15 Best Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander 2024 – Find Your Perfect Fit

Best Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander - Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Now, let’s talk about the best seat covers for Toyota highlander. In the previous, we have seen the top 10 best 4runner seat cover. Here, we shall discuss the incredible top ten-seat cover features of the Toyota highlander. Buyers have been waiting for this, and just how it was delivered in the other reviews, it promises to be detailed and concise.

The point that seat covers do excellent to keep our vehicle’s seat protected cannot be overemphasized. Having a high-quality seat cover with a good number of features to improve comfort generally is always worth it.

What is the Best Seat Cover for Toyota Highlander?

There are several types of seat cover brands out there. But after a careful study of their features with opinions and feedback from those who have purchased and used them, we have concluded that the EKR seat cover for the Toyota highlander stands out the best.

Why is EKR the Best Seat Cover Brand for Toyota Highlander?

Indeed, amongst anything that competes in being the best, there is always the one that tops the chart. It is not just the best due to the brand or name but earned that position of its outstanding performance and quality. To put it simply, such a brand must have become the best because it doubles whatever other brands may offer and brilliantly solves specific problems uniquely.

Similarly, the EKR is the best seat cover brand for Toyota highlander because it trumps all other brands in style and quality and effectively solves heat dissipation.

Top Toyota Highlander Interior Protection Options

01. EKR Seat Covers – Overall Best Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Faux leather
  • Polyester shell
  • Headrest
  • Airbags cutout
  • Weighs 21.7 pounds
  • Dimension (24.5*23.5*10inches)

The EKR brand of the seat cover is manufactured by LingueAuto, customized for the Toyota Highlander models 2014-2019. This seat cover, like earlier stated, comes with a whole lot for comfort. EKR seat cover is made from a high-quality leather material of faux, which is very easy to maintain and helps prevent spills from getting into the main seat. A layer made from polyester was stitched on the cover to give toughness and protect it again sharp tools that may tear the upholstery.

The seat cover wouldn’t be enjoyable without padding, using the appropriate material, and the EKR brand scored incredibly well on this aspect. The EKR seat cover gives a high degree of comfort and effectively solves heat dissipation problems through the contour features. The buckles and zippers allow for easy and perfect fittings, making them look like the original seat. It comes with a headrest cover and also an airbag cutout.

  • Highly comfortable
  • Have protective shell made of polyester
  • It comes with a pictorial instructional guide
  • It fits perfectly with the specific vehicle model
  • Quite expensive
  • It fits in a few vehicle types


02. Aierxuan Seat Covers – People’s Choice Toyota Highlander Car Seat Covers


  • faux leather
  • airbag compatibility
  • weighs 13.63 pounds
  • seat cover dimension (25*6*21inches)
  • zippers

The Aierxuan seat covers are designed for a perfect fit to vehicles’ seats and to also bring comfort to the users. It is made from high-quality leather, which is durable and wear-resistant. The leather material gives the seat cover ease of maintenance, and it is highly waterproof. The waterproof nature of the cover allows a more significant advantage to the main seat against spills. And keep the car’s seat new for a more extended period.

Aierxuan brand of seat covers are tough and can withstand all climate conditions without shrinking or expanding in hot or cold weather, as the case may be. It has airbag compatibility and two pockets at the rear of the front seats for easy storage and access to essential items.

  • add glamour to the interior’s classic deco
  • fits car’s seats so nicely
  • installation is straightforward
  • incredible quality
  • affordable
  • they often block airbags in emergencies
  • the headrest cover snugs


03. YIERTAI Seat Covers – Best Value Toyota Highlander Seat Cover


  • Faux leather
  • Weighs 13.97 pounds
  • Dimension (25*21*6inches)
  • Pockets

YIERTAI brand of the seat cover is another seat cover you would always pause to have a second look. The seat cover comes in a complete set with a sophisticated black color of finely faux leather material, which gives it a high waterproof layer against liquid droplets and spills. It offers the main seat a complete seal from agents that could leave stains and cause lingering odor. YIERTAI seat covers can be easily maintained with a simple wet or dry wipe.

It has airbag compatibility and a seatbelt slot; the seatbelt slot was designed to not tamper with the child safety features of the car seat. Unlike the previous seat cover brands, YIERTAI has a universal fit. And that means it can fit in a variety of vehicles. With an installation manual attached in its package, virtually everyone can have a DIY.

We can’t conclude talking YIERTAI without the two side pockets that bring a better organization in your car, affording extra space to store up things for easy access.

  • it fits in a range of vehicle types
  • comes with a manual for self-guide
  • priced moderately
  • gives your interior a classic look
  • it comes incomplete set
  • a bit technical to install the rear covers
  • it doesn’t fit so well in some vehicles


04. LUCKYMAN CLUB Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Leather material
  • Weighs 7.19pounds
  • Dimension (26*22*3inches)

Well, you will wonder if the LUCKY MAN CLUB is made for lucky men/women who are suitable to have them. But this seat cover brand is designed with a feminine outlook/appeal. The LUCKY MAN CLUB is made of leather, giving it ease of maintenance and, of course, protection to the main seat against spills and dirt. Even though there are no visual designs to allow effective heat dissipation, sweats can be easily wiped off on seats.

The seat cover is made to have a gripping surface that holds the car seat firm and prevents sliding while driving. There is no way the LUCKY MAN seat cover would come in the path of an airbag if it eventually pops out. And that’s because it was designed not to obstruct the function of an airbag. Storage spaces in a car are significant, and this brand of seat cover comes with two side pockets at the rear of the front seats to help us organize our little stuff.

  • Fit nicely in most SUVs
  • It is of high-quality leather
  • Elastic enough to fit different seats
  • No much hassle when installing
  • Quite affordable
  • It comes in 2 set
  • Fitting the rear seat cover is quite difficult.


05. FH GROUP Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Faux leather
  • Weighs 13pounds
  • Dimension (27*22*6inches)

The FH GROUP brand does not just come with the seat covers in its package but a matching headrest and steering wheel cover to give the interior a uniform look. The seat cover is made from quality leather (faux) and padded with foams for improved comfort.

It is designed with an anti-slip interior made of silicone to prevent sliding while driving and perhaps stepping on a brake. The FH GROUP brand has zippers in its design to allow easy wear-on, with elastic edges for a sized and tight fit. It side-less edges give it compatibility with other feather-like airbag or a customized cushion.

  • Made of high-quality material
  • It fits perfectly with some cars
  • Easy to install
  • Quite expensive for only two-seat covers
  • The leather looks thinner than usual and may tear easily.


06. OASIS AUTO Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Leather material
  • Weighs 13.82 pounds
  • Dimension (4*24*22inches)

The OASIS AUTO seat cover brand is made to fit in different vehicle seat types. It comes with several color options you can choose from. Its Leathers have the waterproof ability to protect against liquid spills. And as a result, keep the car seat dry and free from stains that could bring odor to the car. It can easily be maintained with just a wipe and comes back all shining.

However, sweating is always an issue with leather material; each brand has solved the problem differently. The OASIS AUTO has dealt just well with this issue in its design. Even though the heat doesn’t get effectively removed from the surface, a dry duster can help wipe it off if any sweat happens to linger. The design pattern and color give the car’s interior a sporty look and dimensions large enough to fit bigger seats.

  • It fit in several vehicle models
  • come with a guide for installation
  • good price
  • it comes in a set of 2
  • the back seats are pretty challenging to fit


07. Motor Trend Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Faux leather
  • Weighs 4pounds
  • Dimension (23*22*6inches)

The Motor Trend seat cover is made with the consciousness of the user’s comfort. This brand of seat cover gives your vehicle interior a stylish look. It is made from a microfiber leather material for quality and 100% protection to the car’s main seats against moisture. The motor trend is padded with high-density foam to give comfort, especially if you sit longer in the car while driving.

As with the issues of some seat cover that easily slide to a side when driving, this brand can’t slide because it is designed to have holdfast, which clings to the main seat and prevents it from moving. Two frontal pockets designed to the seat cover allow extra storage to organize small and essential items. They can be easily reached and fit to a range of vehicle seats.

  • Low priced
  • Compatible with a range of vehicle
  • Can be wiped to turn shine again
  • You can DIY on installation
  • It only comes in a set of either front or back
  • You may require to pull out the back seat to install the seat cover


08. GIANT PANDA Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Faux leather material
  • Weighs 6.93 pounds
  • Dimension (22.2*

GIANT PANDA seat cover brand comes with the overall quality. It is made from faux leather material and designed to give the surface a high resistance to scratch. The seat cover is waterproof, protecting the main seat from spills. Due to the leathered texture can be easily cleaned using a wet or dry cloth to wipe down dirt and bring them shining anew.

The GIANT PANDA seat cover has a multi-layered sponge on its surface to give users a more comfortable feel. And also has a holdfast that clings to the main seat and prevents them from sliding. It is also compatible with airbags and has an instruction manual in its package.

  • The beautiful stitches add to cars interior deco
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Not too expensive
  • It fits well with a few vehicle types
  • Technically demanding when installing


09. Coverado Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Leather and fabric materials were used
  • Weighs 17.91 pounds
  • Dimension (27.3*23.6*9inches)
  • Headrest covers

This seat cover is yet another excellent seat cover produced by Coverado. The brand uses leather and fabric in the design and brilliantly stitched together to give users the best comfort that they deserve. Leather was used in most parts, but a fabric material was stitched in the middle to allow proper air circulation around surfaces. It feels gentle to touch and easy to clean while giving the main seat 100% protection against spills.

Unlike most leather materials, this brand’s seats cover is tough against damage and lasts even longer. They are designed such that no seat functionality is compromised. The headrest is detached to allow easy manipulation and to fit perfectly.

  • It has varieties of colors to choose
  • They are very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Fit perfectly to several vehicle types
  • It comes with a photo instructional guide
  • do not come with enough kits to finish the installation


10. Skysep Seat Covers for Toyota Highlander


  • Leather material
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • Dimension (24.8*22.44*6.3inches)
  • Headrest cover
  • Armrest and waist support cover

The Skysep seat brand comes with a whole lot. A headrest and waist support pillows with armrest box lining/pad come in their package. The seat cover is very much unlike the others and very comfortable, and it can be easily maintained and highly protective against moisture from the main seat. The leather material is eco-friendly and designed to adjust according to any weather condition.

When it comes to breathability—the skysep brand scores incredibly well with its effective heat dissipation technique.

  • Transforms car interior in a beautiful way
  • It fits well to vehicles seat
  • Durable
  • It does not require an expert’s help to install.
  • It comes in a complete set.
  • Quite expensive


Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors

Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors

We understand having the best seat covers for your Toyota Highlander is essential to you. But I have to say walking into a sales shop to buy a seat cover or just browsing online to get one may not be the best way to go about it. Oh yes! It’s your money, but your money should give you the best of what you desire. Some sales reps are not very helpful sometimes, and they tend to prioritize their sales and profit against what’s best for their customers.

Sales reps/marketers are brilliant, and they will use beautiful words to convince you to make a purchase even though it is not exactly what you want or deserve. Therefore, a buyer must be updated about the seat cover they may want to buy. But not just that, they need to have a set of well-defined parameters to guide their buying. They will be guaranteed to make the best in their purchase, fulfilling their desire and wade off any regrets.

It will also give them a better advantage with the sales reps/marketers when they talk about the product. Hold on a moment. What is this set of well-defined parameters are we talking about anyway? Well, it is simply all that you need to consider before buying a seat cover for your Toyota Highlander.

Before we continue, you might be interested in which trim level is the right one for your Toyota Highlander. Don’t worry, as we got you covered!

Now, let’s see those essential things you should consider when purchasing a seat cover:

01. Material

Different brands of seat covers may be manufactured from various material types. One has to think clearly about the kind of material they will prefer. Various material has their respective maintenance requirement and some of course, maybe more comfortable to feels. Others can be washed with a simple scrub or machine washed, while others are simply wiped, and they are fine.

Although material like polyester may be tough enough to withstand strains from scrubs during washing and can even keep our seats protected for a longer time, but can hardly preserve the car’s seats against spills. And when not properly dried, they cause odor, giving the vehicle’s interior a bad breath. On the other hand, leather material is much easier to maintain, and with a dry or wet wipe, it is all fine.

It keeps the seats dried against spills. But they may not be as challenging as the polyester material because their surface begins to peel off over a long period. Causing; the ugly sight of the seat cover. Every material type has its pros and cons; that is why you should consider the best material type for you before making a purchase.

02. Breathability

Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors - Breathability

After considering the type of material for the seat cover, it is now time to ask this question; can this material dissipate heat effectively? Thanks to the car’s air conditioning system, the AC may seize to work while probably on a long journey. So, what happens if you have a seat cover over your car’s seat that poorly dissipates heat? One thing is sure; the surface of the cover will become moist and slippery for leather material, making driving uncomfortable.

However, brands have overcome this problem in their design which allows air to circulate between the surfaces of the seat cover and the driver or passenger’s body. Therefore, when buying a seat cover, we should consider its breathability.

03. Brand

There are many brands in the manufacture of Toyota Highlander seat cover. Some have earned trust from their customers, while others are working hard to give their best. Choosing the brand type with the best quality and offer should be a thing to consider when buying seat covers.

04. Comfort-ability

Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors - Comfort-ability

Will the seat cover you want to buy for your Highlander be comfortable? Generally, the seat cover designs were aimed to give comfort, but some are more comfortable than others. Some seat covers have extra fiber layers and high-density foam padding to give softness when sat on.

A good seat cover will enhance seating posture and make seating more enjoyable as we cruise on a ride or make a very distant journey. Buyers also have to consider comfort-ability as they choose to have a seat cover for the vehicle’s seat.

05. Sets

This is a vital thing to consider when buying a seat cover. They come in a complete set or different sets of two frontal or probably back cover on another set. While you have your hopes so high that you are getting seat cover for your interior to have a uniform look, only to realize that you will have just two and not complete, well, that can be not very pleasant.

You may have to spend extra to get the other sets after the first purchase, and they may not fit exactly as the already purchased set. It may lead to the problems of imperfect fittings and have different feels of the front and back seats to touch.

06. Safety features compatibility

Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors - Safety features compatibility

Having a car seat cover that enhances your safety is a plus. Buyers should consider features like seatbelt hooks opening to allow fastening of a seatbelt. The seat cover shouldn’t obstruct the path of the airbag in case of an emergency.

07. Beauty

Everyone wants a car interior to look appealing, and beautiful seat covers can help us achieve that. A beautiful interior will improve the car’s sell-ability and fetch a reasonable price if they wish to sell, unlike when the interior looks tattered and very unappealing. Therefore, you should consider beauty when buying a seat cover.

While you search for the perfect seat covers for your Toyota Highlander, you might also be curious about how it compares to another popular SUV; take a look at our detailed comparison between the Chevy Traverse and Toyota Highlander to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

08. Price

We are always going to come to this because everything has its prices. Some are more expensive than others. The specifications, features, and quality of a seat cover may determine the costs. However, other factors can also cause them to be more or less expensive.

But most importantly, it is looking to what you have and going for what suits you best. Adjust your budget if necessary or go for the one your money can buy; there are good seat covers that are affordable too.

Buying Considerations of the Top Toyota Highlander Seat Protectors - Price


Are there seat covers in the range of $50-$130?

Yes, there are seat covers available for Toyota vehicles in the price range of $50-$130. The exact price will depend on the specific make and model of your Toyota, as well as the materials and features of the seat covers you are interested in. Some common materials for seat covers include neoprene, leatherette, and cloth, and there are also options with additional features such as airbag compatibility, heated seats, and waterproofing.

You can find a variety of seat covers for Toyota vehicles in this price range from online retailers, automotive supply stores, and Toyota dealerships. It’s important to ensure that the seat covers you choose are compatible with your specific vehicle and will fit properly for optimal comfort and protection.

Where can I get a quality seat cover for my Highlander?

There are several options for purchasing quality seat covers for your Toyota Highlander. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Toyota dealerships: Toyota dealerships offer a range of official Toyota accessories, including seat covers specifically designed for your Highlander. These covers are guaranteed to fit properly and match the quality and style of your vehicle.
  • Online retailers: There are many online retailers that specialize in automotive accessories and seat covers, such as AutoZone, Amazon, and Carid. These retailers offer a wide range of seat cover options for the Highlander, including different materials, colors, and styles.
  • Custom seat cover manufacturers: If you’re looking for a truly customized seat cover that perfectly fits your Highlander, there are several companies that specialize in making custom covers. These companies can create seat covers that are tailored to your exact specifications and preferences.

When choosing a seat cover, it’s important to consider factors such as the material, color, style, and features to ensure that you get a cover that meets your needs and matches the look and feel of your Highlander.

Are there videos I can watch to guide me on the installation of seat covers?

Yes, please see links to some helpful video links below.

Does the EKR seat cover come with the installation manual?

It comes with an instruction showing photos on how to progress during installation.

Can the EKR seat covers be compatible with my Toyota Highlander 2018?

Yes, it is.

Is the YIERTAI seat cover padded with foams?

No, it isn’t.

How many sets do the EKR come? Like, does it come in a complete set or a set of two?

Yes, the EKR seat covers come in complete sets.

Does the LUCKY MAN seat cover have side pockets?

Yes, some LUCKY MAN seat covers have side pockets. The specific features of LUCKY MAN seat covers can vary depending on the model and style you choose, but many of their seat covers are designed with multiple pockets and storage compartments for added convenience.

I just want to know if the LUCKY MAN seat covers come in a complete set.

No, they don’t. It comes in 2sets.

Can you recommend a reasonable and affordable seat cover for my Highlander 2014 model?

There are many excellent, and affordable seat covers out there to choose from, and individuals have their preferences. However, I would suggest you see our list of the ten best seat covers for highlanders and their features, alongside the pros and cons of each. Perhaps, it will guide you to choose which will be best for you.

What type of seat material is best for a family car?

When considering seat materials for a family car, durability, ease of cleaning, and comfort are key factors to keep in mind. Here are a few seat materials commonly used in family cars:

  1. Leather: Leather seats are known for their durability and ease of cleaning. They are resistant to spills and stains, and can be wiped clean easily. However, they may require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition, and they can be more expensive compared to other materials.
  2. Leatherette or Synthetic Leather: Synthetic leather, also known as leatherette or faux leather, offers a similar look and feel to genuine leather but is generally more affordable. It is also resistant to spills and stains and can be cleaned easily.
  3. Fabric: Many family cars come with fabric seats, which are comfortable and typically more affordable than leather. Fabric seats can vary in quality and durability, so it’s important to choose a fabric that is resistant to stains and easy to clean. Look for fabrics with stain-resistant treatments or ones that can be easily removed and machine-washed.
  4. Vinyl: Vinyl seats are often found in entry-level or budget-friendly family cars. They are relatively easy to clean and can withstand spills, but they may not offer the same level of comfort as other materials.

How long would it take before a leather seat cover starts to wear out?

It depends on the quality of the leather, but it takes a minimum of 8-10years before wearing begins.

I bought a seat cover I liked, and unfortunately, it didn’t come with side pockets. And I like side pockets to be sawn on it. Is it possible?

Trying to add a design that was not done initially by the manufacturer may damage the overall structure of the seat cover. I think you should contact your manufacturer to see if that’s possible, or maybe they can help you with the customization.

I am Asthmatic and would prefer a seat cover with side pockets. Can you suggest one, please?

There are many seat covers available with side pockets that can be a good choice for people with asthma. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. LUCKYMAN Club Car Seat Covers: These seat covers are designed with multiple pockets, including side pockets, that can be useful for storing inhalers, medication, or other asthma-related items. They are made from a combination of synthetic leather and fabric, and are designed to be durable and easy to clean.
  2. FH Group Universal Fit Seat Covers: These seat covers are made from a soft, breathable fabric that can be comfortable for people with asthma. They are designed with side pockets for added convenience and come in a variety of colors and styles to match your vehicle.
  3. Leader Accessories Waterproof Sweat Towel Seat Cover: If you’re looking for a seat cover that is easy to clean and can protect your seats from sweat or spills, this waterproof cover may be a good choice. It is designed with side pockets and is made from a durable, waterproof material that can be wiped clean easily.
  4. Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Car Seat Cover: This seat cover is designed with breathable fabric and a waterproof layer to protect your seats from sweat, spills, or allergens. It has side pockets for added convenience and is machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Is a leather seat cover ideal for a hot climate?

It doesn’t matter because several seat cover brands are adaptable to all climatic conditions.

If the waist pillow for the Skysep seat cover becomes uncomfortable, will removing it do any damage?

The waist pillow and headrest are designed to be fitted separately, without a part depending on another. So, it is possible to remove the waist pillow, and no damage will be done.

How can I tell if the GIANT PANDA seat cover brand will be compatible with the model of my vehicle?

To find out; please, check the models which the GIANT PANDA seat brand is compatible with the instruction provided, or you can contact the manufacturer to find out about compatibility models.

Will the COVERADO seat brand fit my 2006 Toyota charger model?

You may have no problems with the front seat. However, there are issues with the rear seat covers fitting perfectly, especially the headrest.


Seat covers serve as protection over main seats and give them a prolonged stay without damages. And it brings a whole new feeling, knowing you have made the right choice of seat covers for your car’s seats. That is why we have got to you all the necessary information to guide you to make that choice.

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