10 Best Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover 2024 – Keep Your Gear Secure

Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

When looking to buy the best tonneau cover for Tundra, there are several things to consider; hence you need the best Toyota Tundra tonneau cover reviews. Here, all the research and investigation have been done for you.

Tonneau covers the vinyl, leather, plastic, or metal sheets covering the back of a pick-up truck like the Tundra.

They need to do more than just fit the truck bed. They need to be hardy, well-designed, and tightly sealed, among other things.

Good tonneau covers tend to be costly. Often buyers compromise durability and quality for the price. They can have both, and this article will explain how.

Cover Your Cargo – Top Picks

To help persons make informed decisions, we selected 10 of the best tonneau covers to undergo an in-depth appraisal.

While we scrutinize the good and bad that each cover has to offer, it will slowly become apparent why the Tyger Auto T3 was chosen to be the best tonneau cover for Tundra.

1. Tyger Auto T3 TG-BC3T1432 Tonneau Cover – Overall Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra Crewmax

Tyger Auto T3 TG-BC3T1432 Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Made of flexible vinyl material.
  • Easy to fold tri-fold cover.
  • Mounts on top of truck rails.
  • Firm locking mechanism.
  • Locks out weather elements.

The Tyger Auto T3 is the reigning champion of tonneau covers for Tundra. It is not the best overall quality, but the Tyger Auto T3 offers a lot more to make up for that. Its pros are excellent, and the cons are negligible.

The Tyger Auto T3 is made of vinyl. This makes the cover flexible. Pair that with its trifold aspect, and you have a tonneau cover with easy removal and complete to partial access to the truck bed in minutes.

The downside is that this access applies to those other than yourself. Be sure not to keep valuables under the cover while the vehicle is parked for an extensive amount of time. Even if opportunistic burglars do not remove the cover, the vinyl is relatively easy to cut through.

The T3 is durable for its price point. However, it does not last forever. Most customers found that even two years into usage, the T3 cover was still going strong. The vinyl color may fade at that time but is easily fixed with a bit of vinyl paint.

The installation time for the T3 is about 5 minutes. Even with no knowledge of tonneau covers, anyone can install this one using only the easy-to-follow installation guide included in the box.

No tools are required, and all the necessary accessories, clips, and attachments come with a fully assembled cover.

  • Quick and Simple installation.
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Ease of access to the truck bed.
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Not thief resistant.


2. Gator ETX 59407 Tonneau Cover – Best Value Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Gator ETX 59407 Tonneau Cover 

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible tension management.
  • Made of tough reinforced vinyl.
  • Sleek, leather-looking design
  • Industrial-strength locking.
  • Works with or without bed liners.
  • Protects cargo from the elements.

The Gator ETX Soft Trifold shares a lot of qualities with the Tyger Auto T3 tonneau cover. What separates the two is the cost, customer experience, and whether they met the promises advertised.

The ETX Soft Trifold also works well to keep snow, rain, wind, and other weather conditions.

It is excellent for buyers looking for a cover where they can adjust the tension over the bed. You can draw it tight to create a taut shield or loosened it to accommodate sizable items while keeping the bed covered.

Unfortunately, being able to adjust the tightness of the cover does not help with the gaps. There are obvious gaps between the bed rails and the tonneau cover.

This is seen mainly at the front near the cab. Openings are also found at points where the cover is supposed to fold.

In addition to that, Gator fails to deliver on its promise of durability. The cover reportedly flies off the back when the truck is moving at a consistent, medium speed. While the clamps appear to be of decent quality, they quickly break down under pressure.

On a positive note, the leather grain design makes the vinyl textured feel and sophisticated design.

Said vinyl is above average strength and durability. Some customers expressed an appreciation for its ability to stand up to going through a carwash intact.

  • Hardy, low deck rails.
  • Quick setup.
  • Stylish design.
  • Weak front clamps.
  • Gaps between bed rails and cover.


3. BAK BAKFlip MX4 448409T Tonneau Cover – Peoples Choice Tundra Crewmax Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip MX4 448409T Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Hard, folding cover.
  • Matte finish.
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Can close with the tailgate in any position.
  • Thief resistant

The BAK BAKFlip MX4 was the first of its kind on the market. Its sleek, refined design makes the MX4 standout, at least in appearance.

Before its release, hard fold tonneau covers did not come with matte-finish designs.

Another plus for the MX4 is its ability to remain in position whether or not the tailgate is closed.

It is excellent to fold back or remove in minutes, but the MX4 provides a third option for entry to the truck without disturbing the cover, which takes only seconds.

The BAKFlip MX4 is hard, and that makes it a bit more reliable than its soft counterpart. It still folds and provides effortless access to the truck bed but with extremely long-lasting durability.

While durable, it is not impervious to precipitation. Many people experience adequate waterproofing features when only a little rain or small spill occurs, but in all-out light to heavy showers (hail included), the MX4 does not perform well.

However, you should note that the manufacturers do not promise a waterproof design, so buyers know exactly what they are getting before purchasing.

The MX4 is one of the more costly choices because it is also one of the harder alternatives. This toughness also applies to its ability to keep personal possessions safe in the back while you go about your business.

It is practically impervious to thievery, and in that way, one could say that the BAKFlip MX4 also adds peace of mind from our list of Toyota Tundra tonneau cover reviews.

  • Very appealing design
  • Smooth installation
  • Reasonably waterproof
  • Inadequate manual instructions.
  • Expensive


4. TruXedo TruXport 27580 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport 27580 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Low profile (1.5” above the truck bed)
  • Roll-up cover
  • Deep-seated crossbar
  • Double locks on each side of the tailgate.
  • Easy installation
  • Manually adjustable tension control

Carwashes, strong winds, rain, and hail, the TruXedo TruXport stands up to all that and more. The unique crossbar feature adds extra protection against the weight of fallen snow in winter.

There is no question that this tonneau cover gives value to your money. Its roll-up cover makes for easy operation and quick access to the back of the truck.

The TruXport is made of double-coated vinyl, sturdy but not exceptionally so. This cover does not come with a ticket to permanence or even a long-lasting feature.

It is more of a stopover while you decide whether to invest in a tonneau cover. The good thing is that this cover protects against weather elements where most other soft covers fail.

The vinyl cover could be a bit more appealing. Compared to other covers of a similar price and material, the TruXport falls a bit short of the mark regarding appearance.

Some individuals may find the low profile attractive; others found it to be cumbersome. At 1.5″, the TruXport sits lower than most tonneau covers.

Luckily it makes up for this with secure, easy-to-undo latches on the tailgate.

  • Stays put under pressure.
  • Tool-free installment
  • Fairly weather resistant
  • Easily operated.
  • Positioned too high above the bed.
  • Lackluster design


5. Undercover Flex FX41007 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Undercover Flex FX41007 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight (16lbs.)
  • Built-in prop rods
  • Hard and durable
  • Drainage system included.
  • Completely fitted to the truck bed.

The Undercover Flex is a hard tonneau cover. Just by being hard, a certain level of durability is expected, and Flex meets that adequately. The finish is lustrous and embossed, adding a shiny, eye-catching look to the cover.

The Undercover Flex comes with convenient rods to prop up the cover in an erect position while it is open. These rods easily lock in place and can be just as easily folded up and put away when not in use.

The Flex latches are convenient. These latches are easy to release. They work in tandem with sturdy aluminum panels to deliver on its promise of security.

They also allow for entry on either side of the truck bed. The entire system is fitted with drain tubes to move water away from the bed.

You should note that the Flex is one of the lightest hardcovers of this caliber. At 16 pounds, installation is made even more effortless than promoted.

No need to worry about lugging about and trying to fit a heavy cover. This makes the Flex an extraordinary hard tonneau cover.

  • Easy to install.
  • Waterproof
  • Works well with existing bed rails.
  • Extremely well-made cover
  • Not completely flat
  • Easy-to-break accessories


6. OEdRo Quad Fold Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

OEdRo Quad Fold Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Crossbar-supported vinyl cover.
  • Narrow quad folds
  • Increases gas mileage.
  • Dual-level vinyl
  • Speedy installment

The Oedro Quad Fold soft fold seems to have it all. The design looks high quality. The double-layer vinyl is sturdy. Crossbars support it at every fold. Oedro covered all their bases with this one.

One of the best features of having a quad-fold tonneau cover is the extra space. Since there are four folds, they are comparatively narrower than trifold covers. This means that when the cover is completely folded back, more bed space is revealed.

This particular feature works wells for carrying large objects which require the cover to be pulled back. It is beneficial for truck owners with small bed spaces.

While not completely airtight, the Oedro protects from rain, hail, and washing. Items in the truck bed will remain bone dry under most conditions where the cover comes in contact with water.

It, of course, provides protection against harsh sunlight for your more delicate possessions.

  • Keeps items inside the truck bed dry.
  • Attractive design
  • Hassle-free setup
  • Affordable
  • Not airtight
  • Complicated latching operation


7. Lund Genesis 950120 Toyota Tundra  Tonneau Cover

Lund Genesis 950120 Toyota Tundra  Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a tailgate seal.
  • Strap and buckle included.
  • 5-minute installation
  • Flexible vinyl cover
  • Latches are hidden when not in use.
  • Mounts on top of bed rails

The Lund Genesis is a moderately priced soft tri-fold tonneau cover. It is not too expensive, but it is not cheap either.

For this reason, it is incomprehensible as to why such poor screws were included in the package. They hold up decently well but start rusting in little to no time.

In time this rust can cause a messy-looking presentation which you could have avoided. Fortunately, the Genesis soft-fold makes up for chipping out on the screws by including an exceptionally convenient strap and buckle to secure the cover when folded back to the final third.

Another cool feature of the Lund Genesis is the hidden latches. The latches that fasten the cover to the tailgate can be put away when not in use. Owners have the option to tuck away the latches underneath the tailgate panel.

The glossy vinyl cover is resistant to tearing but not wholly infallible. It is attractive enough but not anything to write home about for its price.

All in all, the Lund Genesis Soft trifold cover seems to be adequate, very average. If these features were attached to a smaller-priced cover, they would have been amazing. As it is now, they just seem average.

  • Excellent sealing
  • Lightweight
  • Neat fit
  • Moderately good waterproofing
  • Clips are too long.
  • Screws rust easily.


8. Extang Trifecta 2.0 92461 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Extang Trifecta 2.0 92461 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sleek design
  • Heavy-duty, Trifold cover
  • Effortless installation
  • Secure attachment
  • Protect against weather elements.

At about 30 lbs., the Extang Trifecta 2.0 is pretty heavy for a softcover. The vinyl cover is highly heavy-duty and resistant to most forms of accidental damage and fading. It fits a 5’7″ bed with rails and advertises above-average durability.

Installation is said to take only minutes. This is utterly believable as the cover arrives fully assembled. New owners need only attach the clamps to the truck’s sides and secure the tonneau cover in place.

The leather grain vinyl has a lovely glossy finish though not notably shiny at first glance. It gives the cover a rich, high-quality look reflective of the high-quality features it offers.

  • Smooth, snug fit
  • Mostly Waterproof
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Fast installation
  • A bit heavy
  • May leak in heavy rain.


9. Rugged Liner E-Series E3-TUN5514 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Rugged Liner E-Series E3-TUN5514 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Tough vinyl cover
  • Aluminum frame
  • Tool-free installation
  • Fits a 5′ 7″ bed.

The Rugged Liner E-Series soft fold is a trifold vinyl tonneau cover. It easily fits a 5’7” truck bed. The cover is somewhat affordable but appears lacking next to its peers of similar monetary value.

The vinyl cover performs adequately. It is not entirely waterproof but does a reasonably decent job of keeping water out of bed. The cover also comes already fully assembled. The only setup required is attaching the cover to the truck bed.

Most Tundras come with bed rails. So, it seems counterproductive that Rugged Liner would create a tonneau cover for Tundras that makes installation several times harder than if the truck were without bed rails. Fortunately, the solid aluminum frame almost makes the setup worth it.

  • Easy to open and close
  • Simple installation
  • Long-lasting
  • Somewhat waterproof
  • Hard to attach to a truck bed with rails
  • Cover shifts around occasionally


10. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-509 Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-509 Tonneau Cover

Highlighted Features

  • Easily operated clamps.
  • It fits larger truck beds (6’7”)
  • No drilling is required for installation.
  • Versatile
  • Ease of access to the truck bed
  • Taut, snug fit

The Tonnofold is another soft trifold tonneau cover. It comes with user-friendly, industrial-grade clamps. They are the only part you need for installation other than the cover itself, which comes pre-assembled.

Once through with the quick 5-to-10-minute installation, users can expect a tightly fitted cover with no hangs or sagginess.

The lightly embossed veneer is nice to look at. It also keeps out most weather conditions like rain, snow, and sunlight. However, under heavy showers or severe weather, that protective covering may not hold up.

The Tonnofold neatly folds into three parts. The whole thing can be removed with ease or folded at the preset creases to open up bed sections.

Sadly, the Tonnofold does not give a sleek, lush look due to bumps in the vinyl cover after installation. It is challenging for a time but may eventually get slacker or even wholly blow off the back after a while.

  • Tightly secured cover
  • No leaking
  • High-quality materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Bulky middle
  • Not long-lasting


What is the Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra?

Before making this decision on Toyota Tundra tonneau cover reviews, go through the ten tonneau covers from ten distinct brands examined by us.

A side-by-side comparison was made using several varied factors. From this comparison, the Tyger Auto T3 came out on top.

Why is Tyger Auto T3 the Best Tonneau Cover for Tundra?

The Tyger Auto T3 tonneau cover is the perfect mixture of the quality consumers want in a tonneau cover without breaking the bank.

It is not super expensive, but the quality is excellent. The Auto T3 is also great for people who are not sure that they want a tonneau cover in the first place or for those who need it temporarily.

They get to experience a first-class quality tonneau that anyone can install, all while saving time and money.

Buying Considerations

Buying tonneau covers

Buying a tonneau for personal or business use is a big decision to make. They can be costly, and prospective owners need to ensure the best possible value to suit their budget and needs.

Here are some factors and conditions to consider before purchasing a tonneau cover:

01. Budget

Be aware of your budget. Tonneau covers tend to be a bit high-priced. Do not just purchase the first pretty tonneau cover you come across.

Pay keen attention to the price and the features that come with it. If the funds are there to purchase an upscale cover, go ahead, but look at the next factor below before that is done.

02. Brand, Model, and Truck Bed Size

Not all tonneau covers are created equal. Some fit Fords; others are more suitable for Toyotas. Some fit F150s; others fit Tundras. Do some diligent research to see what cover will fit your truck’s make, model, and year.

Check the owner’s manual for the dimensions of the truck bed size. This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a tonneau.

The cover must fit the length and width of the truck bed. Otherwise, a perfectly functioning cover may fit poorly, and you miss out on other features like having an airtight space.

03. Bed Rails

Many tonneaus come with various installation kits depending on what kind of truck it is meant to fit. At the same time, some only come with accessories for attachment and the bed cover.

Note the features of the truck. If it has a bed rail, it only makes sense to purchase a cover that can accommodate that rail in its installation without doing anything extra.

04. Bed Space

Some trucks have a smaller bed space due to a bed liner, or that is just how the manufacturer made it. Either way, a bulky tonneau is only going to minimize that space.

If looking for a cover for a small-spaced truck, perhaps explore roll-up covers or quad-fold ones as the first options.

The way those two types are made takes up little to none of your truck bed space while the cover is on and pushed back.

05. Purpose

Consider: What is being carried in the rear of the truck? Some covers come with unique features that can adapt to fit specific needs.

Many manufacturers offer airtight sealing with their tonneaus so that consumers have the option to have something semi to fully waterproof.

The buyer must then consider how relevant a waterproof cover is to them. If the truck is only transporting items that can get wet, like a rubber swimming pool or a plastic ball, weathertight seals most likely should not be at the top of the list of requirements.

The point is to compare the primary use to the features and see what matches up.

06. Climate

Many tonneau covers can only take small weights, and others remain steady and taut under 400 lbs of ice and snow.

No one who lives in an area that experiences snow wants a cover that will cave in at the first drop of the stuff.

Similarly, there is no need to worry about getting the best weather-resistant cover if the truck will not need to fight against harsh elemental conditions.

07. Installation

If a buyer has decided to install the truck bed themselves, they must now consider the ease of installation before purchase.

A layperson would ideally need a tonneau that requires zero tools to install. Furthermore, the manual should be easy to follow and clearly explained.

Should the manual fail to meet this criterion, the mechanism should be simple enough for a few YouTube videos and a couple of articles to make you an expert at installing that cover.


Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover faqs

Is the roll-up superior to the trifold cover?

Which type of cover one uses is dependent on what their primary need is. For extra space, nothing can beat the roll-up cover.

There is no need to remove the cover to put more oversized items in the back of the truck. Simply roll it up, and it will stay tucked away neatly until it is needed again.

However, even when folded up to its final third, the trifold still takes up a bit of space, and users may need to remove it altogether and store it somewhere else.

Then it needs to be installed again when it is required. The trifold is more durable. But the roll-up is incomparable in terms of space and ease of access.

Which is better – the soft or hard tonneau cover?

Hardcovers are usually much lower to the truck bed than soft covers. They provide a streamlined look and are the more durable of the two options.

Nonetheless, Soft covers are more attractive with their glossy finishes, but they sit slightly above the bed, producing a slightly noticeable bulge.

They are usually the cheaper option and can be almost as hardy as the hardcover. Again, which is better is only determined by the buyer’s distinct needs.

How does tonneau cover help to save gas?

Tonneau covers, also known as truck bed covers, can help save gas by reducing aerodynamic drag and improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

When driving at high speeds, air can flow into the open bed of a truck and create the drag, which can reduce fuel efficiency.

By installing a tonneau cover, the bed of the truck is enclosed, which helps to reduce air resistance and improve aerodynamics.

Studies have shown that adding a tonneau cover to a truck can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.

This is because the cover reduces the amount of drag created by the open bed, allowing the vehicle to move more easily through the air.

What is a DiamondBack tonneau cover?

DiamondBack is probably one of the best-designed truck bed covers out there. It is as sturdy as the name suggests.

Anything under the security of a DiamondBack is impervious to hail, wind, heavy rains, burglary, and much more.

The DiamondBack can also take significant weight on top with ease. Of course, with all these benefits, it is easy to understand why the DiamondBack is one of the most expensive tonneaus.

Unless you need bank-vault-level security, stick with the other essential covers.

Is there a particular way to take care of tonneau covers?

Regular cleaning is the best way to care for a tonneau. However, you should not do the cleaning with just any old soap.

Using the wrong cleaning liquid can actually backfire. Instead of caring for the tonneau, you may end up shortening its durability through consistent damage and deterioration.

Thoroughly research the cleaning solution to see if it is safe to use on the tonneau. When in doubt, water and baby soap will do.

Here are some other tips for taking care of a tonneau:

  • Make sure that it is adequately secured.
  • Do not place heavy items on top of the tonneau.
  • Regularly lubricate the motile parts.
  • Periodically inspect it for wear and tear.

Can you use paint on a vinyl tonneau cover?

It is not recommended to use paint on a vinyl tonneau cover.

Vinyl tonneau covers are typically made of a PVC-coated fabric that is designed to be waterproof and resistant to fading and damage from exposure to the elements.

Paint can damage the surface of the vinyl, causing it to crack or peel over time. In addition, the paint may not adhere properly to the vinyl surface, resulting in an uneven or unattractive finish.

If you want to customize your vinyl tonneau cover, there are alternative options that are better suited for this purpose.

For example, you can use vinyl graphics or decals to add designs or logos to the cover.

These can be applied directly to the vinyl surface and are designed to be durable and resistant to fading and damage.

Is it okay to drive with a tonneau cover down?

Most of the benefits of having a tonneau cover are detracted once the cover is open. If it were previously protecting personal items from harsh weather, that would no longer be the case.

Note also the effect it will have on the truck’s gas mileage. With cover down, Aerodynamic drag will return to normal.

But once the cargo is adequately secured to the truck bed, it is entirely safe to drive with the cover open.

Just make sure that it is correctly installed to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Are tonneau covers safe?

vinyl tonneau cover

Tonneau covers do as much as what was paid for. Affordable soft covers may keep out a little sunlight and drops of water here and there, but they will not keep dishonest individuals from rifling through your stuff in your absence.

A superficial cut grants them access to any personal or non-personal effects stored in the back of the truck.

More complicated covers, which generally cost a bit more, take some effort to get into.

Are tonneau covers supposed to flap?

Neither soft nor hard tonneau covers are supposed to flap in the wind. A flapping tonneau cover is a sure sign that either it was poorly made or poorly installed.

Continuous flapping will destroy the cover far more quickly than it should be out of use. Additionally, that flapping could lead to a traffic accident if the entire thing should blow off.

Soft tonneau covers must be taught and secured close to the truck bed. Even though the material is soft, good-quality covers do not shift or flutter in the wind once correctly installed.

Likewise, any rattling experienced from a hardcover should be immediately examined as even the most insufficient quality hardcovers do not usually move around so casually.

What material is most commonly used in hard tonneau covers?

Hard tonneau covers are typically made of one of two materials: fiberglass or aluminum.

Fiberglass tonneau covers are molded to fit the specific make and model of the truck bed and are often painted to match the color of the vehicle. They are durable and resistant to weather and impact damage, making them a popular choice for truck owners who want a secure and reliable cover for their truck bed.

Aluminum tonneau covers are typically made of lightweight aluminum panels that are designed to be strong and durable. They are often powder-coated to provide a protective and attractive finish. Aluminum tonneau covers are popular among truck owners who want a cover that is lightweight, easy to install and remove, and offers good security and protection for their cargo.

Both fiberglass and aluminum tonneau covers offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific needs of the truck owner. Fiberglass covers tend to be more expensive and can be more difficult to install, but they offer a sleek and stylish look and are generally more durable than aluminum covers. Aluminum covers tend to be less expensive and easier to install, but may not offer the same level of durability or weather resistance as fiberglass covers.


Tonneau covers are handy tools for protecting one’s possessions in the rear end of a truck.

Before making a purchase, prospective buyers need to consider the features being offered, compatibility with their trucks, budget, and the purpose of the tonneau, among other things.

In our research, we found that the Tyger Auto T3 was a near-perfect fit for the criteria discussed above. As such, the Tyger Auto T3 is the best tonneau cover.

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