How to Install Hella Horns for Every Cars & Trucks – “Boost Your Vehicle’s Sound

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This article will go over how to install Hella horns on your car step by step. Do you know, in certain nations driving with a busted car horn is reportedly against the law!

Therefore, getting good-quality car horns from a reputable manufacturer is essential. As a result, Hella is a brand we recommend.

Motor vehicles should have a horn that’s in proper working condition. As a side note, we don’t recommend adding unpleasant horns that are too loud.

To be clear, select a horn that is appropriate for your vehicle’s size.

Things You Should Know About Car Horns

A horn is a sound-producing system installed on vehicles such as cars, buses, bicycles, and other modes of transportation. It is used by the driver to alert someone to the car’s presence or approach or to draw attention to danger.

In older cars, the sound is similar to a “honk,” and in modern cars, it is identical to a “beep.”

Car horns are typically mechanical and use the theory of a vibrating metal diaphragm. Therefore, they get driven by a flat circular steel diaphragm with an electromagnet acting in one direction and a spring acting in the other.

The diaphragm gets connected to points of contact that constantly disrupt the current to the electromagnet, enabling the diaphragm to spring out in the opposite direction, hence re-completing the circuit.

Many vehicles get equipped with “two-tone” car horns. As the name suggests, there are two modules, each with a different note, to significantly lower collective pitch and a larger noise level.

Applications and Benefits of a Car Horn

Toyota Car Horn

An automobile horn could only look like a sound device for many people, but it has several advantages for road drivers and pedestrians in the real sense.

Having a horn placed in your vehicle provides you with various benefits that make it an essential feature of any car. Significantly, you can enhance driver safety on the road.

Keep reading to learn the advantages and purposes of owning a car horn.

01. Used to generally alert road users

You can honk your car horn to inform every close road user that you are around. Honking will capture the attention of another driver or pedestrian, triggering them to take the necessary safety measures.

For instance, you can use a horn to alert a pedestrian who has begun to cross the road since they haven’t seen you.

02. To alert another driver to the presence of a traffic signal.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck in traffic because the driver in front of you is so engrossed with their phone that they don’t see that the traffic light has changed.

By honking, you will alert the driver to the fact that it’s time to leave. Otherwise, cars approaching from behind will most certainly continue advancing, which is quite dangerous.

Whenever you find yourself in this circumstance, beep your horn to inform the other driver.

03. To issue a warning to a driver who is about to crash into your car

Suppose you’re already in the correct lane when another car starts merging into yours! Then, you have every responsibility to beep your horn to notify the other driver of your presence, and, perhaps, you can even avoid an accident.

Alerting another car with a short, full honk of the horn is essential to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

04. Used to demonstrate a successful automobile lock

You can use your car horn to show that you have secured your door, in addition to serving as a warning. These horns work by emitting Car honks when you activate a remote-control lock button.

In this case, an automobile honk will signify that your vehicle has been secured.

05. Used when reversing your car

When backing up your car, it is essential to make car honks. Honking alerts individuals close to your car to notice the car’s movement, allowing them to keep a safe distance.

Additionally, honking reduces the risk of an accident by notifying another vehicle that is exiting the driveway.

Different Kinds of Horns Explained

Having a working car horn in your vehicle is very important. You should therefore ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate horn.

Aspects to look for in a car horn might include, type of sound it emits, style, and even better aesthetics.

If you need to buy a car horn, you can choose from our selection of the best vehicle horns.

01. Fiamm Freeway Blaster


This car horn is well-known for its ability to fit into various vehicles, including UTVs and motorcycles. If you need an extra loud automobile horn, here is the horn to go for!

For a two-tone blast of sound, the Fiamm Freeway Blaster is combined with a high-note horn. Its steel construction and ABS plastic snail-curve intake protect it from water and corrosion.

With a manufacturing process that fulfills various ISO standards, you are assured that you will receive a high-quality horn that has been thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance.

02. Carrfan Vintage Horn

If you want something genuinely distinctive, go for this classic horn. Its loud sound pressure level emits a 110DBn sound with a 490Hz frequency, which is loud enough for anyone to hear.

The horn’s chrome finish dates back to the days when it got utilized on vintage automobiles.

Since this car horn is made of ABS and aluminum and comes with a mounting bolt and two connecting terminals, you will therefore be able to install and configure it quickly.

03. Wolo Juke Box Electronic Musical Horn

If you need your car to do double duty, this Wolo Juke Box is the way to go! The horn, for example, will honk at a bit of touch, and you may set it to play music of your choice.

Use the horn’s control panel to alter music sound levels and avoid bothering the people around you.

So, if you want a 90-day guarantee and you want to personalize your car horn, go no further than this choice.

If you’re curious about the technology behind Toyota’s keyless entry system, there’s a helpful article explaining how it works and its benefits. 

Details of Hella horn

Hella horns are our pick for the best car horn to install in your vehicle. Find out below the details of  Hella horn which makes them the best car horn to go for.

  • Hella horns are designed to meet German OE specifications.

HELLA 003399801 Supertone 12V High Tone

By installing Hella horns, you can be sure you got the Original equipment. The reason being, Germany has been a leader in automobile technology for many years.

  • The Dual Supertone Hella Horns are noted for their loud, strong sound projection, allowing everyone close to hear you.
  • Hella horns feature an excellent aesthetic.

This is evidenced by its sturdy construction, which includes a black Coated Metal body and a Red Protective Grill that gives it an elegant appearance.

  • Hella Supertone double-disc horns feature a harness and brackets kit for quick installation and versatile mounting choices.
  • The Dual Supertone Hella horns are of good quality, ensuring improved safety and long-term customer satisfaction.
  • The Dual Supertone horns come with a front bumper.

HELLA-011225881-Black Toyota

The bumper is an essential part for some cars like Subaru, and you will require it for successful mounting on the front.

  • Hella horns are super stylish since they are designed with a removable grill that you can paint according to your preference.
  • The Dual Supertone Hella horn comes with a galvanized steel metal frame. You will be assured of a long-lasting use of this car horn due to its resistance to rust and tarnishing.
  • Hella horns feature 12 voltages which encourage low power consumption.

How to Install Hella Horns in Different Setups

Material Needed to Install Hella Horn

Wire, wire stripper, connectors, a prefabricated “Y” given with the horns, and a screwdriver are all needed.

01. DIY Steps of the Installation of Hella Horns Using the Example of an Audi TT/RS

During the installation of the electrical link, you must switch off the power source of the sound signaling system.

Then turn off the engine and take the key out of the car. The steps for how to install Hella horns are outlined below;

Step 1: Remove the front bumper guard

  • Begin by unscrewing the front, left, and right wheel cover liner screws.
  • Force the wheel housing liner back into place by removing the lower covering.
  • Then, on the top, bottom, and inside of the bumper guard, loosen the fastening screws.
  • After that, you can then remove the bumper guard carefully.

Step 2: Remove the horns with holders that were originally mounted

  • Remove the horns’ electrical plug links. So that you can remove the vertical reinforcement holder.
  • Lastly, get off the holder with the horns and detach the horns from the holder.

Step 3: Set up the super-tone horns

  • To decide the setup location of the new horns, reinstall the holder.
  • On the holder, make a mark for the mounting spot. After that, take out the installing holder and drill in the desired place.
  • Then, using the necessary screws, reinstall the holder and reinforcing strut and guard the horns upon the bracket.

Step 4: Prepare a power connector for your new super-tone horns

  • Detach the older cable on the black, notched corrugated pipe from the wiring harness.
  • Then, using a proper crimping plier, remove the cable’s two wire ends and firmly fasten two flat receptacles.
  • After that, insert cables back into the corrugated conduit, and if the installation is required, sheathe the cables in thermal tubing.

Step 5: Connect the super-tone horn.

  • Secure the super-tone horns to the electrical link, then connect the wiring harness to the cable routing.

Step 6: Conduct a practical test after inserting the fuse

  • If the function test passes, the bumper guard and all of its assembly pieces can be installed, bringing the vehicle back up to speed and ready for operation.

02. DIY Steps of the Installation of Hella Horns for Vehicles with 1 Existing Horn with 2 Wires

Step 1: You first need to remove the current lead from the battery ground before you wire the car horns.

Step 2: Install the horns in a secure location within the vehicle engine bay.

Step 3: Unplug the two wires that are already connected to the horn in place.

IMPORTANTLY; Know that it is recommendable for you to turn off the factory connector and tighten on a normal jack socket.

Step 4: Connect one of the Hella horn lugs to the female premade “Y.”

Step 5: Connect the ground wire from your car to one male connector of “Y” and then use an extra piece of wire to link the second side of the same “Y” to one of the lugs on the other Hella horn.

Step 6: Repeat the method on both Hella horns with the plus wire on the existing lugs.

Step 7: Reattach the battery’s ground lead.

Step 8: Honk the horn at the steering wheel button to inspect the installation.

03. DIY Steps of the Installation of Hella Horns for Vehicles with 1 Existing Horn with 1 Wire

Step 1: If you want to wire horns, the first step is disconnecting the ground lead.

Step 2: Install the horns in a stable location within the engine compartment.

Step 3: Detach a wire from the available horn.

Step 4: Connect one Hella horn to premade “Y”

Step 5: Attach the car’s wire to one side of the “Y,” while the other side will require an extra wire to get linked with one lug on the Hella horn.

Step 6: Since you want the horns to function, you must create a foundation. You will do this by inserting a cable to the other end of the “Y” and bringing it to a ground spot.

Step 7: Reattach the battery’s grounding lead.

Step 8: Confirm whether the installation is correct.


Is there a fuse in a car horn?

Yes, there is often a fuse in a car horn circuit to protect it from electrical overload. The fuse is usually located in the car’s fuse box and is designed to blow if too much current flows through the circuit.

If the horn stops working, it is possible that the fuse has blown and needs to be replaced. It is important to use the correct fuse size and rating specified by the car manufacturer to avoid damage to the electrical system.

Is it legal to have loud car horns?

In most places, it is not legal to have excessively loud car horns. The specific regulations regarding car horn loudness can vary by location, but generally, car horns are required to be loud enough to be heard by other drivers on the road, but not so loud as to be a nuisance or a safety hazard.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sets regulations for car horn loudness. According to these regulations, car horns must emit a sound level of at least 100 decibels (dB) when measured from a distance of three feet in front of the vehicle. However, there are no specific regulations on the upper limit of car horn loudness.

Local jurisdictions may also have their own regulations on car horn loudness. For example, in some cities, it may be illegal to use a car horn between certain hours or in certain areas, such as residential neighborhoods.

Is it possible to use a car horn without including the use of a relay?

It is possible to use a car horn without a relay, but it is not recommended. Car horns typically require a large amount of current to operate, and this can cause problems with the car’s electrical system if the horn is not properly wired.

Using a relay is the most common and recommended way to wire a car horn. A relay is an electrical switch that allows a low-current signal to control a high-current load, like a car horn. By using a relay, the high current required by the horn is kept away from the car’s sensitive electrical components, reducing the risk of damage.

If a relay is not used, the horn can be wired directly to the car’s electrical system. However, this can cause problems such as blown fuses or damage to the wiring. In addition, wiring the horn directly to the car’s electrical system can make it difficult to troubleshoot and repair any problems that may arise.

What do I do if the new car horn does not work?

car horn does not work

If a new car horn does not work, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check the wiring: Make sure the wiring is properly connected to the horn and the car’s electrical system. Check for any loose connections or damaged wires that could be preventing the horn from working.
  2. Check the fuse: Locate the fuse for the horn in the car’s fuse box and check to see if it is blown. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one of the same rating and try the horn again.
  3. Check the horn relay: If the car has a horn relay, check to see if it is working properly. You can test the relay by swapping it with a similar relay in the car and seeing if the horn works.
  4. Test the horn: Disconnect the horn from the car’s wiring and test it by connecting it directly to a 12-volt power source. If the horn works when connected directly to power, then the issue is likely with the wiring or the car’s electrical system.
  5. Consider professional help: If none of the above steps solve the issue, consider taking the car to a mechanic or auto electrician for further diagnosis and repair.

 When can I use my car horn?

In general, a car horn should only be used to alert other drivers of potential danger or to prevent an accident. It should not be used as a means of expressing frustration or anger, as this can be disruptive and distracting to other drivers and pedestrians.

Some situations where it may be appropriate to use a car horn include:

  1. To warn other drivers of an imminent collision or potential danger, such as when another driver is merging into your lane or when a pedestrian is crossing the street.
  2. To alert other drivers when passing on a narrow road or blind corner where visibility is limited.
  3. To signal to other drivers who may be obstructing traffic, such as when a driver is parked in a no-parking zone or is blocking an intersection.
  4. To prevent an accident or collision, such as when a driver is about to back into your vehicle.


Hella company provides a wide range of horns, distinguished by their powerful, penetrating, and intense tone.

Therefore, the Hella super tone 12-volt disc horns is unlike anything else on the road regarding appearance and tone.

These incredibly dual disc horn packages incorporate a legendary design, efficiency, and security.

As is customary for Hella, the super tone pack offers various setup options and is simple to install.

Also, in the midst of the chaos of traffic, Hella acoustic alert systems are essential. Hence, you’ll find that these horns employ cutting-edge acoustic innovation.

Therefore, we highly recommend Hella horns since they get designed to last a long time.

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