the one that fits your needs.

All the listed designs in this guide are pocket-friendly and offer great performance.

03. Installation

Go for a design that you can easily install on your own. This allows you to save costs and eradicate the need for paying a professional for installation.

All the designs listed in our guide are easy to install, and they come with an installation manual to guide you through the process.

In addition to that, you can also watch YouTube videos on the installation process.

04. Operation and design

There are two types. We have regular designs and automated designs.

The regular designs are the ones that are either welded on or bolted on the truck and are always visible and available to step on.

For automatic designs, they are only visible when you open the door of your truck, and they slide in once you shut the door.

If you are not planning to go rock climbing or an off-road ride and something attractive without interfering with your truck’s appearance, an automated design is a great choice.

05. Height and Width

If you are a parent with kids or someone about 5’2″, you may want to consider a not too high design.

Slides that are wide and not very high allow ease of entering and getting out of the truck for the kids and yourself.

To ensure your Tacoma is ready for any terrain, a leveling kit can be a valuable investment, and Thompson Toyota offers some of the best options on the market. 


Tacoma Sliders

I Have Some Components/Parts From My Old Sliders. Can I Use Them On A New Design (Different Manufacturers)?

There is no design from any manufacturer that purposely allows integration with parts from another manufacturer.

Also, an attempt to mix different parts from different manufacturers means you will need to weld them together, which may eventually become expensive and ineffective.

How Fast Can I Install Bolt-On Sliders?

The time it takes to install bolt-on sliders on a vehicle can vary depending on factors such as the type of vehicle, the type of sliders being installed, and the installer’s experience and skill level. In general, bolt-on sliders can usually be installed within a few hours with basic hand tools and a socket wrench.

However, it’s important to note that installation should be done carefully and correctly to ensure the safety and stability of the sliders. Rushing the installation or skipping steps can lead to improper installation, which can be dangerous and may cause damage to the vehicle or sliders. It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and take the time needed to do the installation properly.

What Are The Best Rock Sliders Design For Toyota Tacoma?

All the designs listed in this guide are specially built or manufactured for Toyota Tacoma. Kindly check each design to see the ones that perfectly fit your model and choose accordingly.

How Thick Should Rock Sliders For Tacoma Be?

When it comes to the thickness of rock sliders for Toyota Tacoma, it largely depends on the intended use and personal preference. Generally, thicker sliders offer better protection, but they also add more weight to the vehicle.

For most off-road enthusiasts, rock sliders that are 0.120 inches thick or more are recommended for maximum protection. However, some may opt for thinner options such as 0.095 inches for better weight savings and performance.

The Average Cost Of Rock Sliders For Toyota Tacoma

On average, you may have to invest between $285 and $1,399 to get amazing sliders for your truck.  The price varies on some factors, such as operation (regular or automated) and quality.

Why Should I Need Rock Sliders?

Rock sliders protect and keep the rocker panels of your truck away from obstacles that it may come across while driving.

Some of these notable obstacles are rocks, stumps, sticks, and other debris that may attempt to impact the truck’s movement or cause dent or damage to the body.

Also, when you have rock sliders installed on your truck, it becomes easier to make turns in tight areas, and you can comfortably step in and out of the truck, thanks to the balance they provide.

What Is Kick Out On Rock Sliders Tacoma?

“Kick out” on rock sliders for Toyota Tacoma refers to an angled protrusion at the rear end of the slider, designed to provide additional protection to the vehicle’s rocker panel and rear fender.

The kick out serves as a “deflector” that helps push the vehicle away from obstacles that might otherwise cause damage to the rear end of the vehicle.

It also helps to prevent the slider from getting caught on rocks or other obstacles during off-road driving.

The kick out on rock sliders is especially useful for those who like to drive on rocky or uneven terrain and want to protect their vehicle from damage.


Your choice of slider design is expected to be a perfect fit for your truck. This is why you must do a bit of research to ensure compatibility before making a purchase.

Now that you know why you need to install rock sliders on your truck and the best rock sliders for Tacoma available on the market, make sure you choose a design that meets your needs.

Also, go for sliders that won’t interrupt possible modifications on your truck later in the future.

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