8 Best Bike Rack for Toyota Corolla 2024 – Safely Transport Your Bikes

Toyota Corola bike racks top picks

If you are planning to go on a long trip to the mountains, you might want to carry your bikes with you in your Toyota Corolla. However, it isn’t easy to transport the bikes on a Toyota Corolla, especially if you have additional stuff to carry as well. Thus, we have found a perfect solution for you.

Bike racks are specifically designed to carry one or more bikes from one place to another and are generally placed at the back of the car. These products are lightweight in nature and possess exceptional weight-carrying abilities. However, choosing a suitable bike rack might be difficult.

Thus, here we are with a comprehensive review of the three best bike racks for Toyota Corolla, along with a detailed buying guide.

Finding the Best Picks for Your Needs

1. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack stands out among the rest of its counterparts and is incorporated with some of top-notch attributes. Thus, it is our top recommendation for all those searching for the best bike rack for Toyota Corolla. One of the most highlighting attributes of the system is the universal fitting which enables it to attach perfectly with 90% of vehicles, including the Toyota Corolla.

In addition to this, you do not need to worry if your vehicle contains spoilers because it will not affect the ability of the bike rack to fit your car. In addition to this, the product is relatively easier to install and does not require additional effort on users’ behalf.

You can easily assemble and install it with any vehicle by yourself without any expert guidance. Along with this, the integrated strap management provides enhanced security and prevents the system from falling apart.

The straps are made up of recyclable materials and are long-lasting, so you can be relieved from the concerns of damaging them. It also contributes to the environmental-friendliness of the model and improves its overall abilities to a great extent.

We assure you will not face any problems while using this model and will be impressed by its overall performance. Finally, it is lightweight in nature and can be carried around from one place to another without any difficulty.

  • Enhanced portability
  • Injection-molded arms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Expensive


Saris Bones Car Bike Rack is one of the most expensive options on the list and is integrated with some of the top-notch attributes. Despite its heavy price, we highly recommend it to all the users out there because of its increased durability, which protects it against damage from a wide variety of factors.

The solid legs and arms also provide additional security and add five stars to the overall performance of the bike rack.

2. Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack

Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack is another remarkable product included in the list of the best bike rack for Toyota Corolla. Similar to its previously mentioned counterparts, this version of the Allen Sports bike rack features lightweight construction and can be easily carried around from one place to another.

Its compact size also increases its ability to be stored in a confined place such as the car trunk without any difficulty or inconvenience.

In addition to this, its specialized design features a universal fit and is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. Thus, you can purchase it without worrying about performance inefficiency or durability issues. This, coupled with the quick snap design, enables you to connect it with the vehicles rapidly. We were able to install it with our Toyota Corolla with utmost efficiency without any expert guidance.

The majority of the users also appreciate the 2-inch long arms of the bike rack, which improves its weight-carrying abilities and allows them to attach up to 2 bikes with utmost precision and accuracy. The rack is also well-padded in nature and feels relatively comfortable.

This helps in the proper distribution of the load around the vehicle and prevents it from turning over or losing balance in the process. We highly suggest investing in this option if you are looking for durable and low-maintenance bike racks for daily use.

  • Increased cushioning
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy storage
  • Straps require tightening


Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Trunk Rack is a performance-oriented and budget-friendly product that is affordable to a wide variety of users. It features a lifetime warranty and relieves you from the concerns of accidentally damaging it in the long term. Additionally, the dual-compound feet embedded in the system increase its strength and enable it to carry heavy weight without falling apart.

3. Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency and is also costly. But it is totally worth the investment considering its long-lasting nature and ergonomic design, which significantly improves its abilities and enables you to achieve the desired results.

In addition to this, the adjustable frame enables you to modify it according to your requirements and achieve the highest level of comfort and precision.

The rack is also durable in nature and will not get damaged due to external factors. Thus, you can use it outside without worrying about damage or cracking. Similarly, its adjustable fitting also enables you to use it with a diverse range of vehicles, including the Toyota Corolla and increases its versatility to a great extent. Similarly, we also observed that the frame could also be used with vehicles that contain attached spoilers.

This is attributed to the inclusion of three different types of straps into the system, which ensures remarkable performance efficiency and the desired fitting. Apart from this, the rubber-based cradles contribute to the increased flexibility and strength and prevent the system from loosening especially while driving at a fast speed.

Last but not least, the bike rack is available in a completely assembled form and does not require additional effort on the users’ part.

  • EPDM rubber straps
  • Effortless storage
  • Large weight carrying capacity
  • Expensive


Hollywood Racks Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is a highly efficient product that features a large weight-carrying capacity and can accommodate more than one bike at the same time. Furthermore, it is durable in construction and is not prone to damage due to external factors.

We highly recommend purchasing it if you are looking for potential alternatives to high-maintenance and difficult-to-assemble bike racks.

Buying Guide

Allen Sports Bike Rack on Toyota Corolla Installation

There is a diverse range of factors that can affect your choice for a suitable product and thus, must be carefully taken into account to avoid future problems and financial losses.

They include storage requirements, weight carrying capacity, durability, flexibility of straps, and price. All these factors combine together to determine the success or failure of a product and are discussed below in detail for your guidance.

Storage Requirements

Storage requirements include the weight and size of the bike rack. It specifies the ability of the model to be stored inside a confined area. The majority of consumers prefer lightweight and compact tools that are easier to transport and can be stored inside the trunk of your car without any inconvenience.

This helps them to carry it around from one place to another without any difficulty and also relieves them from the concerns of storing them when not in use. We highly suggest choosing such bike racks to improve the overall performance in the long term.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Next up on the list is the weight-carrying capacity of the model. It refers to the ability of the rack to hold/withstand a certain amount of weight. The majority of the high-quality bike racks available in the market are capable of holding around 2 to 3 bikes at the same time without falling apart or bending.

This saves a lot of your time and enables you to carry additional materials with you when planning a long trip. For this purpose, we suggest reading the specifications in detail before making a decision regarding the purchase of a specific model for yourself. This will save you a lot of time and effort and will help you choose the most suitable option.


Bike Rack

Durability matters a lot and must never be neglected in any regard. A durable product will last for a long time and will reduce the maintenance cost to a great extent. The durability of a bike rack is attributed to the steel-based construction and corrosion resistance that combine together to improve the strength of the system.

Thereby enabling it to last longer than you originally expected. We assure you will not face any problem or performance inefficiency in this regard.

The flexibility of the Straps

The flexibility of the straps should also be taken into account. This is directly related to the adjustment of the frame, and both of these features combine together to deliver an exceptional performance outcome.

To support the modification of the frame and cars integrated with spoilers, mostly 3 to 4 straps of varying sizes are also included to provide additional stability and security. We suggest going for such products to achieve the highest level of stability and protection against falling when driving at a relatively fast speed.


Last but not least, price is another factor that can affect the decision to purchase a particular option for yourself. This is especially true if you are short on budget and can not afford high-priced products. However, there is no need to be discouraged about this.

There are a lot of performance-oriented yet budget-friendly options available in the market that offers tough competition to tier high-priced counterparts. We highly suggest selecting bike racks on the basis of their price and then narrowing them down on the basis of other above-mentioned factors.


Best Bike Rack for Toyota Corolla FAQ

Can you put a bike rack on a Toyota Corolla?

Yes, it is indeed possible to mount a bike rack on a Toyota Corolla. These models provide increased weight-carrying capacity and can hold more than one bike at a time.

In addition to this, they are also lightweight and compact in design and can be easily stored at the back of your car without any inconvenience.

We highly suggest incorporating a bike rack in your Corolla to carry additional stuff while planning a long trip.

Do bike racks damage your car?

No, it does not damage your car if it is properly mounted at the back. In case of negligence, the rack might loosen its grip and damage your car.

This is because the loose rack will rub against your car due to high speed and might lead to scratches on your vehicle.

Furthermore, it might lead to the collision of the bike with your vehicle, which can cause even greater damage.

Thus, you must be extremely careful while mounting the bike rack on your car for exceptional performance output.

What should I look for while purchasing a bike rack?

There is a diverse range of factors that can be taken into account while choosing a suitable bike rack for yourself.

They include durability, construction material, storage requirements, weight-carrying abilities, flexibility of the strap, and maintenance requirements.

All these factors combine together to deliver an extraordinary result. Besides this, you can also consider the price if you want.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the best bike rack for Toyota Corolla might be challenging especially if you do not possess prior experience in this regard. The above-mentioned buying guide provides an effective means of choosing a suitable option for yourself by rating it on the basis of maintenance, durability, strap flexibility, storage requirements, and price.

The article also offers a detailed review of the three best products in this regard. Thus, based on a careful analysis, we have observed that Saris Bones Car Bike Rack stands out among the rest of its counterparts on the basis of portability, ergonomics, environmental-friendliness, flexibility, and durability.

Thus, it is our ultimate recommendation to all those searching for a performance-oriented bike rack for Toyota Corolla.

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