10 Best 4runner Seat Covers 2024 – Upgrade Your Ride

4runner Seat Covers

Having the best 4runner seat covers for an interior is a dream we should look to fulfill. A beautiful interior adds to satisfaction and uniquely improves comfort.

With a seat cover, one can bring the detail of a car’s interior to their taste and even make them love the vehicle some more like they never did.

Moreover, seat covers now come with other safety features and give us a different way to look at them, not just for beautification or protection of the car’s seats but also as a part of the vehicle’s safety fitting for owners.

Protect Your Seats and Boost Your Style with These Top Picks

01. Aierxuan Seat Covers – Overall Best 4runner Seat Covers

Aierxuan Seat Covers – Overall Best 4runner Seat Covers


  • Faux leather material
  • Airbag supports
  • Side pockets

Aierxuan is a high-quality leathered seat cover designed for the interior of vehicles. The faux material was used in its production to give it strength and to withstand the strain.

Even though the seat cover didn’t come perforated, its designers have brilliantly solved the airflow problem between the user’s body and the leather’s surface by designing to allow contours that give open spaces for air circulation.

Making the seats feels more comfortable as it’s padded with sponges.

Water can never find its way into the main seat because it is waterproof and covers the chair whole giving it all-around protection and, of course, keeping the seats fresh for a more extended period.

Airbag supports afford the car’s occupant extra safety features to be attached and make driving safer. This 4runner seat cover also comes with side pockets for storage in the vehicle.

The pockets primarily provide strategically easy access to essential items stored in it, like a bottle of water. With its stretchiness, it can fit a range of vehicle types.

  • It comes with a comprehensive installation manual in the package.
  • Highly comfortable and does not shift to the side after installing
  • It comes in 5PCS, enough to fit all seats in the car
  • Good price
  • It does not fit certain vehicle types like Toyota C-HR
  • Even with the instruction manual, the technique is required it fix perfectly


02. FH Group PU207 – People’s Choice Toyota 4runner Seat Covers

FH Group PU207 – People’s Choice Toyota 4runner Seat Covers


  • Faux leather material
  • Weighs 5.8 Pounds
  • Dimension (22 * 14.96 *4inches )
  • Air meshes
  • Seatbelt holder supports
  • Airbag supports.

The FH group PU207 is one of the many outstanding products by the FG group. Specifically, the FH 207 seat cover is crafted beautifully with the best qualities of leather.

The leather material was from Faux and had a dimension large enough to fit different seat sizes and easy to clean. But not just that, it is also elastic to allow perfect fits to the car seat you desire.

However, leather material is an insulator of heat and would cause heat between the body surface of the car’s occupants.

The car seats dissipated heat poorly. This problem was brilliantly solved with perforations in the designs (air mesh) to allow proper heat circulation and comfort for the occupants using the seats.

FH Group seat covers also come with seat belt holder support, making the chair look neatly in a piece after fitting. And the seat cover was designed with airbag support features to improve safety.

These designs, materials, and features weigh 5.9 pounds, which is neither too light, susceptible to tear, nor too heavy to increase the vehicle’s payload.

  • Easy to maintain
  • It gives an optimum degree of comfort
  • It can fit perfectly with different seat type
  • Adds to the glamour of the car’s interior
  • The frontal covers do not cover the whole seat and leave the sides exposed.
  • The headrest snubs and may need a little more effort to get it fixed.


03. LUCKYMAN CLUB – Best Value 4runner Seat Covers

LUCKYMAN CLUB - Best Value 4runner Seat Covers


  • Leather material
  • 43 pounds
  • 26*22*3.2 inches
  • Airbag supports
  • Detachable headrest

The LUCKYMAN CLUB is made with leather material and is very easy to maintain. The material is waterproof against liquids that may accidentally fall on it, keeping the main seat dry.

The leather is of a quality and has a 5years guarantee without peeling off. It fits just perfectly with different vehicle types, and you don’t have to worry about the covers sliding to the side after installing it correctly.

The seat cover comes with an airbag support feature for improved safety. And the detachable headrest allows the LUCKYMAN CLUB seat cover to be adjusted with ease and fits perfectly.

  • It fits perfectly in front with different vehicle seats
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • It gives the car interior a nice look
  • It comes in the only 2piece
  • Cost extra to buy another set of seat covers for the uncovered seats
  • The rear covers do not fit so well


04. BDK 4runner Seat Covers

BDK 4runner Seat Covers


  • Aztec pattern
  • Polyester material
  • Airbag support
  • Weighs 1.15 pounds
  • Dimensions (11.4*8.2*7.1 inches)
  • 4mm foam
  • Air mesh

BDK is a customizable Aztec patterned seat cover made with polyester material.

The design of BDK is versatile and can fit in different vehicle types. Polyester material was used in its manufacture, low-cost and comfortable.

It is designed to support airbag features to improve safety. The sideless parts of the body allow the fittings of armrests, making it even more comfortable.

BDK seat covers also come with a quality stitch and foams inside them. And it comes with air mesh which removes heat between the drivers/passenger’s body surface and the seat cover.

  • It comes with instructions to guide you when installing
  • It is customizable
  • Not too expensive
  • The stitches come apart quickly.
  • They come in only 2PCS, for driver and passenger only
  • The seat cover sleeps out often and will require drawing it to fit before seating.


05. Inch Empire 4runner Seat Covers

Inch Empire 4runner Seat Covers


  • Synthetic leather
  • Instruction manual
  • Weighs 13.86pounds
  • Dimension (26*21.5*7inches)
  • Airbag
  • Seat belt Buckles

The Inch Empire sets of seat covers come in 5pcs in the package. A quality faux material made from the finest synthetic leather was used in its production.

Manufacturers have carefully selected this material because it is environmentally friendly and offers the opportunity to design in the perfect form.

The seat cover is easy to clean and fits a broad range of vehicle seats. With the instruction manual, one can easily install them without much hassle.

13.86 pounds weight of the covers is moderate enough, and we cannot conclude without acknowledging the beauty it adds to the interior.

The all-black seat cover with the red line design makes it looks unique, and the padding inside it gives whoever seats on a comfortable feeling.

The airbag feature allows compatibility with airbags and improves our safety, and it also comes with seat belt buckles for fastening seat belts while driving, improving our safety generally.

  • They give the interior a sporty look
  • It comes with the instruction manual
  • Responsive customer care
  • It fits nicely on any vehicle’s seat
  • It is a bit too expensive to buy
  • Dissipates heat poorly
  • The rear seat covers do not adequately fit as they should


06. Motor Trend MTSC-9210-BK 4runner Seat Covers

Motor Trend MTSC-9210-BK 4runner Seat Covers


  • Faux Leather material
  • Weighs 4pounds
  • Dimension (22*22*4inches)
  • Front pockets
  • Airbags support
  • Headrest
  • Armrest fittings

Opening the car doors or just having a view of the interior front the outside gives that feeling of warmth with a beautiful sight to behold.

The Motor Trend LuxeFit does trend in the beautification of the car interior.

It has a Faux leather cover seat, which gives quality and protects Upholstery’s integrity from liquid agents due to its waterproof nature.

The cover is soft and feels cozy to the back and buttocks as we recline in it.

The pads and foams give it that softness that weighs 4 pounds. Its dimension allows a more extensive range of vehicle seats, complete with the headrest cover and airbag support features for improved safety, even frontal pockets for storage.

And its armrest fittings add to the comfort of passengers/drivers.

  • Blend perfectly with most vehicle types
  • High-quality material and durable
  • Affordable
  • The seat side is not covered
  • It feels a bit too tight after fitting
  • It comes in just 2pcs set


07. Cqlights 4runner Seat Covers

Cqlights 4runner Seat Covers


  • Deluxe leatherette material
  • Weighs 13.02pounds
  • Dimension (29.5*25.3*8.1inches)
  • Airbag compatibility

Cqlights seat covers can withstand stress and strain. Deluxe leatherette material with high-density foam paddings gives it 13.02 pounds in weight, feels soft to the touch, and has high water resistance capability.

And it is protecting the car seats against agents that could get them ugly too soon and is very easy to maintain. However, is can only fit just nicely with the Toyota 4runner generation because the design mimicked the seat type of this vehicle.

With its dimension, the Cqlights seat cover finely fits the seats entirely and doesn’t come in the way of an airbag when it pops in an emergency, and also not hampering other functions of the seat leavers.

  • Customized for the Toyota 4runner models
  • Comes with customer care line for support when fixing
  • Fit in specific vehicle type
  • The rear seat’s cover does not fit all well
  • It does not come with an instruction manual
  • Quite difficult to install


08. EKR 4runner Seat Covers

EKR 4runner Seat Covers


  • Leather, polyester, and faux
  • Weighs 23.9pounds
  • Dimension (24*22*6inches)
  • Zippers
  • Buckles
  • Headrest cover
  • Airbag compatible

LingyueAuto manufactured the ERK seat cover brand and customized it for the Toyota 4runner of the 2011-2020 models, and it fits just perfectly with it.

The seat cover has 4-layered stitching or construction and is padded with foams between the layers to improve comfort.

It has a polyester layer, which protects against damage that could result from scratch. And the Leatherette part gives it toughness by providing a waterproof layer against spills, prolonging the longevity of the car’s seat.

With the leather layer, maintenance became more effortless and was designed to allow air to circulate, thus improving comfort. ERK seat cover comes in a complete set, with the frontal, middle, and back covers for the vehicle’s seat.

It is also fitted with zippers to wear in the headrests and buckles to fasten the seat belt, improving our safety while driving.

  • High-quality material used
  • It fits well with the Toyota 4runner models
  • Good price
  • Fit in a few vehicle types


09. Covercraft Carhartt 4runner Seat Covers

Covercraft Carhartt 4runner Seat Covers


  • Duck-weave material
  • Headrest
  • Armrest
  • Weighs 4.39pounds
  • Dimension (18*10*3inches)

Covercraft manufactured the Covercraft Carhartt seat cover. The seat cover is made from Duck-Weave material, which gives it durability. You can as well customize them to your taste.

The headrest and armrest covers that come with it provide a complete cover over the car seats, protecting them from spills, stains, and scratches that could roughen the seats.

And bring uniformity in the interior. It can be removed, washed, and replaced without causing damage.

  • It gives an excellent fit to Toyota 4runner
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Customizable
  • Installation is quite straightforward
  • quite expensive
  • It only fits a few types of vehicle seats.


10. YIERTAI 4runner Seat Covers

YIERTAI 4runner Seat Covers


  • Faux leather material
  • Weighs 13.67 pounds
  • Dimension (25*21*6inches)
  • Instruction manual

YIETRAI is a universal seat cover that fits a variety of vehicle seat types.

The seat cover has a waterproof high-quality faux leather material and is also dirt-proof, giving the main seat all-around protection.

It is designed in such a way that cancels the effect of the slippery nature of leather, which causes us to leap forward when the car’s brake is stepped on suddenly and may cause us to bash our heads on the dashboard or headrest.

We can easily clean it with a simple wipe with the leather material, and it comes back shining new. And the YIETRAI seat cover was designed not to obstruct the functions of the car’s seat.

  • Installed without any difficulties
  • Designed to fit most vehicle types
  • Fits perfectly
  • The straps attached are pretty hard to fit


What is the Best Seat Cover for the Toyota 4runner?

After a detailed collection of information from buyers’ opinions on the quality of features of the Toyota seat covers, we have chosen the Aierxuan as the best seat cover for the Toyota 4runner.

Why is Aierxuan the Best Seat Cover Brand for the Toyota 4runner?

Aierxuan of the seat cover is the best because it combines incredible features for safety, protection, and comfort for owners.

Aierxuan designs are well thought-out and tailored deliberately to give the best and ease of usage. And also, minimizes impacts during an accident.

They are produced to allow proper air circulation between the driver’s or passenger’s body surface and the seat cover with an airbag, thereby reducing the chances of any severe injury.

Buying Considerations for the Best 4runner Seat Covers

Best 4runner Seat Covers

Let’s say you have some items to get at the grocery stores with a fixed budget. One would want to make the best out of the budget and receive the things that satisfy their needs.

The process of making use of a fixed budget in the most productive way doesn’t come straight forward as it seems.

It requires careful planning and filtering, again and again, those items most needed from the ones less needed, which may come to interfere with our thoughts.

If we are not disciplined enough to stick to a set of principles or a defined parameter in buying these items, we may end up making the worst choices. And so, we will have to live with the consequences of making such a choice.

We must make decisions about what we need in a defined frame of reference, and this will be our guide toward the best use of the resource available.

And that specified frame or set of principles is what we may have to consider before buying anything.

The same applies when making decisions about purchasing the best 4runner seat covers.

One may need to pen down all they will think while going for their preferred 4runner seat cover to get the best. And the most important things to consider before making a purchase include;

01. Breathability

It doesn’t matter whether or not the AC is always on while you drive. If you get a seat cover that traps heat between your back and the seat surface, it will be very uncomfortable for you.

Especially when using seat covers made out of leather material, It is well known that leathers are poor conductors of heat, and they do not dissipate effectively the heat trapped on its surface.

Heat dissipation problems have been remedied through the design of the material when forming the seat cover, holding smoothness, and ease of maintenance that comes with the use of leather material.

Looking out for seat covers with perforations or those designed to have contours should be the first thing to consider while making choices from the options of 4runner seat covers available.

With perforations, heats from our body surface escapes through these holes. And as a result, the temperature between our body surface and the seats becomes moderate, making us more comfortable.

The same applies to contours, only that its technique uses the spaces between outlines to dissipate heat. If we must prioritize comfort, then breathability should be a thing to consider.

02. Material

The types of material used in making the seat cover materials have their respective maintenance specification.

For instance, leather material can be cleaned with a simple wipe, while other materials like polyester can be dry-dusted and even machine-washed. Some materials also exceed others in quality.

03. Maintenance requirements

Maintenance requirements

We have known that different materials have their maintenance specification, which helps protect the designs and integrity of the material.

Leather materials are easier to maintain compared to others. Some materials like polyester can be removed and washed, then replaced.

At the same time, leather cannot tolerate such a degree of harshness on it, and else it will break and lose its quality and causing it to be prone to opportunistic attacks like spills.

Washing leather seat covers will lessen their lifespan and make you spend double on replacement within a short period. Therefore, maintenance requirements should be part of what we must consider when buying 4runner seat covers.

04. Sets of seat covers

Different brands have packaged seat covers differently, and some have a complete set within a package that comes in twos on a single package.

However, the whole set comes with an advantage in that it gives uniformity to the interior.

But the two pcs in a box make uniformity challenging to achieve because you will have to sort for the remaining and select one that does not blend with the others sometimes.

05. Compatibility

After going through the pains of buying a preferred seat cover, only to come to install and find out it doesn’t fit, that experience can be frustrating.

And to avoid this unpalatable experience, considering how compatible the seat covers are for the car becomes necessary.

Although some seat covers are a universal fit to a car’s seats, others are customized and only fit a particular generation model of vehicle’s seats.

We must always go for that which suits our car seats best. And again, if you do seats that are not compatible, it would always slide off and leave open spaces for spills or attacks on the main seat.

06. Ease of installation

This is yet another thing to consider when buying 4runner seat covers. Easy installation goes a long way to telling just how friendly its usage will be.

Some brands even provide a helpline to give you directions when installing, and a good number come with an instruction manual.

But some hardly come with an instruction guide or helpline and leave the buyer figuring out how to go about getting it fixed.

Doing the fixing without a proper guide could cause damage. When too complex to comprehend how to fix, one may decide to use the help of a technician, which will cost extra.

07. Comfort

We don’t want to board a car, and the seats become unbearable for us even before the trip is complete.

Seat Covers that improve our comfort in all aspects is necessary as it offers enjoyment to our ride even to distant places.

08. Safety supports

Safety should be a primary concern, and not too many seat covers come with these features. For that, buyers should consider those covers with airbag and seat belt support.

09. Storage

Not all seat covers have sides or back pockets for easy storage of items. The side pockets can hold a few necessary things as we journey or cruise in the car.

It can have a bottle of water and sometimes edible items to keep our mouths busy with focused eyes on the road.

The side pockets especially provide easy access to reach stuff we need. Therefore, storage is also a thing one may consider when buying a 4runner seat cover.

10. Beauty

Everyone has their definition of beauty. But most importantly, beauty gives a sense of satisfaction. Buyers should always go for that which adds glamour to the car’s interior and pleases the buyer’s sight.

11. Affordability

After considering all we have discussed above, it is now time to discuss how affordable the seat cover would be.

Is it expensive, or does the seat cover meet your available budget? You should always go for something which you can afford and that suits your specs.


4runner Seat Covers faqs

Will the FH Group seat cover fit my Toyota 4runner, model 2000 Sr5?

The FH Group produces a variety of seat covers designed to fit a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including the Toyota 4Runner.

However, whether or not a specific FH Group seat cover will fit your 2000 Toyota 4Runner SR5 will depend on several factors, including the specific seat style and dimensions of your vehicle’s seats.

It is best to consult the product description or contact the FH Group directly to confirm compatibility and fit.

Providing specific details about your vehicle’s seats can help ensure that you receive accurate information and make an informed decision about your purchase.

Does the Cqlights seat cover model come in different colors?

The Cqlights seat cover model may come in different colors, depending on the specific product and the retailer that carries it.

It is best to check the product description or contact the manufacturer or retailer directly for more information on color options.

Some seat cover models may be available in a range of colors to match different vehicle interiors or personal preferences, while others may only be offered in a limited selection of colors.

By checking the product description or contacting the manufacturer or retailer, you can ensure that you find a seat cover that meets your needs and matches your vehicle’s interior.

Can I use chemical detergent on my leather seat cover?

Before using any cleaning chemicals, look to the manufacturer’s recommendations. But generally, I will advise you to use a moderate cleaning detergent if you must clean it with a chemical.

What seat cover would you recommend for my 2024 4runner?

It all depends on your choice of color, material type, and budget. So, see from the list above which will go best for you.

Do the seat covers come with a warranty?

They should. But check for the brand’s details on the warranty.

Can I do a machine wash on my polyester material seat cover?

Yes, in most cases, you can machine wash polyester seat covers.

However, it’s always best to check the care label on your specific seat cover to make sure it’s safe to do so.

Some seat covers may have specific washing instructions or require special care.

If machine washing is allowed, use a gentle cycle with cool water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they can damage the polyester material.

After washing, hang the seat cover to air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Avoid using high heat as it can shrink or damage the material.

If you’re unsure about washing your polyester seat cover in a washing machine, you can also consider hand washing or taking it to a professional cleaner.

What do you suggest is the best material type for a seat cover?

Well, every material type has its advantages as well as disadvantages. So, find out which of the material suits you best after studying their pros and cons.

For the machine-washable seat cover, won’t the paddings in it be affected when washed?

The effect on the paddings inside the seat cover will depend on the type of padding material and how the seat cover is constructed.

In some cases, the padding may become misshapen or clump together after being machine washed, especially if it’s made of low-quality materials or not securely attached to the cover.

Can the seat covers be installed the same way?

seat covers types

No, all seat cover types have different ways they are installed. Although many brands may have the same fittings, it will be ideal to see the manufacturer’s instructions on installation.

Are there seat covers that come complete set in a pack?

Yes, there are.

Can I use an oil polish on my 4runner leather seat cover?

Yes, you can. But always use the recommended polish by the manufacturer.

Would a leather seat cover be ideal for chilling weather like in Texas?

I will advise that you go for seat covers that will bring warmth in the car, especially during winter.

Does the YIERTAIseats cover come with a detachable headrest?

No, the headrest is attached to the seat cover.

Can I order my seat covers from Amazon?

Yes, you can.

Is there after-sales service after I make a purchase?

It all depends on the brand. Some of them do, but others may not. However, most brands provide a customer care line to answer your questions on the brand.

Can the YIERTAI seat cover fit on my Mazda seats?

Whether or not the YIERTAI seat cover can fit on your Mazda seats will depend on several factors, including the specific model and year of your Mazda and the type of seat cover you are interested in purchasing.

It is best to consult the product description or contact the manufacturer directly for more information on compatibility and fit.

It is important to ensure that any seat cover you purchase is designed to fit your specific vehicle make and model to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

Do all seat covers come with airbag support?

No, not all seat covers come with airbag support. So always check the specs of the seat cover you’re buying for the feature as airbag supports.

Does the FH group have side pockets?

The FH Group produces a variety of automotive accessories, including seat covers and floor mats.

Whether or not a specific product from the FH Group has side pockets will depend on the individual item in question.

It is best to check the product description or contact the FH Group directly for more information on specific products and their features.


Deciding on having a seat cover over your car seats could be the most vital step to keep them new for a long time. With the best 4runner seat covers, we don’t have to worry about scratches or spills, which could cause an ugly sight on the main seat. The seat cover also allows for decorating the car interior to the beautiful taste we have always preferred.

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