10 Best Bike Rack for Toyota Camry – Secure and Reliable

10 Best Bike Rack for Toyota Camry - Secure and Reliable

Getting the best bike rack for Toyota Camry to help you convey these bikes safely is a great desire. Maybe bikes mean different things to different people.

For some, it is a thing for leisure and sportsman/women; it is a tool for sport business. And at some point, one would want to take them away from a city center to places where they will enjoy riding on it.

Or as a salesman who wants to deliver bikes to customers and has to get them on a car to get them delivered.

As a student, your school probably has that significant summer bike competition, and yet also you have to get the bikes from home to the school’s sports ground, maybe using Dad’s car.

Whatever the purpose of your bike, we have to agree that it must be conveyed sometimes attached to a vehicle.

Conveying bikes on a car cannot be possible without a bike rack. Even so, we must sort for the best bike rack to quickly and safely carry our bikes without doing damage to the car.

A Comparison Table for the Best Bike Rack for Toyota Camry

What is the Best Bike Rack for Toyota Camry?

After a thorough search of the best bike rack for the Toyota Camry, we found the Allen brand stands out the best.

Why is Allen the Best Bike Rack Brand for Toyota Camry?

The Allen brand is a rack of choice for most buyers.

And it is the best because it gives a firm grip to the bike without worries of falling off when the car moves or sink in a bump, and the components are made with high-quality materials compared to other bike racks.

It is easy to mount/un-mount bikes in the racks, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

Our Top Picks of Bike Rack for Toyota Camry

1. Allen Sports – Overall Best Bike Rack


  • Alloyed steel material
  • Weighs 4kg
  • Dimension (23.02*13.58*3.94inches)
  • Two bike mounts

Allen sports bike rack is made with a high-quality material that is anti-rust and durable.

It is moderately weighty with only 4kg in weight, and that is good enough not to burden the car that will mount it with a payload that will cause excessive fuel consumption.

The bike rack is foldable, which means one can easily collapse it when not in use and can be folded in the package for a more convenient conveyance.

Allen rack has a large enough dimension to fit two bikes when transporting while giving them a firm grip, and you don’t have to worry about the bikes falling off even when they sink in a bump.

  • It can be mounted on trucks
  • High quality
  • Good price
  • Double mounts
  • It takes a few minutes to install
  • The attachment hooks can cause scratches to the car


2. Hollywood Racks – People’s Choice Bike Rack for Toyota Camry


  • Alloy steel material
  • Weighs 34ponds
  • Dimension (35*13*8inches)
  • Locking frames

The Hollywood rack’s brand comes with a unique locking frame, which keeps the bikes secure from theft.

With an adjustable wheel holder, the bike rack can fit bikes of 60″ bases and also 11/40 and 20 hatches.

For maximum space utilization, the Hollywood rack brand also comes with a collapsible support tube for wheels. It is made from an alloyed steel material which makes it durable and anti-rust.

  • The locking frames can deter bike thieves
  • Pretty quick and easy to install
  • One can quickly mount and unmounts bikes
  • They are foldable
  • Not too expensive
  • Can carry two bikes at a time
  • The locking hatch pins are not efficient.


3. Saris Bones – Best Value Toyota Camry Bike Rack


  • Synthetic material
  • Weighs 11pounds
  • Dimension (22.4*19.1*(inches)

The Saris Bones 804 brand model is made from synthetic material, lightweight, and resistant to rust.

It can fit virtually all kinds of vehicles and carry two bikes at a time, each with a payload of 35pounds each.

Saris Bones is designed to have a sleek look with integrated strap management which eliminates any flapping straps.

The rack is built very strong with arms and legs molded by injection, making the frame durable.

The arch-based design helps layer bikes on levels, allowing a quick mounting and dismounting of bikes on the rack.

  • They are collapsible for effective space management
  • It gives bikes a firm hold in transit
  • Quite affordable
  • Not much trouble installing it.
  • fits on virtually all vehicle types
  • carries multiple bikes at a time
  • it can leave damage to your car
  • You may need a crossbar to mount bikes on it.


4. Thule Raceway Pro


  • plastic material
  • dimension (23*24*21inches)
  • cradle arm
  • lockable cords

The Thule Raceway Pro is built to carry three bikes at a time. It is strong and holds firmly to the bikes attached with lockable cables.

The soft cradle holds bikes securely in position and acts as a shock absorber when transporting.

Thule Raceway pro narrow cradle is designed for easy use and is packaged with a manual to guide buyers.

And it comes with rubbers pads to protect the vehicle against scratches or any visible damage.

With the plastic material, we are sure to be worry-free about rusting or the need to spend extra in painting to keep rusting out.

  • very flexible
  • do not flap after being strapped
  • pretty easy to mount bikes on a frame
  • the paddings are inadequate to cushion the shocks from bumps
  • it is a bit pricey
  • the elastic strap wears quickly and needs replacement often


5. Kuat Racks Sherpa


  • Aluminum material
  • Weighs 32 pounds
  • collapsible
  • dimension (45*15*12inches)

Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0-2 has two bike holding capabilities. And can hold bikes with 40 ponds firmly without flapping when been transported.

With such a dimension, it can fit wheelbases of about 47″ and larger bike tire sizes of 3. The Kuat bike rack is designed to give a good space between bikes, setting them 14inch apart when mounted.

Aluminum is used in the rack’s construction for longevity and is lightweight yet colored using black metallic to give it a highly resistive surface against rust.

The hitch stabilizers keep any load on it from moving after being mounted.

  • holds bikes firmly
  • it is foldable
  • it fits perfectly on Toyota highlander
  • Its previous version has better quality.
  • It is pretty challenging to install
  • The locking mechanism is not very efficient
  • Works well only on a few vehicles


6. Swagman Bicycle Carrier


  • Alloy steel material
  • Dimension (5*35*11inches)
  • Weighs 39pounds

The Swagman Bicycle Carrier XC2 RV is made of Alloy steel for durability and capability to withstand agents that could result in rust. It is compatible with varieties of trailers and campers.

The bike carrier is designed to hold two bikes simultaneously and can be assembled within a few minutes when one abides by the instructions alongside the package.

After installation, you can just go ahead to mount the bikes to tell how straightforward the installation is.

However, when the rack is not in use, it can be easily folded by simply closing the upright bar down and allowing room for the RV’s rear side.

Even though it is light in weight, the sturdy layout of the rack helps keep the bikes firmly in place while on a long journey.

Swagman Bicycle Carrier also has a bumper Adapter to absorb shocks when driving, preventing vibration, which can cause damage to the bicycles.

  • strong and reliable
  • you can fold it for better space management
  • comes with an installation guide
  • good price
  • fits only in a few vehicles
  • the hooks are not well designed and could damage your bike
  • you may need extra kits to bring the rack to perfection


7. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B


  • Weighs 8.93pounds
  • Dimension (20*15*9.02inches)
  • Foldable arms

The Tyger Auto is designed to fit only one bike with a padded frame at the base to keep the bike away from the vehicle.

It comes with safety straps and soft cradles that protect the bike frame; they are kept secure with ratchet buckles.

The rack is E-coated to prevent rust and has collapsible arms that can be folded when not in use.

Tyger Auto is built to fit in Minivans, SUVs, Hatchbacks, Sedans, and even Bicycles. However, they can’t fit very well on vehicles that have spoilers.

  • it is easily set up and installs
  • does not cause damage to the vehicle
  • holds mounted bikes firmly
  • good price
  • it can only carry a single bike at a time
  • the adjustable straps can slacken without warning


8. SeaSucker Talon


  • Metal material
  • Weighs 0.2kg
  • Dimension (15.35*3.54*13.78inches)

The Seasucker Talon has shown design in another form, and the design is a complete deviation from what we are used to.

SeaSucker Talon’s craftsmanship comes from highly skilled manufacturers, and it is the only made-in American bike rack to be used in the Famous Bike competition, “TOUR DE FRANCE.”

Unlike other racks, the SeaSucker does not need a bolt and nut to fit them to the car but can be attached using its vacuum mount.

It uses the power of suction to get attached to the vehicle when transporting them.

You do not have to worry about damage because the absence of metal-to-metal rubbing surfaces leaves a clean vehicular surface without a scratch.

It is so light that any load on it would barely burden a car. For durability and safety, it is top-notch, which makes it a rack of choice for most cycling teams across the world.

  • Amazingly easy to install
  • Efficient after sales/customer service
  • Fits on SUV and almost all types of cars
  • Leaves car surfaces clean and without scratches
  • Easy to mount and unmounts bikes in it.
  • Very lightweight
  • High quality
  • very expensive
  • The metal material may begin to rust if not well painted.
  • You may need to buy extra kits to install
  • Carriers only one bike at a time


9. YAKIMA Bike Rack


  • Weighs 23.5pounds
  • Metal material
  • Dimension (3.94*0.79*3.94)
  • Four bike straps

The YAKIMA brand is a fullback truck mount type of bike rack. It is designed to suit modern vehicles and bicycles with zip strip cradles which allow for premium bike protection.

There are four straps too that offer quick and easy installation. The YAKIMA comes with an improved fit for vehicles by an extra frame construction on the exterior with paddings.

The bike rack is designed with full SKS locking, which locks the rack to the car, keeping the bike secure and leaving owners worry-free about someone coming to take their bikes away.

  • It is well built and of high quality
  • Can hold multiple bikes at a time
  • Have firm holds to bikes when mounted and striped
  • it is too heavy
  • not easy to install
  • it can cause a dent in a car even with its padding


10. Allen Sports


  • Metal material
  • Weighs 3.3kg
  • Dimension (16.14*7.28*3.54inches)
  • Foldable

This is another Allen Sports bike rack on our list. Here, it is an ultra-compact bike rack that you can mount on the trunk of vehicles.

The bike rack has a cradle that allows quick strapping, and its cradles are double with a single configuration for a hitch-free installation.

The Allen Sportbike rack also comes with side straps to give lateral stability and wide balanced feet to distribute the load evenly.

Plus, the individual hooks hold down cradles for strength and a firmer hold to prevent any mounted bikes from flipping during transit.

Allen sport bikes are built to be highly stable, leaving the owner worry-free from the load being pushed down by the wind. And when the rack is not in use, you can fold it.

  • It is foldable
  • It takes a few minutes to install
  • Works very well with some vehicle
  • Has firmer straps to keep the bikes stable when mounted
  • Good price
  • the paddings are not very efficient
  • can cause scratches to the car
  • the clips can fail too.


Buying Consideration for the Best Bike Rack for Toyota Camry

Bike Rack for Car

You’re probably having thoughts about having a bike rack for your Camry. Well, it will be good, no doubt about that, but have you given a second thought on what that rack will be?

Ordinarily, we all want the best bike rack for our cars to help us convey our bicycles wherever we may choose to go. The best, however, do not just come until a series of well-thought-out guidelines are layered to check them.

Sure, some things could be a stumbling block toward achieving that best brand of bike racks that we so desire. Some of it may come from us as a result of our inability to fulfill particular demands. Yet, also it can come from other than us, like the seller or a marketer and even a manufacturer.

To pick the best brand of bike racks for our vehicles, even with the many limitations, we must religiously consider some things when buying a bike rack. Nobody will feel good if they get what they never expected or bargained, especially when it turns out the worse.

One is filled with regrets for even going ahead to make such a poor choice against the kind of rack they had envisaged. Money could be wasted because it may serve no real good other than complicate problems further in this case.

Yes, it is possible to get the best even with some shortcomings, and shortly comes like having a much-sized budget that may prevent us from going for premium and sophisticated bike racks.

But again, we shouldn’t be carried away because even the more expensive ones could turn out to be a disappointment. And nothing is as relieving as knowing we just made the best choices with the resources at our disposal. There is a feeling that comes with it, and the product becomes a part of us. As a result, the use and maintenance go with much ease.

Now, let see those things that need to be considered when buying a bike rack for our Toyota Camry.

01. Material type

This should be the first thing to consider when buying a bike rack for your Toyota Camry. Bike racks are made using various materials, from metal to alloy steel, plastics, and even composite materials. Every material has its pros and cons. Therefore, you should think about what material you would prefer the bike rack to be made.

Metal can rust, mainly when the appropriate painting is not applied. And one would have to spend more on maintenance due to the regular painting to keep rusting out. Metals are also affected by heat which could cause them to expand during the day. Expansion of metal parts may cause them to buckle if they are rightly designed, affecting their ability to hold the bike firmly.

Also, If rubber paddings are not used between the base of the rack and the vehicle surfaces at the point of tightening, they can cause scratches on our car. But with proper maintenance, they will serve for a longer time compared to other material types. Plastic material will keep our car surfaces clean, but when there are faults in forming the plastic, they may perform weakly in holding bikes in position.

And with a mighty wind, while making a journey, they can break off. The bike will be tossed in the wind and become damaged when they come crashing to the ground. These are just a few of the gains and shortcomings of some materials, so one needs to consider the type of material for the bike rack they want to buy.

02. Brand

People often talk about how good or bad a particular brand is, and before one goes on to buy a bike rack, it is ideal to seek information about a brand they may choose to buy. Some brands come with special features to help mount a bike on the racks easier, while others are more technical to fit. But overall, it is essential to go for that brand that best gives what you want.

03. Straps

Strap Rack

Straps may come similar for many bike racks, but some have additional locking features to hold bikes firmly in place when on transit. Given that bikes attached to vehicles will be subjected to the force of wind then, it becomes vital that we look to a bike rack that offers a firmer grip.

Several racks have a simple hook that can quickly and easily hang the bike, but this type of strap is not so good in giving a firm holding, especially when the wind becomes more robust as we make a distant journey.

When bikes are not firmly secured, they can be tossed around, damaging the bike and even the car. The damage can be worse when a falling bicycle comes crashing on the car’s window. And it will cost more having to fix a shattered window and replace the damaged bike. Knowing how important a firm strap is, then straps must be considered when buying a bike rack.

04. Weight

How much a bike rack weighs will tell if it will add up to fuel consumption. Yes, additional weight means the car will need to spend extra energy to pull the additional load. Too heavyweight will demand more fuel, and this will add up to our gas bills.

Mounting load to the racks will cause them to be heavier and may also affect tire pressure, worsening the vehicle fuel consumption situation. Buyers should consider buying bike racks that would not require them to burn too much fuel.

05. Carrying capacity

All bike racks are not designed to take the same number of bikes at a time, and some racks can take up to 3 or 4 at a time, while others are intended to carry a single cycle. However, racks with a single bike capacity may be more economical with fuel consumption rate.

Assuming one has to convey bikes for themselves and partners or conveying bikes for a cycling team at a time. Then it is more reasonable to carry them all at once than going back and forth to do the picking one at a time.

06. Ease of installation

Car Bicycle Carrier

Bike racks should be easy to install, and some racks come along with an instructional guide in the form of a manual. However, installing other bicycle racks may be more complicated and requires a bit of technicality to get them done.

That means, if you lack the technical know-how then, you may employ the services of an expert, which will draw extra bucks from your pocket after the cost of purchase. To avoid this situation then considering the ease of installation becomes necessary.

07. Cost

This is yet another crucial thing to consider when buying a bike rack. As we know, different brands of bike racks come with different price tags. Some are more expensive while a good number are within what we may tag as “good price”. We have to look at our budget and go for those which are affordable and of good quality.


Can I use a bike rack on my Toyota Camry without a hitch?

Yes, there are several bike rack options that do not require a hitch, including trunk-mounted and roof-mounted racks. Trunk-mounted racks are easy to install and remove and can hold up to three bikes, while roof-mounted racks are ideal for transporting one or two bikes and can be more aerodynamic.

Can I install a hitch on my Toyota Camry to use a hitch-mounted bike rack?

Yes, it is possible to install a hitch on your Toyota Camry to use a hitch-mounted bike rack. However, it is important to ensure that the hitch is compatible with your vehicle and that it is installed correctly to avoid damage to your car or bike.

How many bikes can a rack hold?

The number of bikes that a Toyota Camry bike rack can hold will depend on the specific rack and the weight capacity of your vehicle. Trunk-mounted racks can typically hold up to three bikes, while hitch-mounted and roof-mounted racks can hold one or more bikes, depending on the model.

How do I choose the right bike rack for my Toyota Camry?

When choosing a bike rack for your Toyota Camry, it is important to consider factors such as the number of bikes you need to transport, the type of bike you have, the weight capacity of your vehicle, and your budget. It is also important to ensure that the bike rack is compatible with your vehicle and that it is easy to install and use.

Are they easy to install?

Most Toyota Camry bike racks are designed to be easy to install and can be done with basic tools and some mechanical know-how. Trunk-mounted and roof-mounted racks are generally easier to install than hitch-mounted racks, which may require some drilling or professional installation.

Can I use a bike rack on my Toyota Camry with a spoiler?

Yes, there are bike racks available that are designed to be compatible with vehicles with spoilers. Trunk-mounted racks with adjustable arms or straps can be a good option for vehicles with spoilers, as they can be adjusted to fit securely and without damaging the spoiler.


Bike racks offer a platform to organize our bicycles while conveying them. And getting the best racks will require that we seek the correct information about them. That is why we have gathered information on the best bike racks brands out there to help you make the best of choices.

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