10 Best Bike Rack for Prius in 2024 – Rev Up Your Cycling Adventures

Bike Rack for Prius

Are you finding the best bike rack for Prius? Well, here you will find some of the best bike racks for different models of Prius.

These are some of the most reliable products and have been liked by all of their users.

A cheap-quality bike rack can damage your car or bike and cause many problems for you. But to save you from this hassle, we have a complete guide to help you get the right bike rack.

So, let’s introduce you to some of the top-notch bike racks with detailed reviews!

What is the Best Bike Rack for Prius?

Saris Bones Bike Rack is the best for Prius, and it has an almost universal fitment which makes its installation perfect in the Prius. All the required features for a Prius are available in this bike rack.

Why is Saris the Best Bike Rack Brand for Prius?

Saris is the best brand for Prius for a bike rack, and it is because their bike racks are extremely powerful and easy to load as well. Their sleek look doesn’t make the Prius look unorganized.

They are environment friendly, with perfect fitment, and made up of durable material. Therefore, it is the best.

Rack and Roll: Top Bike Racks for Prius Vehicles

01. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack – Overall Best Bike Rack for Prius

Saris Bones Car Bike Rack - Overall Best Bike Rack for Prius

Highlighted Features:

  • Synthetic Material
  • 2 Bike Carrier Size
  • Black Color
  • Bones Ex Trunk Style
  • 100% Recyclable Materials
  • Arc-Based Design

The design of the Saris Bones bike rack is innovative and not outdated. They are still in production and continue to amaze hundreds of their users.

The best thing about it is the recyclable materials it is made from. What’s better than keeping the environment safe?

The installation process of the Saris Bones bike rack might look complicated. But it is straightforward, and you don’t need to do any stressful unfoldings.

There are particular upper, lower, and side stamps in the hook, and simple knobs and hooks make the installation process effortless.

Any bike can be mounted and unmounted easily on this bike rack, and it is because of the long enough straps of the bike rack that are easy to put and undo.

Arc-arm design is a unique feature of this bike rack that keeps the bike separate from the car and prevents any damage to your car’s exterior due to the bike.

Straight arms of bike racks can do this, too, but there are chances of damage.

Tube straps keep the bike held tight and stop it from going here and there. It provides a safe bike mounting for both the Prius and the bike.

The lightweight bike rack from Saris is easy to keep in your car’s trunk, and it makes it easy to mount on the back and makes the installation process further convenient.

  • Competent performance
  • Nice folding for storage
  • Keeps the bike stable with minimum movement
  • It takes only 10 mins to install
  • The instruction manual is vague


02. Allen Sports QR525 – People’s Choice Toyota Prius Bike Racks

Allen Sports QR525 - People's Choice Toyota Prius Bike Racks

Highlighted Features:

  • Alloy Steel Material
  • Black Color
  • Strap Mounting
  • 2 Bike Size
  • Premier Locking Style
  • Quick-Fold Carry Arms
  • Rear Vehicle Access

You can carry up to two bikes with Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks on your Prius. The rack has a built-in mask that gives you easy access while lifting, and it has a premier locking style that is quick to install.

The locking hitch fits 1 ¼ inch and 2 inches and comes together with the receiver hitch and keys. Very ideal to safely transport your bikes on road trips and camping excursions.

Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks is cheaper as compared to racks from bike shops. Other qualities include its quick set carry arms which fold and snap into place when not used.

The dual-compound tie-down cradles and set enable you to strap your bicycles individually. Hence more secure and protected than strapping them together.

When accessing gates, the internal tilt-away release allows you to lift them without any issues. You won’t have to fret about scratches and breaks on your bike, and the rack has a padded spine shield.

The major con is that it cannot be used for small hitches. If your car does not have one, then consider the trunk bike racks.

  • Good value for money
  • No side swaying
  • It can fit two bikes
  • Solid bike rack
  • Has plastic tube sliders


03. Thule Raceway Pro – Best Value Prius Bike Rack

Thule Raceway Pro - Best Value Prius Bike Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • Plastic Material
  • 3 Bike Size
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Aluminum Outer Material
  • No-Sway Cage
  • Patented Fit Dial

The Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack is one of Prius’s best fitment and performance. It is exceptionally sturdy, secure and offers a premium-quality look and feel.

It can accommodate three bikes which are enough.

It comes with the Patented FitDial, which guarantees an exceptional fit for your bikes. The narrow-design cradle makes the rack compatible with most bikes, including children’s bikes.

The cradles are soft, securely holding the bikes in place and acting as shock absorbers during transit.

The rack comes pre-equipped with a lockable cable, which binds the bike with the carrier and locking the carrier to the vehicle. A free installation/removal guide is also provided with the package.

The presence of molded rubber pads offers extra protection and security.

You can fold the bike arms when the bike rack is not in use. To avoid occupying unnecessary space and provide extra storage, the rack can be folded.

Its outer surface is made out of aluminum, and the rack can hold an impressive weight of up to 105 pounds.

This is a good option for people who practice regular cycling and want a safe mode of transportation for their bikes.

  • Easy folding for storage
  • Can hold three bikes
  • Bikes don’t sway here and there
  • No damage to the car
  • Heavy-duty build material
  • No sway cage isn’t the most durable


04. Hollywood Bike Trunk Rack

Hollywood Bike Trunk Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • Alloy Steel and Aluminum Material
  • Gray Color
  • 35 LBS per Bike Capacity
  • 3 Bike Size
  • Pre-Assembled Design
  • Anti-Sway Cradles

Hollywood Racks bike rack for Prius is an excellent option if you want to keep up to 2 bikes. It can handle different bike styles and is perfect for people who love to go cycling often.

The extra attachment straps keep the bike in place, and don’t let it damage your car in any way. This is important because you wouldn’t want any car damage to a vehicle like Prius.

The hooks are rubber coated that preventing the car from scratches and damage. These hooks are sturdy and tight, which makes them worth every penny.

The whole bike rack kit by Hollywood Racks is unique with anti-sway cradles, flat-folding, pre-assembled design making it one of the best bike racks.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to spend hours assembling the rack first and then attaching it with your car.

The installation process hardly takes some minutes, and the removal is also quick and effortless.

  • High-quality build material
  • Easy attachment and deduction for Prius
  • Rubber hooks prevent damage to the car’s exterior
  • It comes with all the required products
  • Difficult to secure it tightly


05. Swagman Bicycle Carrier

Swagman Bicycle Carrier

Highlighted Features:

  • Alloy Steel Material
  • RV Approved
  • 2 Bicycle Size
  • 35 LBS per Bike capacity
  • Anti-Rust
  • 20-29″ Wheel Size

Convenience, ease of use, and reliability come to mind when you mention the Swagman Bicycle Carrier TRAVELER XC2.

Convenience because not only can you hitch it to your Prius, but it’s also easily usable with your RV, trailers, and other campers.

Its 2″ class 3 receiver means that you can easily mount it on any vehicle and carry two bicycles, each weighing a maximum of 35 lbs.

What’s more, you need not worry about any rough terrain you may encounter while looking for good biking spots. The Swagman Bicycle Carrier TRAVELER XC2 is made of alloy steel, perfect for all sorts of terrain.

In short, you’re assured of safety and reliability while traveling with your bikes, a combination you’d want to go with any day.

Besides this, the carrier is foldable should you want to access the rear end of your vehicle. You can easily store it in your car’s storage trunk when you don’t need the bike rack.

The carrier comfortably holds bikes with a wheel size of between 20″ – 29″ and a tire width of up to 2.5″.

  • Well made bike rack
  • Strong and secure design
  • Easy loading and unloading of bikes
  • True 2″ Tube
  • Prone to do some damage to your car


06. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Bike Rack

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Bike Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • Strap Mounting
  • 100% Pre-Assembled
  • 55 LBS per Bike capacity
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Padded Lower Frames
  • Extra Safety Strap

The OE standard black E-Coating makes the Tyger Auto Bike rack rust-resistant. Even after driving your Prius in the rain, the bike rack won’t rust and stay stable, and stability is one of its best features.

The beautiful design gives the Prius a good look when the bike is not mounted, and even when the bike is mounted, it has an exclusive look.

In addition to this, the whole bike mount stand comes in the entire shape, which means you don’t have to spend hours assembling it. Its pre-assembled design and easy loading and unloading make it a unique bike rack.

One of the best things about this bike mount is the rubber bumpers that keep your Prius away from the bicycle and give you mental peace.

Moreover, the mount has straps that provide extra stability and keep the bike and frame rattle-free.

The bike rack can take up to one bike, but its maximum capacity is more than other bike racks. Heavy bikes can easily be mounted on this bike rack without any damage to the car.

The sturdy design makes it a safe choice, and you won’t have to worry about the bike falling off. Extra straps make it further reliable and robust.

  • Easy set-up and installation
  • Safe design
  • Can carry heavy bikes
  • Good value for money
  • Bad tightening


07. Kuat Racks Sherpa Bike Rack

Kuat Racks Sherpa Bike Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • Aluminum Material
  • Foldable Design
  • Black Metallic/Gray Anodized Color
  • 2 Bike Size
  • 40 LBS per Bike Capacity
  • 25″ Size
  • 3″ Large Tires Hold
  • 47″ Wheelbases Hold

Aluminum-made Kuat Racks bike rack can hold 2 bikes with considerable weight.

Most bike racks with two bike capacities can hold a maximum weight of 35 LBS per bike. But Kuat Racks bike rack can hold two heavy bikes at the same time too.

The bike rack is lightweight for quick installation, and this makes the removal process easy too. It doesn’t make your car’s weight feel increased and doesn’t lower its speed.

The best thing about the Kuat Racks bike rack is the secure design with bike locks, and these secure the bike with straps and prevent it from moving away.

A secure bike rack is crucial if you don’t want your Prius to get damaged from the bike. And that’s precisely what it provides.

The build material is durable, which makes it rust-resistant and long-lasting. The excellent build material is vital for a reliable trip with bikes on the back of your car.

The foldable design allows you to keep the bike rack in the trunk when you want to use it, and it has a compact size when folded.

  • Heavy-duty material but lightweight design
  • Bikes don’t move at all
  • Fold-out design minimizes size when not in use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Locking design is not entirely reliable


08. SeaSucker Talon Bt1004 Rack for Cars

SeaSucker Talon Bt1004 Rack for Cars

Highlighted Features:

  • Metal Material
  • 1 Bike Size
  • Black Color
  • 45 LBS per Bike Capacity
  • Three 6″ Vacuum Cups
  • Fork-Mount-Style Rack

The SeaSucker Talon is a compact bicycle carrier for bikes that can be mounted on the Prius.

The single bike carrier talon set only weighs 0.2 kilograms, but the vacuum suction is so strong that the accessory can carry a pull rate of up to 90 kilograms.

Furthermore, they are travel friendly. Thanks to their compact size and lightweight, they are easily mounted, removed, and stored.

They easily fit in backpacks, carry-ons, or bike bags and are quick to mount on the Prius.

The talon has been tested for safety at the toughest of races and on some of the most gruesome courses. With the SeaSucker talon, your bike’s safety is never more reassured.

The suction cups are made for the trunk, rooftop, or hatchback attachments and can easily stick on metals, glass, or fiberglass surfaces.

With the universal HUSKE fork mount system, you can also equip the bike carrier with your most desired front fork system, either a quick-release axle (9mm, 12mm, 15mm) or a thru-axle (15mm x 110mm).

This makes your bike transportation either on a smooth road or on a physically grueling course seemingly effortless.

  • Strong suction cups
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be placed on trunk and rooftop
  • Exclusive features are worth every penny
  • No hardware for some parts


09. Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • 2 Bike Size
  • Fullback 2 Style
  • 30 LBS per Bike capacity
  • Bottle Openers Included
  • Locks to Vehicle
  • Padded Arms
  • SKS Bike Lock

The way we secure and provide comfort to our family is like how we take good care of our valuable things. One of which is setting up a bike rack.

Like how a parent brings joy and safety to family members, a YAKIMA Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack offers the same.

It is loaded with easy-to-use, easy-to-store, and easy-to-fit features.

Why settle for less if this rack provides the best comfort you deserve? It is designed in modern ways to complement the newest generations of vehicles, bikes, and cyclists.

A SuperCush ZipStrip also allows for premium bike protection with a four-strap design for easy installation.

Through an external frame construction and padding, it gives an enhanced vehicle fit, including for Prius.

With the additional most pleasing feature, the complete Smart Key System (SKS) locking package locks the rack to the Prius and bikes to rack, which gives an assurance that a theft plan leads to aborting.

The YAKIMA Bike Rack is brilliant, simple, and secure. More than that, it is tough, strong, durable, and long-hold for your adventures either with family members, friends, colleagues, and everyone.

Here at YAKIMA, you are riding comfort and secured experiences and adventures like no other.

  • Well-build design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Holds different bikes
  • Some bikes don’t fit on it


10. Allen Sports Ultra-Compact Bike Rack

Allen Sports Ultra-Compact Bike Rack

Highlighted Features:

  • Metal Material
  • 2 Bike Size
  • 3 Padded Legs
  • 3 Adjustable Security Straps
  • 35 LBS per Bike
  • Fully Pre-Assembled
  • Single Configuration

Allen Sports Ultra-Compact Bike Rack is the most suitable bicycle carrier you can have for Prius. Including its good build quality and size, it’s also easy to install.

Ultra-Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is available in 1 and 2 bike styles. You can choose the style that suits your needs.

Furthermore, Allens Supports Bike Rack with 2-bike style is available in four variants from which you can select according to your choice and needs.

The most convenient thing is its flexible body design which you can effortlessly fold in a bag when it’s not needed.

It is modeled with 3-padded legs that fit against the vehicle for the vehicle’s protection. There are tie-down cribs to keep the bicycle separate and secure from the car.

It is a fully assembled carrier for smooth fitting. You won’t have to do any hard work for its installation, and installation and removal are easy for this bike rack.

  • Easy set-up
  • Compact folding
  • Easy removal
  • Secure design that doesn’t let the bike move
  • Paint can scratch


Buying Consideration for the Best Bike Rack for Prius

Best Bike Rack for Prius

You can get any bike rack for your car, and it will serve the purpose. But the best bike rack is only the one that is reliable, sturdy, and doesn’t damage your vehicle.

How can you get such a bike rack when there are so many good options in the market?

Well, nothing to be worried about. You only need to know the essential features that make the bike rack one of the best.

So, let’s help you learn more about bike racks and the right choice for them!

01. Type of Bike Rack

The hunt for the best bike rack starts in determining which type of rack is the best for your car.

There are different bike racks such as hitch carriers, trunk mounts, roof mounts, etc., and knowing the difference between these is necessary.

Hitch Carriers attach to the tow hitch of the car and are usually lightweight, and they are pretty versatile and easy to install.

The best thing about them is their secure attachment that doesn’t let the bikes damage your car.

Roof mounts attach to the top part of the car, and they are suitable for people who don’t like to mount bikes on the trunk. On the roof, you won’t feel uncomfortable due to the somewhat blocked view.

They don’t require to be removed even when not in use, and you can mount more than just a bike.

Trunk mounts are for the back part/trunk of the car, and they are famous because they can carry more than one bike in some cases.

However, these bike racks require proper securing so that the bikes don’t fall off.

Some bike racks are designed with the versatility to attach the bike rack to the hitch, trunk, or even the roof. Such versatile racks are suitable if you like to switch things up.

Best Bike Rack for Prius

02. Number of Bikes

Some bike racks can carry only one bike while others can take 2 or 3 as well. If you don’t need to mount more than one bike anytime, you should get a single bike mount rack, which will take less space.

Now, placing two bikes on a bike rack with only one bike’s capacity can be dangerous. Therefore, you have to choose the right bike rack in this regard.

Another thing to consider is the weight that the bike rack can carry. Every bike rack has a specific weight capacity per bike that it can handle.

If you put more than the specified weight, the bikes can fall off or break the bike rack.

All this information is accessible from the specifications section of the bike rack.

03. Security of the Bike Rack

A fully secure bike rack is necessary if you want to keep both your bike and car safe from any sort of damage. Sometimes, poor-quality bike racks can make the bikes sway and damage the vehicle.

And in some cases, the bikes can fall off the bike rack altogether.

These situations can prove to be damaging in many ways. Therefore, a fully secure bike rack with advanced locks, straps, and good build quality is essential.

Some bike racks also have anti-theft mechanisms such as locks. If you need something like this, you will have to look through the specification as not all bike racks have this feature.

Don’t overpressure the bike rack to prevent such circumstances.

Security of the Bike Rack

05. Fuel Economy

Bike racks can affect your car’s fuel economy. If you are concerned about it, you should know which bike rack is economical.

Usually, trunk racks are better in this case, and roof racks are the worst.

They disturb the aerodynamics, and your car can take up to 30% more fuel than usual. If you don’t want something like this, choose a hitch carrier or a trunk rack.

06. Legality

Your bike rack shouldn’t obscure your number plate as it is illegal, and legality issues are something that most people aren’t aware of.

So, choose a bike rack that keeps your number out in the open even when you mount bikes on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of Bike Rack is the Best?

The best bike rack depends upon different factors. You have to know which type of bike you want to mount and how many cycles to make the right choice.

Bike racks come in various designs, and each design is suitable for different reasons. So you can’t generalize a specific design without a purpose.

Do All Bike Racks Fit All Cars?

No, not all bike racks will fit all cars. Bike racks are designed to fit specific types of vehicles, and it is important to choose a bike rack that is compatible with your car’s make and model.

There are several factors that can affect the compatibility of a bike rack with a particular car, including the size and shape of the vehicle, the location of the roof rails or hitch, and the weight capacity of the rack.

Before purchasing a bike rack, it is important to carefully read the manufacturer’s specifications and compatibility guidelines to ensure that it will fit your car.

Some bike racks may require the installation of additional hardware or modifications to the vehicle in order to be properly secured.

Do Bike Racks Damage Cars?

A trunk bike rack can damage your car if you don’t secure the bikes correctly. But the chances of damage are low when you place them the right way.

If you buy the perfect bike rack for your car, you probably won’t damage your car.

Are Bike Racks Safe?

Bike racks can be safe if they are installed and used properly. However, it is important to take precautions to ensure that your bikes are securely attached and that the rack is properly installed on your car.

Here are some tips for ensuring the safety of your bikes and your car when using a bike rack:

  1. Choose a high-quality bike rack: Select a bike rack that is made from durable materials and has a secure attachment mechanism. Look for racks that have been tested and certified by industry standards organizations, such as the TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) or ANSI (American National Standards Institute).
  2. Install the bike rack properly: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing the bike rack, and make sure that it is securely attached to your car. Loose or improperly installed racks can shift during transport, potentially causing damage to your car or bikes.
  3. Secure your bikes properly: Make sure that your bikes are securely attached to the rack, and that all straps and attachments are tightened properly. Use additional padding or covers to protect your bikes from scratches or damage.
  4. Observe weight capacity guidelines: Make sure to follow the weight capacity guidelines provided by the manufacturer, and avoid overloading the bike rack with too many bikes or excess weight. Overloading the rack can cause it to shift during transport, potentially causing damage to your car or bikes.
  5. Inspect the bike rack regularly: Regularly inspect the bike rack and all attachments to ensure that they are in good condition and functioning properly. Repair or replace any damaged or worn parts before using the rack again.

Do Bike Racks Have Anti-Theft Locks?

Some bike racks have anti-theft locks on them. But not all bike racks have these. So, if you need one, you have to look for this feature separately. They prevent your bike rack from thefts.

Other times, you can simply place your bike rack in the trunk when it is not in use.

How Do You Know if the Bike Rack is Secured or Not?

For a secure bike rack, follow all the instructions properly. Look for untightened bolts and hooks twice for reassurance. Try to pull the bike rack slightly or put weight on it before mounting bikes on it.

This will help you know if the bike rack will manage the weight of your bikes or not.

How to Stop the Bike Rack from Oscillating?

If your bike rack is oscillating or swaying while driving, there are several steps you can take to address the issue:

  1. Tighten all straps and attachments: Make sure that all straps and attachments are tightened securely to prevent any movement or shifting of the bike rack.
  2. Use additional stabilization devices: Many bike racks come with additional stabilization devices, such as anti-sway straps or stabilizer bars, that can help prevent oscillation or swaying. Make sure to use these devices if they are included with your bike rack.
  3. Adjust the position of the bikes: The position of the bikes on the rack can affect its stability. Try adjusting the position of the bikes so that they are evenly distributed and balanced on the rack.
  4. Reduce your speed: Driving at high speeds can cause the bike rack to sway or oscillate more easily. Try reducing your speed to see if this helps to stabilize the rack.
  5. Check the weight distribution: Make sure that the weight of the bikes is evenly distributed on the rack, and that no one bike is significantly heavier than the others. Uneven weight distribution can cause the rack to sway or oscillate.
  6. Check the hitch and receiver: If you are using a hitch-mounted bike rack, make sure that the hitch and receiver are properly aligned and tightened. Loose or misaligned hitches can cause the bike rack to sway or oscillate.

How to Prevent your Bike Rack from Damaging the Car?

If you are worried that the bike mounted on the bike rack may damage your car, there is a solution. All you have to do is to choose the right size of bike rack according to your vehicle.

The bike rack perfectly compatible with your car will not damage it in any way. Moreover, a good-quality bike rack with properly secured hooks and bolts prevent the bike from swaying.

And this will prevent any damage and scratching of your car.

Are Bike Racks Illegal in Any State?

Bike racks are not illegal. They are safe and legal to use. But if the bike rack or bikes on it cover your license plate, then it is illegal. This isn’t only about bike racks.

Anything that conceals your license plate is illegal. The solution to this problem is to choose a bike rack with an appropriate size for your car.

In Closing…

Bike racks can come in handy when you are a daily cycler, and finding the bike rack can be hard. But by following the guide as mentioned earlier, you can make the right choice.

We have reviewed some of the most reliable bike racks for Prius, so you don’t have to waste your time finding one.

These bike racks have been reviewed, keeping in the essential feature a bike rack should have.

This includes security, proper size, style, build material, lightweight size, easy installation and removal, easy mounting of bikes, etc.

You can get any bike rack for your Prius but make sure it is following your demands. Also, it shouldn’t cover your license plate to keep it legal.

So, which bike rack is your favorite?

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