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brake pads for toyota rav4

Looking for the best brake pads for Toyota RAV4? Replacing your brake pads is vital for your safety, and it also saves your car from expensive repairs.

Inefficient brakes can bring you into a life-and-death situation. Moreover, hard brakes can be annoying to use and make the driving experience worse.

You need an awesome brake system for a large car like Toyota RAV4. There are many options in the market, but we have brought the best ones for you.

All these brake pads are chosen after extensive research. So, let’s find out about the best brake pads!

Upgrade Your Braking with These Picks

1. Bosch BC1212 – Overall Best Toyota RAV4 Brake Pads

Bosch BC1212

Highlighted Features:

  • Copper Free
  • Chemical Protective Layer
  • Hardware Kit Included
  • Aluminium Alloy Material
  • Rear Brakes
  • OE Fit Rubber Core
  • 2025 Copper Free Legislation Compliant

The rear brakes by Bosch are great for Toyota RAV4. 30% contribution to the braking process is by the rear brakes. Therefore, spending tons of money on rear brakes doesn’t make any sense.

However, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the brakes either. Bosch BC1212 brakes bring you an efficient system at a reasonable price.

Aluminum alloy, the same material used in aerospace construction, is used to construct Bosch brakes. These are totally copper-free.

Bosch brakes are a good option if you need the quietest brakes because they belong to the QuietCast family. This means your tires won’t make any shrill noise while stopping.

The rubber core shims take all the force providing the car with silent brakes.

Some brakes are poorly fit with the Toyota RAV4. But these brakes are not from that category. They have an OE fitment system which reduces any chances of brakes wobbling during driving. Such wobbly brakes can be damaging to the car and also inefficient functioning.

The corrosion-free design makes the brakes long-lasting. So, you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

  • Easy installation process
  • Silent system
  • High-quality construction material
  • Outstanding performance
  • Some parts missing from the kit


2. Power Stop K3054 – Peoples Choice Toyota RAV4 Brake Pad Replacement

Power Stop K3054

Highlighted Features:

  • Carbon-Fiber Pads
  • Bolt-On Installation
  • G3000 Metallurgy
  • Rust and Corrosion Free
  • Rubberized Shims
  • OE Fitment

Power Stop K3054 has a g3000 router formula that makes the brakes strong, firm, and well-performing. The g3000 also ensures a silent brake system which can be otherwise quite annoying.

The zinc plating on the rotors ensures the durability and longevity of the brakes by preventing rust and corrosion. The high carbon percentage in the build material also makes the brakes durable.

For maximum cooling so that the brake doesn’t wear and tear early, Power Stop has a drilled and slotted design.

The design of Power Stop brakes requires no modification. It is a simple, bolt-on brake system that takes no time and effort to install.

The stopping power of Power Stop brakes is especially increased. This feature is essential for a car like Toyota RAV4, which has high speed. In RAV4, this brake system will stop the car without any hesitation or lag.

You must be tired of seeing your tires dirty all the time due to braking systems.

The good news is:

The carbon fibers reduce dust by about 30% as compared to other brakes.

  • Properly fits with RAV4
  • No more annoying squeaking sounds
  • Less dust on tires
  • Durable build material
  • It comes with lubricant for brake pads
  • Fits fewer vehicles

3. KFE 1212-14 Brake Pads – Best Value Toyota RAV4 Brake Pads Replacement

KFE 1212-14 Brake Pads

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brakes
  • Compatible with 2006-2018 RAV4
  • IAEA Safety Standards Compliant
  • Positive Molding Process Treatment
  • Ceramic Material
  • OEM Fitment
  • Dual Rubber Core Shims

KFE brake pads for Toyota RAV4 are the best because of the OEM fitment. They fit with most of the RAV4 models like a charm. This means the brakes experience no wobble and is safe to use at any speed.

The build material is 100% free from asbestos and any other environment-harming materials. Keeping the environment clean and pollution-free should be a goal for everyone. Therefore, using KFE brake pads is an up-to-the-mark decision.

The brake system has been treated through different processes such as positive molding and thermal scotch. These processes ensure no delay during the braking process, and the system stays consistent throughout its lifespan.

Consistency in the braking system is necessary. Otherwise, it can be hard to decide how much power to put in while pressing the brake pads. However, these brake pads don’t make you feel indecisive in this regard.

It has vibration-absorbing shims that reduce noise to a great extent. Noisy brakes are a shame to use.

  • Environmental friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent fitting with RAV4
  • A quiet system with an efficient stopping speed
  • Not long-lasting as compared to other products

4. Power Stop KOE3054 Brake Pads

Power Stop KOE3054 Brake Pads

Highlighted Features:

  • G3000 Casting
  • Rubber Core Shims
  • All Tools Included
  • Iron Rotor Material
  • OE Replacement
  • Front Brakes

If you are looking for high-quality brake pads for Toyota RAV4 at a reasonable price, go for the Power Stop brake pads. But why?

Here’s the deal:

The Power Stop KOE3054 brake pads are noiseless and durable.

The g3000 metallurgy in the build material increases the lifespan of the brakes and makes them long-lasting.

Everyone tired of loud, squeaking brakes must try these brakes. They have a rubberized shim that absorbs all the vibrations during the braking process. As a result, you get a smooth, silent, and effortless stopping of your Toyota RAV4.

The brakes come with all the necessary tools. So, if you like to perform their hardware replacement themselves, the tools will come in handy.

The brakes are designed to match the quality of the original RAV4 brakes. This means that the brakes will work competently without any delay in the braking process.

  • Prompt stopping even in wet weather conditions
  • It fits most RAV4 models perfectly
  • Easy replacement due to all the tools
  • No coating for corrosion resistance


5. Bosch BP1211 Brake Pads

Bosch BP1211 Brake Pads

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brake
  • QuietCast Disc
  • Rubberized Shim
  • Molded Shim Technology
  • OE Fitment
  • Compliant with 2025 Copper Free Legislation

Bosch BP1211 brake pads are known to provide high-quality and precise equipment. The asbestos and copper-free brake pads save the environment from pollution. This is one of the best features of Bosch brake pads.

High-speed drifts won’t burn the brakes due to the protective chemical layer. This way, you can get a fun ride without compromising on your car’s quality.

The OE fitment ensures the durability of the brake pads and fits the RAV4 like a dream.

Another best thing about the brake pads is the aerospace-grade aluminum build material. These brake pads work without any delay, even in the most inconvenient situations.

Belonging to the QuietCast Premium family and the rubber-core shims, the brakes don’t make any noise. Such a silent brake system is everyone’s demand.

To further ensure the longevity of the brake, they are rust and corrosion-resistant.

  • It fits amazingly with the compatible models
  • Smooth brake system
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Environmental friendly
  • It makes a little noise as compared to other brake pads.
  • Fits fewer models


6. Genuine Toyota (04466-42060) Brake Pad Kit

Genuine Toyota (04466-42060) Brake Pad Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • OEM Fitment
  • Ceramic Material
  • Rear Brakes
  • Compatible with 2006-2018 RAV4 Models

If you want real Toyota brake pads for your REV4, go for these. These brake pads are genuine by Toyota and fit most of the REV4 models. They are pricey as compared to other brake pads, but the superior features make it worth it.

As they are from Toyota, the fitment and quality are amazing. These are designed for RAV4 specially and fit like a dream.

These brakes produce no wobbling, no squeaking, and no noise when you hit the brakes with a split-second response.

The ceramic material without any copper is compliant with Copper Free Legislation. The material also ensures that you can get the benefit of original brake pads for a long time.

The OEM replacement ensures great factory quality. You stop right away when you press on the brakes, no matter how cruel the circumstances are.

  • Amazing fit with RAV4 models
  • Easy to replace
  • Great build quality
  • Durable and lasts about 56,000 miles
  • Doesn’t fit with Japan-built RAV4.


7. Wagner Brake OEX1211

Wagner Brake OEX1211

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brakes
  • Ceramic Material
  • Compatible with Most Models
  • Bolt-On Installation

Wagner Brake Pads are the silent, top-notch, and high-quality brake pads you have been looking for.

Whether you have a 2006 or a 2018 RAV4, these brake pads fit all the models like a factory brake pad. This means the brake pads don’t wobble or damage the internal system.

The fast response of the brake pads is noteworthy. It stops within milliseconds without causing a delay. Such brake pads should be installed in all cars, especially larger ones like the RAV4.

The anti-rattle clips that come with the brake pads have great fitment.

Due to exceptional parts and build material, the brake pads produce no noise during the braking process. No need to be ashamed of a noisy brake pad when you can install Wagner brake pads in your RAV4.

  • Easy installation process
  • It fits perfectly with all models
  • Silent brake system
  • Less dust on tires
  • Unprofessional packaging


8. ACDelco Gold 17D1212CH Brake Pads

ACDelco Gold 17D1212CH Brake Pads

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brakes
  • OE Fitment
  • Zinc-Coating on Plates
  • Ceramic Material
  • Complete Kit Included

ACDelco premium brake pads for the RAV4 are worth buying. They have been tested by several methods, such as SAE J2784 and NVH. These tests are to ensure the high quality of the brakes.

The brake pads have been tested for noise and vibration. So, you won’t have to worry about annoying squeaking noise while pushing those brake pads.

The brake pads are designed to fit the RAV4 models perfectly without any wobbling, imperfection of fitment, or vibration. This ensures that the brakes are safe to use for you and your car as well.

The plates have a coating of zinc which prevents them from rusting and corrosion. You get durable and enduring brake pads that last a long time.

The ceramic material in the gold brake pads provides a reliable brake process. There is no delay in the response of these brakes.

  • It lasts a long time
  • No vibration or noise
  • All the necessary tools come with the brakes
  • Professional quality brakes
  • It doesn’t come with proper instructions


9. Akebono ACT1212 Brake Pad Kit

Akebono ACT1212 Brake Pad Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brakes
  • OE Fitment
  • Ceramic Material
  • NVH Tested

Akebono brake pads provide high-end quality at a reasonable price.

The brake pads are tested to ensure they are noiseless, vibrationless, and safe to use. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about their quality.

As far as the build material is concerned, the high-quality ceramic free of copper provides that extra period to the life span of the brake pads.

The pro-ACT ceramic material ensures that the brake pads are ultra-quiet and never embarrass you in a rush hour.

Another great feature is the low dust on your RAV4’s wheels. Dirty and dusty wheels are unattractive, and cleaning them all the time requires too much effort.

Therefore, you need such brake pads that are designed especially for today’s large car wheels. They don’t let the wheels get dusty as easily as other brake pads.

The stopping process by these brake pads is smooth and untroubled. The brake pads won’t leave your side, whether you push the brakes in a panic or during normal driving. They are reliable in every condition.

  • Super smooth brake system
  • No squeaks or vibrations
  • It fits like a dream on compatible models
  • Less dust on wheels
  • Fits fewer models


10. Detroit Axle Brake Kit

Detroit Axle Brake Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Rear Brakes
  • Compatible with 2006-2017 RAV4 Models
  • Ceramic Material
  • Installation Tools Included
  • OE Quality

Detroit Axle rear brakes are one of the best brake pads for Toyota RAV4. They are specially designed for Toyota models and fit them like original equipment.

They are quite reasonable as they include a lot of necessary hardware tools for installation.

The brake pads are silent and produce no squeaking or vibration when you push the brake.

The ready-to-go kit is easy to install with proper instructions. So, if you like to install their own hardware, this might be the best option for you.

The ceramic material is designed per RAV4 to ensure that the brakes are smooth to use.

  • Extremely silent
  • Good fitment with RAV4 models
  • Easy installation process
  • Cleaner and fluid doesn’t come with the brakes


What is the Best Brake Pad for Toyota RAV4?

For Toyota RAV4, Bosch BC1212 brake pads are the best. Toyota RAV4 is a heavy and boast-worthy car that can cover 0-60MPH in 5 seconds. Such a car requires a brake system that doesn’t delay the braking process and works and the car itself.

Why is Bosch BC1212 the Best Brake Pad for Toyota RAV4?

The Bosch BC1212 brake system has advanced ceramic-made material used in its construction. The brake fits Toyota RAV4 perfectly due to the OE fitment and works as efficiently as the car itself.

Rubber core makes it quiet and safe for the tires as well. The brake never delays the braking process, no matter how speedy the car is.

The long-lasting, awesome fitting and expeditiously functioning brake pad by Bosch BC1212 is, therefore, the best for Toyota RAV4.

Buying Considerations for the Best Toyota RAV4 Brake Pads Replacement

Buying Considerations for the Best Toyota RAV4 Brake Pads Replacement

Wanna know how to choose the best brake pads for Toyota RAV4? It’s easy. All you have to do is keep some considerations in your mind while choosing the right brake pads. Let’s find out these factors!

1. Material of Brake Pads

Good build quality makes a brake pad efficient, due to which it performs well. If the material of the brake pad is cheap and not sturdy, it will wear earlier.

With diverse technology, there are multiple build materials for brake pads. But the most famous and reliable ones are ceramic and metallic brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads are durable, have amazing stopping power, and are perfect for cars like Toyota RAV4.

These brake pads don’t let the tires get too dusty and control the squeaking noise to a great extent.

Most of the brake pads are made from ceramic material. So, if you want to replace your brake pads, try ceramic brake pads.

Semi-metallic brake pads are also good in their stopping power. But the problem with these is the noise. Unlike ceramic brake pads, they don’t control the amount of dust.

2. Stopping Power

Stopping Power

Stopping power is the most important factor when it comes to brakes. The brakes of the Toyota RAV4 should have no delay and shouldn’t be too aggressive to press. Therefore, a good brake pad has supreme stopping power that stops the car immediately.

Stopping power also depends upon the build quality. So, if you choose a premium quality brake pad, you will end up having appreciable stopping power.

3. Silent Brake Pads

Squeaking noises from brake pads are one of the most annoying sounds wh

en it comes to automobiles. Nobody wants to have a car that screeches loudly while applying the brakes.

The internal makeup of the brake pads makes them noiseless. Brakes that absorb vibrations well and have good shims end up with a silent brake process.

Always make sure that the brakes you buy are noiseless so you can avoid annoying yourself and others around you.

4. Vehicles Specificity

Vehicles Specificity

It is important to learn what kind of brakes fit in your car. For this, you must know the exact model of your car. You can take help from a professional mechanic in this regard.

If the brakes don’t fit well in your car, they won’t work flawlessly. In fact, it can be dangerous to use unfit brakes for your car.

Always check if the brake pads you chose are compatible with your RAV 4’s model or not.

Most sellers will provide this information to you.

5. Fitment of the Brake Pads

Not only should the brake pads fit perfectly in your car, but they should also be easy to install. All the brake pads parts should be pre-assembled, so you only have to bolt on the pads.

6. Your Driving Conditions

Your Driving Conditions

The environment you live in determines how easy or hard your brake pads should be. Places where you need to press the brakes often require brake pads that respond quickly.

Moreover, you should know the environment. For example:

  • You drive in hilly areas.
  • You drive in a desert area.
  • You drive on normal roads etc.

All these conditions affect the requirement differently. Moreover, your brake pads should be resistant to heat in humid and hot areas and water in rainy areas.

Also be sure to check out our other posts about brake pads for Toyota Camry, Tundra, Corolla, and Tacoma.


How much do Toyota RAV4 Brake Pads Cost?

The cost of Toyota RAV4 brake pads can vary depending on the brand, type, and quality of the brake pads. On average, a set of brake pads for a Toyota RAV4 can cost anywhere between $30 to $100 or more.

The cost of the brake pads may also vary depending on whether you buy original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brake pads or aftermarket brake pads. OEM brake pads are designed by Toyota and will typically be more expensive, while aftermarket brake pads are made by third-party manufacturers and can be more affordable.

It is important to note that the cost of brake pad replacement also includes the labor cost for installation, which can vary depending on the mechanic or auto shop you go to. It is recommended to get quotes from multiple mechanics to compare prices and find the best deal.

Overall, the cost of Toyota RAV4 brake pads can vary, but it is important to prioritize quality and safety over cost when choosing brake pads for your vehicle.

How long do Toyota RAV4 brake pads last?

The lifespan of Toyota RAV4 brake pads can vary depending on driving habits, road conditions, and the type of brake pads installed. Generally, brake pads can last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles, with an average of 50,000 miles.

However, heavy braking, frequent driving in stop-and-go traffic, or driving in hilly or mountainous areas can wear down the brake pads faster. Likewise, using low-quality or incorrect brake pads can also result in a shorter lifespan and potential damage to other brake components.

It’s essential to regularly inspect and maintain your brakes, including checking brake pads thickness, for any signs of wear or damage. Timely replacement of brake pads, when they reach the manufacturer’s recommended minimum thickness, is crucial for your safety and the longevity of your brakes.

Can I put new brake pads on long-established rotors?

new brake pads on long-established rotors

Yes, you can put new brake pads on old or established rotors. However, it’s essential to make sure that the rotors are in good condition and are within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications for thickness and wear.

If the rotors are damaged, warped, or worn beyond the recommended thickness, they may need to be replaced before installing new brake pads to ensure optimal braking performance and safety.

It’s also important to properly bed in or break in the new brake pads to ensure that they work effectively with the existing rotors.

How much does it cost to get Toyota RAV4 brake pads changed?

The cost of getting Toyota RAV4 brake pads changed can vary depending on several factors such as the type of brake pads, the mechanic’s labor charges, and the location of the repair shop.

On average, the cost of getting brake pads changed on a Toyota RAV4 can range from £100 to £300. If the rotors also need to be replaced, the cost may increase further.

It is always recommended to get a quote from a reputable mechanic before proceeding with the repair. This can help ensure that you get a fair price and avoid any unexpected expenses.


Seeing so many reviews can get you confused. However, you should choose the brake pads compatible with your RAV4 and fulfill all your demands.

The above products are reviewed based on vital features. These include good material, safety, noiselessness, smooth operation, and reasonable price.

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