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Best Bike Rack for Toyota RAV 4

Many people would like to go on a bike ride in a city far away from their native place. But, they might find it difficult to carry their bike from their home place to the final destination and ride over there.

There are various options to counter this problem. One of the most popular ideas is the bike rack. A bike rack means a device or a complex structure attached to a vehicle like a car, which carries a two-wheeler over long distances. Additions in these bike racks help users move their bikes in the safest way. The following section gives the best bike rack for Rav4.

Top 10 Bike Racks For Rav4 In 2024

1. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack


The Saris Bones bike rack is a fantastic option for a tension-free long journey. It lets users mount two to three bikes/bicycles together without adjusting anything or compromising the space. It comes in synthetic material with only one color variant, i.e., black.

The item has exceptional compatibility. It can fit bikes of every size. The brand claims that it can fit around 90% of vehicles. Moreover, a person can quickly load and unload bikes on the bike rack.

The product is made of recyclable material, reducing the flapping straps. It is durable and long-lasting in a way that it does not attract rust. Apart from this, the built-up bike rack helps in the speedy lock and fastens the two-wheeler on the rack. This built-up also assists in separating bikes on distinct levels or tiers.


  • The item is light-weighted with around 11 pounds.
  • The product provider also offers a decent warranty period.
  • Suitable for – 2 bikes
  • Dimensions and ratio of the product – 19.79 x 8.75 x 22.31 inches

2. WALMANN Bike Trunk Mount

WALMANN Bike Trunk Mount 3


With an excellent loading capacity, the WALMANN bike carrier is a perfect worth-for-money option as it gives numerous benefits at an affordable price. This bike rack can be attached to different vehicles like cars, SUVs, passenger cars, etc. The bike rack is made of resilient material, i.e., iron.

The item has an incredible holding capacity of carrying three bikes with a decent safety level. However, people should avoid fitting three bikes in one bike rack; mounting two bikes is advisable.

Another plus point of this product is that it offers ultra-protection due to its sturdy pads. The installation of the bike rack is also easy, and thus, can be fixed in a few minutes in case of any issues.


  • Loading capacity of approximately 130 pounds.
  • Compatible with – Passenger Car, Minivan, SUV, Truck, Hatchback, Bicycle, Sedan, mini-vans.
  • Rubber-coating on the bike rack.
  • The item weighs over 10 pounds which is good considering the loading capacity.
  • The dimensions and the ratio of the item are – 30 x 20.5 x 4.3 inches.
  • The product is foldable, giving an added advantage of portability and keeping it anywhere when not in use.
  • The bikes are kept away from the surface of the car, truck, or carrier. It implies that there is no damage or scratch on the vehicle.

If you’re a Toyota Camry owner searching for the perfect bike rack, look no further than this article highlighting the top 10 options for 2024, including a recommendation from our website

3. Allen Sports Bike-Mounter

Allen Sports Deluxe 2


There might be a problem encountered by people having a sports car or jeep switch a tire at the car’s back. It has an impressive loading capacity of 70 pounds. It is made up of premium quality alloy steel. It comes in an elegant black color to give a stylish look to the bike rack.

It has an excellent design which gives safety to the bikes over distances. A person can carry their bikes for long stretches without any mediating inspection. Furthermore, it gives decent stability to the bikes without any unexpected movement.

The tie-downs contained in the bike rack can be rotated easily to give much-needed adjustments to the bikes. The carrying part of the bike rack is narrow and sleek-designed, facilitating easy loading-unloading of bikes.


  • The item has long carry arms of around 15 inches, giving adequate space for bike adjustment.
  • The product dimensions are – 4.33 x 28.74 x 13.39 inches.
  • It is built in the way of open-frame design, which gives a sleek design and additional benefits.
  • The item weighs around 9.54 pounds. It is made as a tire rack.

4. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


Made in the USA, Allen Sports has a vivid number of bike racks suitable for Rav4. Ultra-compact is another style of their bike rack series. Made up of steel, it gives staunch support to the bikes to rest upon. It is an excellent option for people who want to transport their bikes for short distances or want only one or two bikes to be transported quickly.

The item gives an unmatched level of security to the bike. There is no need to have a heavy knowledge of installing the bike rack or attaching it with the car or the vehicle. Also, a carry bag is attached to the rack. It also comes with a decent warranty period. An additional feature of this bike rack is that the coating of vehicles remains undisturbed or untouched due to its unique built-up.


  • This bike rack weighs approximately 2.7 kilograms.
  • It can be folded easily and kept anywhere in small spaces.
  • The item comes in the dimensions of – 14.37 x 7.28 x 3.54 inches.
  • There are three adjustable straps for providing safety to the bikes.
  • The bike rack is suitable for numerous vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, mini-vans, and SUVs.

5. KAC K1 Mounted Rack 2

KAC K1 1.25” Hitch Mounted Rack 2-Bike


KAC K1 mounted bike rack is a complete package for getting several benefits of different bike racks in one option. It is built of alloy steel with a remarkable loading capacity of around 110 to 120 pounds. The brand gives excellent warranty benefits to the buyers. A person can load two bikes at most 60 pounds each.

The anti-wobble technology in the bike rack model is the fundamental cause for the ultra-protectiveness of the loaded bikes. It gives user convenience as the item is foldable and can be carried anywhere.

Due to its balancing features, it can be carried to even the most challenging places. Most parts or components are pre-installed, saving time invested in complex installation works.


  • The product has overall dimensions of – 33.23 x 63.66 x 37.64 inches.
  • The item falls slightly to the heavier side, weighing around 46.2 pounds.
  • There are various components in this bike rack that are not included in other bike racks. These include a smart tilt lever, rear safety reflector, wheel straps, locking hitch pin, etc.
  • The built-up material of this rack is a high-quality coated steel frame which is primarily responsible for giving firmness to the bike protection.
  • Most types of bikes can be hooked on the KAC K1 bike rack. These include – electric bicycles, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes.

6. Blueshyhall 2 Bike Carrier

Blueshyhall 2 Bike Carrier


If you want to have a decent purchase with a low budget, the Blueshyall bike rack should be your go-to option. It is one of the best bike racks for SUVs. Although there are safety features, the car speed should be below 40 kmph while using this bike rack.

The most exciting feature of this bike rack is that it does not require any installation. All the parts are already installed and attached together. It is good option due to its low cost and high safety.


  • The item dimensions read as – 26 x 19 x 5 inches.
  • The product is lightweight with a weight measurement of 9.9 pounds.
  • At most, three bikes can be attached or loaded to the Blueshyall bike rack.

In addition to offering a great selection of bike racks for the Toyota RAV4, our website also provides options for Toyota Prius owners looking for the perfect bike carrier.

Buyers’ Guide For Best Bike Racks

There are many things a customer should be well aware of while purchasing a bike rack. People often think that buying bike racks does not involve much research or factors considerations, but there are numerous things you should keep a note of. The following things should be considered while buying one for Rav4.

Type Of The Bike Rack

Type of bike racks

There are various types of bike racks available in the market. A potential buyer often gets confused while selecting the best kind among different bike rack options. The most common bike racks include hitch carriers, roof mounts, and trunk mounts.

These kinds of bike racks have different properties. A person should understand their buying needs and select the best type of bike rack. If the person wants a decent level of flexibility in loading or mounting, they should choose roof mounts. On the other hand, if they are looking for quick bike transportation, hitch carriers must be their priority.

Number Of Bikes For Loading

One of the most crucial factors before purchasing a bike rack for Rav4 is the number of bikes the person has to load or carry over the distance. Some bike racks cannot handle the pressure of more than one bike.

The number of cradles on a bike rack determines the maximum number of bikes that can be mounted. The weight of the bike rack and the bike should be known beforehand to avoid any problems while holding the bike over distances.

Security Level

Security - bike racks

Many bike racks come with anti-theft features that give an added advantage, i.e., the safety of the bikes. If a person’s major concern is security, they should narrow down racks with excellent security specs. However, the security level also depends on how a person has installed the bike rack. Proper mantling-dismantling of bike racks is essential to have a fastened rack.

Cost Factor

A universal thing while purchasing any item is the cost factor attached to it. The decision to buy bike racks solely depends on the budget. If the budget is low, there are chances of getting an average-quality bike rack. On the other, a high budget implies more options to decide from. However, there are plenty of options on Amazon at reasonable prices with excellent features.

Fuel Considerations

Fuel Consideration when buying Bike Racks

Fuel also plays a vital role in the buying decision. If the fuel costs are high, a person should not go for roof mounts as they run slow while carrying a heavy load of bikes. In such cases, rear racks are decent options. They do not take a lot of fuel to travel. Moreover, carrying bikes over long distances will also determine the person’s buying decision.


The options mentioned above give a detailed overview of the best bike rack for Rav4. These options are reliable, safe, and durable over short and long distances. They can give unique characteristics at reasonable rates. The attached buying guide provides a complete understanding of different factors while selecting the best bike rack for your Rav4. A person should research various bike racks before finalizing one.


Will using a bike rack for Rav4 damage the SUV?

No, most bike racks do not damage the car and protect it from unwanted scratches, coating removals, etc. They are built up of solid material so that the bikes do not move easily from the rack. This helps in ensuring the safety of the SUV.

How to attach a hitch bike rack to the Toyota Rav4?

It is simple to fix or install a hitch on a Rav4. The person will need a few tools to attach it to the SUV quickly. The major equipment used is Draw-Tite 76201 trailer hitch.

Do bike racks damage the bike while carrying it over long distances?

Secure bike racks do not damage your bikes. They smoothly take the bikes, offering complete protection. However, it depends on the loading and unloading process of the bikes that may lead to damage to the bikes. If the person does not take good care of the bikes while mounting them, probable damage might occur.

Can the bike racks for Rav4 or the bikes mounted on them easily be stolen?

In most cases, your bike racks are fastened so accurately that a thief cannot steal the bike or the entire bike rack. It takes time to manage the removal of cradles, straps, and many other things. Moreover, there are anti-theft features in these bike racks that protect them from being stolen.

How many bikes can a bike rack hold?

The number of bikes that a 2024 Toyota RAV4 bike rack can hold will depend on the specific rack and the weight capacity of your vehicle. Trunk-mounted racks can typically hold up to three bikes, while hitch-mounted and roof-mounted racks can hold one or more bikes, depending on the model.

How do I choose the right bike rack for my 2024 Toyota RAV4?

When choosing a bike rack for your 2024 Toyota RAV4, it is important to consider factors such as the number of bikes you need to transport, the type of bike you have, the weight capacity of your vehicle, and your budget. It is also important to ensure that the bike rack is compatible with your vehicle and that it is easy to install and use.

Are bike racks easy to install?

Most 2024 Toyota RAV4 bike racks are designed to be easy to install and can be done with basic tools and some mechanical know-how. Trunk-mounted and roof-mounted racks are generally easier to install than hitch-mounted racks, which may require some drilling or professional installation.

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