10 Best Phone Holder for Prius 2024 – Drive Safely and Hands-Free

Best Phone Holder for Prius

If the thought of having a phone holder crosses your mind, then getting the best phone holder for Prius should be a priority.

Phone holders are accessories that help us handle our devices in the most convenient way and without necessarily being distracted while driving.

They come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, and all we need to do is look out for one that best suits our purpose.

A Comparison Table for Best Phone Holder for Prius

What’s the Best Phone Holder for Prius?

Having looked at so many phone holders out there and what they have in stock for users, we can convincingly say that iOttie is the best phone holder brand for Prius.

Why iOttie is the Best Phone Holder Brand for Prius?

The iOttie brand is the best phone holder brand for Prius because it combines many fantastic features to give users ease and comfort, and most importantly, it is affordable.

Our Top Picks of Phone Holder for Prius

01. iOttie – Overall Best Phone Holder

iOttie Phone Holder for Prius


  • Touch mechanism
  • Rotatable
  • iPhone 13 compatible
  • universal mounting
  • suction

The iOttie phone holder is an accessory of choice for many car owners. It is designed with a touch mechanism that allows the phone to be quickly mounted and un-mounted by an easy touch.

The rotatable elbow of the arm allows it to be adjusted in 2600 arc and allows the phone to be positioned in a different orientation as desired.

The universal mount can hold virtually all types of the phone having dimensions of about 2.3 to 3.5 inches.

Manufacturers of the iOttie brand of phone hold have brilliantly given it a suction type of attachment that offers the holder to stick very firmly to the dashboard or the windscreen as the user may choose.

The suction mechanism comprises a disc and a suction cup which gives the phone holder the ability to stick firmly to its attached surface.

Therefore the need to screw things just to provide a secure hold is unnecessary. iOitte is Compatible with iPhone 13.

Also, this car accessory comes with an adjustable foot at the base of the arm. It allows users to adjust their device sideways or the upward and downward directions as we please.

We can even remove it from the bottom joints to fit smartphones and cases of different sizes.

  • Sells at affordable price
  • Easy to mount phones in it
  • Adjustable to fit different phone sizes
  • The suction starts failing after a short while
  • The grip on the windscreen fails, especially in summer


02. VICSEED – People’s Choice Cell Phone Holder for Car

VICSEED Phone Holder for Prius


  • 3600 rotatable
  • Wide arm
  • Suction mechanism
  • Dashboard pad
  • PTFE PC material
  • Air vent clips

The VICSEED Phone holder brand is yet another kind that is worth checking out. It is a multiple-function car phone holder which is made using the PTFE PC material.

This brand of phone holder offers a user the leverage to mount it on a dashboard or windscreen or even on an air vent.

As an owner of the VICSEED phone holder, you can use them on different cars and trucks or SUVs. Due to its versatility, taxi companies like Uber find it useful as it helps to hold navigation devices.

The holder’s base is designed to have a suction cup that gives a firm stickiness to a surface and holds whatever devices are mounted on it securely while the car moves.

Extra dashboard pads give it a smoother attachment surface upon any surface, and the very flexible air vent clips allow it to hold on vent surfaces.

Silicone on the vent clip gives a firmer grip and also prevents damage to the blades.

VICSEED Phone holder can accommodate almost all types of the phone including iPhone, Samsung and LG. the very flexible elbow give a 3600 rotation and allow us to place devices to whatever orientation we choose.

To mount a device, all you need to do is insert it into the base and press tightly on the arm to lock, and you can also un-mount by pressing a release button on the left side of the arm.

  • Better quality to its previous version
  • It fits varieties of phone sizes, even the larger ones.
  • Give a good grip on devices.
  • Requires a very flat surface to install
  • The extendable arm moves only up and down


03. LISEN – Best Value Magnetic Car Phone Holder

LISEN Phone Holder for Prius



  • Hook shape mount
  • Magnetic base
  • Metal plate
  • Upgrade clamp
  • Wireless
  • Dimension (1.93*1.42*2.55inches)

The LISEN phone holder brand is made for easy use. The phone holder is made to be mounted on vents, and the hook shape mount made it possible.

LISEN was designed with six magnets built in it, which attracts the metal plate at the back of devices and holds them firmly in position.

With the magnetic mount, all kinds of devices can be mounted; all you need do is adjust the clamp’s length by manipulating the knob to fit the outlet.

  • fits most mobile devices including Tablets
  • user friendly and much easy to install
  • the hooks give it a firmer grip
  • the magnets are very effective
  • The metal plate placed behind the device could get hot and do damage to .devices
  • can only be mounted on vents



TORRAS Prius Phone Holder


  • Enhanced suction cup
  • Vent clip
  • Sticky pad
  • Instruction manual

When it comes to ruggedness, please give it to the TORRAS phone holder brand. It was subjected to the military-grade sturdiness test, which came out triumphant, and it is 20 times sturdier than a conventional phone holder.

Unlike other holders, the suctions cup of the TORRAS brand can withstand temperatures of -20-95F without the cup failing to stick.

The holder can also be adapted to a sticky pad to give your dashboard or windscreen a flawless look as it protects it from scratches.

TORRAS phone holders can be mounted on the windshield, dashboard, vent, and even desks. The elbow on the arm allows adjustability to desired view positioning.

Phones and other compatible devices are mounted by placing them in the clamp and pressing them to lock in place.

And releasing requires that you press the button on the side to free the device. It is built to allow the mounting of a good number of devices.

Vent clips are provided for sturdier mount and can be screwed tighter or lightly as wanted without causing any damage to the vent’s blade or car.

  • Give a sturdy mount
  • The suction is not affected by environmental conditions
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Fit quite several devices perfectly
  • It comes with an instruction manual for easy installation
  • It is difficult to pull out after mounting


05. APPS2

APPS2Car Prius Phone Holder


  • Aluminum material
  • Suction mechanism
  • Long arm
  • 3600 adjustable head

The Gooseneck is a 13inches long arm phone holder that is made with aluminum to give it durability.

The swivel head has 3600 adjustable angles to give a portrait, landscape, and diagonal orientation of devices in its hold.

It is designed with an extra-long arm for a more convenient extension and a suction cup base to stick to the dashboard or windscreen surface, even surfaces outside the car.

The clamp can be open as wide as 4inches to hold different devices and grips after a press. Yet also, with a side button, you can release devices with a simple press on them.

  • Offers excellent value for the price
  • Has a flexible and long arm
  • It has a firm grip on devices
  • The aluminum tube is too frail and bends easily
  • It is of less quality than its previous version



SCOSCHE Prius Phone Holder


  • Magnetic mount
  • Magic plate
  • Protective film layer
  • Alcohol wipes

The SCOSCHE MAGDMB brand is made to be mounted on all flat surfaces in cars or off the vehicle.

The phone holder has powerful magnets that attract the magic plate behind devices and keep them firmly positioned. This phone holder is also designed with a rotatable head that can rotate 3600 to give a comprehensive view of the device when mounted.

To stabilize the head from turning uncontrollably, an enhanced soft-touch plastic lock nut was fitted to pin it. SCOSCHE MAGDMB is manufacture with an integrated cable clip that allows charging cords to the magic mount. The absence of cradles will enable devices to be operated quickly and safely using just a hand to do all the controls and access ports.

  • the magnets are pretty effective
  • solid mount
  • good quality
  • the suction cup losses its grip, especially during summer
  • the adhesives are not very effective



VANMASS Prius Phone Holder


  • silicone protection
  • release button
  • easy-clamp
  • suction cup
  • clamp arm dimension (2.2*3.8inches)

Simplicity is the philosophy behind the design of VANMASS. It is made to suit different surfaces, even those outside the car.

The phone holder is manufactured using an eco-friendly material that is resistant to extreme weather as high as 40 – 194F, and it has a suction power of about 44LBS.

VANMASS comes with an extra pad for a smoother mount and can be mounted on the car’s windshield, dashboard, and vents.

It also comes packaged with 3-level steel-cored clips to hold devices securely in place. The VANMASS holder has a bottom tray about 0.96 inches in width, supporting the device’s weight even in rough rides.

The dimension of the clamp arm allows it to fit virtually all phone sizes and the 0.7inch phone cradle depth gives it compatibility for thick cases.

  • incredible quality
  • allows a great deal of convenience
  • the suction is not so effective and causes the mount to fall off easily


08. WixGear

WixGear Prius Phone Holder


  • Rubber base
  • Magnetic head
  • 3600 swivel
  • Metal plate

WixGear brand of phone holder is universal and can hold just any phone device/table in place, firmly even on a bumpy road, and even compatible with iPhones.

It is an air vent mountable holder with a 3600 rotation/swivel to give users views from any position they may choose.

Unlike other magnetic mount phone holders, this brand has scoring incredibly with ease of usage due it simple and modern design.

The base is made with rubber, and at the head is a powerful magnet to hold phones from their backs. The rubber base is designed to balance the load giving it more sturdiness.

But something unique about the magnetic holder surface is the smoothness; it is designed so that no device will have a limitation getting attracted.

The rubber material is durable and will leave no scratches on the surface. It comes with a light metal plate that you can place at the back of the phone casing to attract the magnet.

  • Phones are mounted with the placement of the device on a magnetic surface
  • It gives an all view orientation
  • The metal placement is very light and effective
  • the metal prongs at the base can leave damage to your vent
  • the base clamp is weak and will come along when the phone is pulled out


09. Qifutan

Qifutan Prius Phone Holder


  • Aluminum material
  • 6.2inch Gooseneck
  • Suction cup
  • Locking lever
  • 3600 rotating elbow

You can mount the Qifutan brand of phone holder on a dashboard or windscreen. With the long Gooseneck, you can quickly and easily bend it away from any obstruction.

The suction cup gives it a powerful attachment to surfaces it is mounted, and a layer of sticky gel gives it a guaranteed hold without the concern of bumpy roads.

The holder is designed so that it leaves no scratches on the surfaces on which it is mounted. It has a locking lever which is made so to hold devices firmly and securely to place.

A simple press on a button at the lower back will unlock the phone in its clamp, and we can safely mount the phone in the clamp by placing and pressing the clamp to lock it.

There is a silicone pad in the clamp to give phones extra padding and prevent scratches or damage resulting from vibrations.

Also, the 3600 rotation elbow on the arm allows an all-directional view, giving us the flexibility to view our device in any position we choose.

  • Perfect in holding a phone while on a long ride
  • Adjustable to suit one’s desired view
  • Absorbs shocks from bumpy roads and keep devices safe
  • The bases come off quickly due to weight issues
  • Requires a perfect surface to function properly
  • It is not a universal phone holder



DSTELIN Prius Phone Holder


  • Metal material
  • Metal plates (4 round and four rectangular)
  • Magnetic mount
  • Dimension (2.56*1.77*0.2inches)

The DSTELIN brand is a magnetic mount phone holder with multiple shape metal plates for a versatile device fit.

It is easy to mount phones on them, and with adhesive tape on each metal plate, which you can place on the back of the phone, we are sure to have a firmer hold on the device.

However, the metal plate can interrupt wireless charging when placed behind the phone case, and avoid this. All you need to do is take off the case when using wireless charging.

And one can have their devices in whatever position they choose given the DSTELIN phone holder rotatable joint.

  • it can rotate 3600
  • it is solid and durable
  • economically priced
  • it can interrupt wireless charging
  • the adhesive can come off easily


Buying consideration for the Best Phone Holder for Prius

best Prius Phone Holder

With so many choices of phone holders to choose from as you step into an Auto Accessories store, or maybe you’re just browsing online stores to see one or two that may probably fit your car.

There is no doubt that many of them are colorful and very attractive to call your attention to them. But is attractiveness the only criteria to base your buying judgment on? The answer to the question will go a long way to telling our priorities and the qualities we most prefer for a car phone holder.

Everyone wants the best of anything, but not everybody will get the best. So what is so specially done that those who desire for the best achieve that? Have they done anything differently, or are they just lucky? What is certain is; those who get the best have done a great deal of research about the product they aim to buy.

Or someone somewhere has recommended that product to them from their experiences.

Unless the person recommending such a product is a good friend or relative, we risk encountering an individual whose aim is to sell this product to us for the gains they will make from it even though we are not satisfied with the product.

An event planner will have details well figured out about how the program will run from start to finish successfully, so should one who seeks to buy the best phone holder for Prius. One who wants to buy a quality and suitable phone holder must set out clearly how they hope to achieve that.

It requires discipline and due diligence to come in tune with those guides that will help you have the desired purchase, and these are what we call buying considerations.

Yes, there are certain things a buyer needs to consider before dolling out their hard currencies to pay for the product.

The product you have purchased must not leave you in regret and must fulfill the minimum requirement of the parameters you have set up to check for the best amongst the multitude.

And to also wade off deceit that may come from insincere promoters. Knowing you made the best choices brings a whole lot of relief, ease, and comfort. And one would have put their money to best use as it is sure they will get value for money.

best Phone Holder

Now let see some of the most important things to consider when buying a phone holder for Prius:

01. Material

One most important thing buyers must start looking out for is the material which the phone holder is made. Varieties of materials were used to design and manufacture different holders, and they have their merits and demerits.

Some materials are more durable than others, and yet also all materials come with various maintenance requirements. However, the phone holder’s material, which allows ease in its maintenance, is durable and does not release chemical fumes, which can be an issue to one’s health, should be considered.

02. Mount type

Another essential thing to consider is the type of mount that comes with the phone holder. Several holders can have the same mount type, but there are many with different kinds of mounts.

The type of mount will determine the surface you can place on it. Some mounts are universal, meaning they can mount on all characters, including those off the car, while others are designed to fit on a few surfaces.

It depends on what the buyer may prefer when it comes to mounting type, but whether they choose a universal mount or the single surface mount, they have to consider the firmness of the selected holder on surfaces they may prefer.

best Phone Holder

03. The device holding mechanism

It is yet another thing to consider as you buy a phone holder. Holding a device in place firmly was the primary purpose of the phone holder, and that holding mechanism is the core of it. Different phone holders come with various forms of attachment to devices.

However, some use a clamp system where the phone is put in a position and clip to place with a squeeze on the edges of the clamp.

Also, you can let off devices with the press of a release button provided on the side or back of the clamp. Other holders use the power of a strong magnet which can attract metal plates placed at the back of phone casings. The magnetic phone mount allows it to fit more devices than the clamped type, which only fits devices within fixed dimensions.  Therefore, device holding mechanisms of phone holders should be at the back of our minds when buying phone holders.

04. Rotation

You can derive greater comfort if the phone holder joint can turn 360 degrees because it offers different orientations of view without the user changing position. With such flexibility, we can tilt the joints to a preferred view. Although not all phone holder gives this degree of flexibility. That is why rotation should be part of what to consider when buying a phone holder for Prius.

best Phone Holder

05. Brand

If we must start looking for the best, it should start from the best brand listed above. The information gathered from each product can give an incredible awareness that will guide us to make a better choice of brands.

06. Affordability

There are price tags for various phone holders. Although a few can be more expensive than others, whether or not the more expensive ones are the best is not the question but whether it is affordable for the buyer.

Buyers should go for phone holders that won’t cost them too much and yet get the best.


Can I use a magnetic phone holder in a Prius?

Yes, you can use a magnetic phone holder in a Prius. Magnetic phone holders use a strong magnet to hold your phone in place, and can be mounted on the dashboard or air vents of your vehicle. Just make sure to choose a magnetic holder that is compatible with your phone model and is strong enough to hold your phone securely while driving.

What is the best type of phone holder?

The best type of phone holder for a Prius depends on personal preference and specific needs. Some popular types of phone holders for Prius include magnetic holders, dashboard mounts, air vent mounts, and CD slot mounts. Choose a holder that is compatible with your phone model and offers the stability and adjustability you need for safe and convenient phone access while driving.

How do I install a phone holder in a Prius?

The installation process for a phone holder in a Prius can vary depending on the type of holder you choose. Magnetic holders and some dashboard mounts can be easily installed by attaching them to the surface of the dashboard or air vent. CD slot mounts require inserting the holder into the CD player slot of the vehicle. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, and test the holder to ensure it is secure before using it while driving.

Can I use a phone holder with a phone case on my device?

Yes, many phone holders are designed to accommodate phones with cases, but it is important to choose a holder that is compatible with the size and shape of your phone and case. Some holders may require adjusting the size or position of the holder to fit the phone and case properly.

Can I adjust the position of a phone holder ?

It depends on the specific phone holder you are using. Some phone holders may have adjustable arms or grips that can be moved to accommodate different phone sizes or angles. Other phone holders may be fixed in place and cannot be adjusted.

If you are unsure if your phone holder is adjustable, you can refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

What is the average cost of a phone holder for a Prius?

The cost of a phone holder for a Prius can vary widely depending on the type and quality of the holder. Simple air vent mounts can cost under $10, while more advanced holders with magnetic mounts or wireless charging capabilities can cost upwards of $50 or more. It is important to choose a holder that fits your budget and offers the features and functionality you need for safe and convenient phone access while driving.


The need to get the best phone holder for Prius cannot be over-emphasized. However, it will require hard work from ourselves and due diligence to identify the best brand of the phone holder.

Even though much information seeking must come from one’s side, right here, we have brought you some detailed info about some of the best phone holder brands for Prius out there.

When you read the features, details, and recommendations carefully, it affords you the knowledge that will give a helpful guide towards having the best phone holder you desire.

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