13 Best Sounding Muffler For 4 Cylinder Cars/Trucks 2024 – Exhaust For Deep Sound

Best Sounding Muffler For 4 Cylinder Cars and Trucks

If you own a 4-cylinder car, you might consider replacing the muffler at some point. Maybe it’s getting old, or you just don’t like how it sounds. A good muffler changes your car for the better.

Mufflers affect several things: they improve horsepower, boost gas mileage, and change how your car sounds. Don’t remove your car’s muffler. Your car needs it to run well.

Now, let’s talk about the top mufflers for 4-cylinder cars. You want the best for your vehicle, and I’ll help you find it.

1. Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler

Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler

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I recently installed the Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler on my truck, and I’ve been mostly impressed with its performance. The muffler is built from stainless steel, which adds to its durability. It’s also relatively light, weighing just 9 pounds, making the installation process straightforward.

The dimensions (19 x 10.5 x 4.6 inches) fit well for most truck setups, and the 2.5-inch inlet and outlet sizes make it versatile. The oval shape allows for better exhaust flow, which I noticed immediately in terms of improved performance and a smoother drive.

However, it’s crucial to check your vehicle’s specifics to ensure a proper fit, as this muffler is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Overall, for truck owners looking for a reliable and durable upgrade, the Borla 40358 Pro XS Muffler is a strong choice.

Key Features:

  • Material: Made of high-quality T-304 stainless steel.
  • Design: Single round universal muffler, unnotched.
  • Dimensions: 14 inches in length, 4 inches in width.
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.5 inches.
  • Case Size: 14 inches x 4.25 inches x 4.25 inches.
  • Overall Length: 19 inches.
  • Vehicle Service Type: It’s designed for various passenger cars.
  • Weight: Approximately 6.3 pounds.

  • Deep, aggressive sound.
  • Improves vehicle’s overall performance.
  • Durable, resists rust and corrosion.
  • Easy to install for most vehicles.
  • Might be loud for some preferences.
  • Premium price point.


2. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

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The Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler is another item I was thoroughly impressed by. First off, the installation was straightforward; the muffler fit well. The material is 16-gauge aluminized steel, which adds durability.

The performance boost is noticeable, especially on a high-horsepower vehicle like mine. Acceleration felt smoother, and the throttle response was quicker.

Soundwise, it gives off a deep, aggressive exhaust note that car enthusiasts will appreciate. But what sets this apart is the Delta Flow technology. It reduces interior resonance, so you get that powerful sound without the annoying cabin noise.

The Flowmaster Super 40 improves performance and offers a rich sound while minimizing cabin noise. It’s a durable and well-designed product that delivers on its promises.

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Oval Shape with Delta Flow Technology
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 3 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds

  • Deep aggressive exhaust note.
  • Enhances vehicle performance.
  • Not overly loud in the cabin.
  • Durable construction.
  • Customization may be required.


3. Thrush 17649 Welded Muffler

Thrush 17649 Welded Muffler

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When I purchased the Thrush Muffler, it definitely delivered on its promise of a mellow performance tone. The tri-flow design gives your car that vintage hot rod sound without being overly loud. The fiberglass matting inside also does a good job of absorbing any unwanted noise from inside the car.

The muffler is made of 100% aluminized-coated shell, making it durable for long-term use. Installation is fairly straightforward, though some custom jobs may need specialized fabrication or welding. It’s also versatile with its reversible flow design, letting you adjust it to your car’s setup easily.

It comes in a sleek silver finish with the Thrush logo embossed on it, adding a touch of style to your vehicle. The available sizes and inlet/outlet configurations give you options for different car models.

The 90-day limited warranty gives added peace of mind. Overall, this muffler offers both sound and performance benefits, making it a solid buy for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s exhaust system.

Key Features:

  • Material: Aluminized steel
  • Design: 100-percent welded for durability
  • Dimensions: Not specified
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: Available in 2.25-in., 2.5-in., 3-in. or 4-in.
  • Overall Length: 18-in.
  • Deep, aggressive tone
  • Durable welded construction
  • High-temp black finish
  • Versatile inlet/outlet sizes
  • Might be too loud for some


4. Dynomax 17733 Super Turbo Muffler

Dynomax 17733 Super Turbo Muffler

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The DynoMax Super Turbo 17733 Exhaust Muffler impresses right off the bat with its sound control, and it was an investment that I never regretted. The fiberglass matting really does its job, cutting down on annoying noises inside the car. You get a quiet, mellow tone that makes driving more enjoyable.

The flow director technology stands out, too. It moves the exhaust smoothly, cutting down on any turbulence. This makes for a more efficient drive, and with claims of up to 550 SCFM flow, it seems to hold up.

When it comes to build quality, you can trust this muffler. It’s all stainless steel, meaning it won’t give out on you anytime soon. Plus, an internal drainage system fights off moisture, which often leads to quicker wear and tear in other products.

Installation might be a bit tricky, though. The product offers a universal fit, but you might need specialized fabrication or welding. So be prepared for that.

In summary, if you’re looking to upgrade your exhaust system for better sound and performance, the DynoMax Super Turbo 17733 is a solid choice. It’s well-built, efficient, and quiet—just what most people look for in a muffler.

Key Features:

  • Material: Acero aluminizado (Aluminized Steel)
  • Design: Precision design with exclusive flow director technology
  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 10.5 x 5 inches
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: Available in various diameters from 1.75 inches to 3 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Coche (Car)
  • Weight: 4.65 Kilograms
  • High-quality acoustic control
  • Reduces exhaust turbulence
  • Large flow tubes enhance exhaust flow
  • Durable aluminized steel construction
  • Might require specialized fabrication
  • Not a direct fit for all vehicles


5. MagnaFlow 11226 Exhaust Muffler

MagnaFlow 11226 Exhaust Muffler

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I recently installed the MagnaFlow Performance Muffler on my car, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The first thing you’ll notice is the sound. It’s deep but not too loud—exactly what MagnaFlow promises. You really feel the difference in engine power as well. My car seems more responsive and accelerates quicker than before.

The muffler’s design is top-notch, built to make sure the exhaust flows smoothly. It helps to improve both performance and sound quality. I also like that it’s made in the USA, which gives me confidence in its quality.

Installation could be tricky for some. The universal fitment is great for flexibility, but I’d recommend getting a professional to do the job.

Lastly, the limited lifetime warranty seals the deal. It adds peace of mind knowing that the company stands by its product.

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Straight-Through, Wide Open
  • Dimensions: 4 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.5 inches
  • Case Size: 4 x 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Deep, aggressive sound
  • Easy installation process
  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Improves exhaust flow
  • Not universal for all vehicles


6. Flowmaster 842515 Super 10 409s Muffler

Flowmaster 842515 Super 10 409s Muffler

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I recently had a chance to install the Flowmaster 842515 Super 10 Muffler on my customer’s truck. The first thing I noticed was the aggressive sound. It’s loud and gives off that classic muscle car vibe. Made from 409 stainless steel, the build quality feels solid. It’s also not too heavy at just 6.1 pounds, so installation was a breeze.

The muffler uses Delta Flow technology. I’m no expert, but my truck feels more responsive, especially during acceleration. Overall, if you’re looking for a durable, high-performance muffler that really roars, this is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Material: 409S Stainless Steel
  • Design: Single chamber, aggressive sound
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.5 inches
  • Case Size: 4 inches x 9.75 inches
  • Overall Length: 19 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Universal fit
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Universal fit for versatility
  • Enhances vehicle performance
  • Installation can be tricky


7. Dynomax 24250 Race Bullet Mini Muffler

Dynomax 24250 Race Bullet Mini Muffler
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A couple of weeks ago, I tested the Dynomax Race Bullet 24250 Exhaust Resonator, and it is safe to say that I’m happy with the results. First off, the compact design fits easily, even in the tight space under my car. I like that it’s made of stainless steel, so I know it’s durable. The unit is also lightweight, which is a plus.

The best part? It’s quieter now. The CRF Technology really does lower the noise by a noticeable level, but it still has a deep race tone that I love. Overall, it feels solid and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Highly recommend it if you’re dealing with limited space and noise issues.

Key Features:

  • Material: Aluminized Steel
  • Design: Compact, race-inspired
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.5 inches
  • Case Size: 4 inches x 8 inches
  • Overall Length: 12 inches
  • Vehicle Service Type: Universal
  • Noticeable performance boost
  • Deep, aggressive sound
  • Easy installation process
  • Durable construction
  • Mostly race applications


Buying Guide

Borla 40358 Pro XS muffler

The primary function of a muffler is to muffle the sound produced by the engine. The sound travels as pressure waves through the exhaust system, and the muffler’s design helps reduce these waves, producing a quieter sound. The design can also influence the exhaust note of the vehicle.

Types of Mufflers

According to Design:

  • Baffle Type: Contains perforated tubes inside, restricting direct passage of exhaust gases. Ideal for a quieter sound.
  • Chambered: Features inner chambers that reflect sound waves against each other. Perfect for a throaty rumble.
  • Straight-Through: Designed for maximum airflow and horsepower. Known for minimal restriction and louder sound.
  • Turbo: A mix of glasspack and chambered designs. They are less loud and restrictive.

According to Fit:

  • Direct Fit: Designed to attach without modifications. Perfect for hassle-free installations.
  • Universal Fit: Requires some modifications for fitting. They are cheaper but may not offer the same fit and finish.

According to Purpose:

  • Standard or Stock: Fitted from the factory, designed mainly for noise reduction.
  • Performance: Free-flowing designs that boost power and are louder than stock mufflers.
  • Racing: Used for high horsepower applications, usually louder and designed for maximum performance.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Factors to Consider When Buying a Muffler

  • Fit: Ensure compatibility with your vehicle.
  • Material: Stainless steel offers better rust and corrosion resistance.
  • Laws: Ensure your muffler complies with noise emission levels.
  • Sound: Choose based on the desired exhaust note.

Cost of a New Muffler

Prices can range from $30 to $1000, depending on brand, material, and performance features.


Do I need a professional to install a new muffler?

While it is possible to install a new muffler on your own, it’s recommended to seek assistance from a professional mechanic if you don’t have the necessary tools and experience. A professional can ensure the muffler is installed correctly and safely.

How do I choose the right muffler for my 4-cylinder car?

To choose the right muffler for your 4-cylinder car, consider factors such as sound preference, performance, and compatibility with your vehicle. Read reviews and product specifications to find the best muffler for your needs.

How do I know if my muffler needs to be replaced?

Signs that your muffler may need to be replaced include excessive noise, decreased fuel efficiency, or visible rust and damage. If you suspect your muffler is worn or damaged, consult a mechanic for a proper assessment.

How often should I replace my muffler?

The lifespan varies depending on factors such as the quality of the muffler, driving conditions, and exposure to moisture and corrosive substances. Generally, a muffler should last between 5 to 7 years, but it’s essential to inspect it regularly and replace it when needed.

Will a performance muffler improve my car’s horsepower?

A performance muffler can potentially improve your car’s horsepower by reducing backpressure and improving exhaust flow. However, the actual gain in horsepower may vary depending on the specific muffler and your vehicle’s overall performance setup.

Can I make my 4-cylinder car sound like a V8 with a new muffler?

While a new muffler can change the sound of your 4-cylinder car, it is unlikely to replicate the exact sound of a V8 engine. Different engines have unique sound profiles due to factors such as the number of cylinders, firing order, and exhaust system design.


Considering the reviews, you can select the most suitable muffler for your 4-cylinder car/truck by yourself. Just make sure of the perfect fit for your car in the product description when ordering. We would be delighted if we helped you somhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkL2GeG0Mwcehow with information and suggestions. Thank you for staying connected with the blog.

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