10 Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra 2024 – Braking with Confidence

Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra

Are you looking for the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra that money can buy? If so, stick around — this article has all the relevant information you’ll need. But first, let’s examine the car itself.

Toyota Tundra is an offroader’s favorite in the USA. Tens of thousands of people own a Tundra, and all of them will tell you just how durable and powerful that car really is.

That’s why so many refuse to change their pre-2007 models; they are simply that good. But to tame that beast of a car, you will need a good braking system, and all decent braking systems have high-quality brake pads.

In this article, we go over 10 of the best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra. Naturally, we have our own pick for #1, but by all means, don’t stop there.

Any of the choices below can be the brake pad set you’re looking for. And if you’d like to do further research, the article has also provided a handy buyer’s guide with all the information a buyer might need for buying the best brake pads out there.

Quality and Performance at Every Stop

01. Power Stop K2813 – Overall Best Toyota Tundra Brake Pads

Power Stop K2813


  • Carbon-fiber ceramic compound
  • Zinc-plated rotors
  • Strategic drill holes for cooling
  • High-temperature lubricant for the ceramic parts
  • Protection against dust and dirt

Expect Power Stop to be a frequent name on this list. In fact, you can expect Power Stop products to end up on most top lists of best brake pads for Toyota Tundra.

They are just that good. That’s why it should not surprise anyone that one of their products, K2813, is our top pick.

As far as brake pads go, the K2813 seems to have it all. By far, the most prominent feature is material. Power Stop has opted to make their K2813 out of a carbon-fiber ceramic compound instead of regular ceramic.

This combination provides you with increased braking power. The only issue might be a bit of noise coming out of the rotors after a few years of driving.

And speaking of the rotors, the K2813 provides some of the best in the trade. Zinc-plated for corrosion prevention, each rotor comes with strategic holes drilled to help with cooling at high speeds.

Moreover, the rounded slot on each rotor will keep away any debris or dust. In other words, it’s smooth braking all the way.

While we’re on the subject of dust, the pads themselves also provide excellent dust-proof driving due to their composition.

To top off all of the above, the pads themselves are incredibly easy to install. All you need is the instruction manual, a YouTube video, and your own two hands.

In short, the K2813 more than deserves the spot among the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra.

  • More durable and efficient than regular ceramic brake pads
  • Easy to install
  • Take little to no dust, grime, or dirt
  • Rotors will not rust for a long time
  • Some noise expected after continued use


02. Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium – Peoples Choice Tundra Brake Pads

Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium


  • Aerospace alloy material
  • Contains no copper
  • OE rubber core shim
  • Chemical formula forming a protective layer

Few people have not heard of Bosch. After all, it is one of the leading brands in both hardware and auto parts.

And while it might not be as popular or efficient as Power Stop, Bosch still has many decent items that we would gladly include in our list of best brake pads for Toyota Tundra.

In fact, one such product was so good that we consider it a runner-up, right after K2813 — that product is the QuietCast Premium set of BP976 brake pads.

As the second-best here, the BP976 also sports some impressive features. First and foremost, it’s made of a durable aerospace alloy that combines semi-metallic and ceramic materials for perfect friction.

More importantly, it doesn’t contain any copper, so you won’t have to experience any wear and tear or rust. You will, however, still hear some noise from time to time, especially if you are driving offroad.

Both the rotors and the pads contain a layer of protective chemical formula that will extend the life of your brakes.

Moreover, the rubber core shim contains an OE-style rubber which keeps everything in place. So durable, reliable, and long-lasting — like any real Bosch product should be.

  • Quiet when driving on normal roads
  • Durable, non-copper material for longer life
  • Excellent friction with minimum damage or dust collecting
  • It can be quite noisy when driving offroad


03. Power Stop K2324 – Best Value Tundra Rotors and Pads

Power Stop K2324


  • Carbon-fiber ceramic compound
  • Zinc-plated rotors
  • Strategic drill holes for cooling
  • High-temperature lubricant for the ceramic parts

We are back with Power Stop, and once again, we have a product that is absolutely a smash hit.

Of course, at first glance, people would be forgiven if they made a mistake and compared it to K2813 since they share almost 90% of the same features. However, there is one key difference, which we will get into right now.

That one difference is also the only real setback that prevents K2324 from ranking any higher on the list of the best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra.

Sadly, it’s a pretty big setback, considering that not all Tundra owners will be able to use these pads. In addition, the product only covers the Tundra models manufactured between 2000 and 2006, which is quite a low range.

And considering how many other pads out there can actually fit the new-generation Tundras, it’s no wonder why many drivers skip these pads.

Of course, everything else about the K2324 will match the newer model. It has the same drilled rotors, the same high-temperature rubber shims, the same carbon-fiber materials, etc.

In other words, it’s the same quality, but for a far smaller range of cars. Nevertheless, if anyone owns an old, pre-2007 Toyota Tundra, these brake pads will be a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Quite durable during long drives
  • Silent on regular roads
  • Reduced risk of dust and dirt piling up
  • A small range of Toyota Tundra cars can support these pads.


04. Bosch BC1303 QuietCast Premium

Bosch BC1303 QuietCast Premium


  • Aerospace alloy material
  • Contains no copper
  • OE rubber core shim
  • Chemical formula forming a protective layer

Yes, the design is slightly different, considering these are front pads, but the BC1303 has the same amazing features that made BP976 stand out.

The only real difference is that this unit will still allow some dirt and dust through, which could be dangerous for the driver. Still, the place among the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra is well earned here.

Like the prior model, the BC1303 front pads have the same chemical formula coating them for protection.

Moreover, the model has the same OE rubber core shim for noise reduction and the same copper-free aerospace alloy material.

When in doubt, always get a combination between ceramics and other non-copper durable materials. And indeed, there isn’t a Bosch brake pad model that doesn’t withstand the harshest of durability tests.

  • Quite durable during long drives
  • Silent on regular roads
  • It contains no harmful copper
  • Some dust or dirt might end up in the rotor or the pads.


05. Power Stop K3073

Power Stop K3073


  • Carbon-fiber ceramic compound
  • Zinc-plated rotors
  • Strategic drill holes for cooling
  • High-temperature lubricant for the ceramic parts

The Power Stop K3073 is the last of this brand’s items on the list, but it is by no means the least.

It’s a set of rear pads and rear rotors with the same amazing performances as the other Power Stop products we consider to be the best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra. But, sadly, they also contain some of the same issues.

By far, the most frequent issue with this particular set of pads is the noise. And while the K2813 will produce it some of the time, the K3073 will do it far sooner than you’d expect.

However, don’t let the noise worry you. After all, the pads themselves will still have enough amazing friction to stop the car, and the rotors will endure all the nastiness of dirt and dust during those offroad drives.

And let’s not forget the now-iconic set of materials that makes up the Power Stop pads. It would take quite the effort to ruin these pads through driving alone, and that’s always a welcome feature.

  • Quite durable during long drives
  • Amazing friction and stopping power
  • Reduced risk of dust and dirt piling up
  • The pads and the rotors can get quite noisy quickly.


06. Toyota Genuine Parts 044650C020

Toyota Genuine Parts 044650C020


  • Retaining the original shape and size
  • Precise Toyota measurements and specifications
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Compatibility with other parts

Original equipment manufacturers or OEM parts are possibly the best substitutes for the real thing.

After all, unless you can get your hands on the genuine Toyota Tundra brake pads, you will at least need a replacement that fits almost as perfectly as the original.

So, when in doubt, get a Toyota brake pad system for your Tundra directly made by the company itself.

Some might wonder why a genuine Toyota part like 044650C020 is so low on the best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra list. Shouldn’t they be somewhere near the top, if not number one altogether?

Well, there’s an excellent reason why this particular part didn’t place first. More than a few of these brake pads have let dust and grime through, only because they were not the right fit.

In fact, a lot of the new products simply don’t fit the Tundra models before 2007 properly.

Nevertheless, these pads were still made by Toyota, so they are far from lacking in quality. Furthermore, the product in question is made from the same material as the original brake pads, and it’s molded in the same shape.

Furthermore, you can also use them with different Toyota parts for a seamless experience. In other words, the Toyota OEMs are definitely worth your time if you can’t decide on an alternative.

  • The car manufacturer themselves makes the pads
  • They can withstand poor weather
  • They are easy to both install and remove
  • The product doesn’t always fit properly


07. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1303

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1303


  • IMI technology for a one-piece design
  • Ceramic body
  • Laser-shaped friction
  • One size fits all

Wagner’s brake pads tend to have a ‘keep it simple and practical’ component to them. In other words, a set of pads will almost always feature a one-piece design, making the installation process easy for all car owners out there.

But it goes a little beyond that. After all, the QC1303 is among the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra for one more reason that sets them apart from most other pads out there.

Namely, this set can almost universally go on any car.

The practical formulation design and the ceramic material make the QC1303 one of the most durable products on the market.

Furthermore, the pads will produce little to no noise during everyday drives. However, the ‘one size fits all’ design will inevitably have flaws.

Considering that it won’t match every automobile’s exact needs, you can expect some dust to gather on the rotors. And as is often the case, dust leads to noise, as well as wear and tear.

Nevertheless, most Tundras will benefit from the QC1303, as it is quite easy to install, has a long life, and can withstand a lot of damage.

And if you happen to own more than one car, even if it’s not a Tundra or even a Toyota, these pads from Wagner will be a great fit for it.

  • Great set of pads for a large number of cars on the market
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Dust might come through with some car designs


08. ACDelco Silver 14D976CH

ACDelco Silver 14D976CH


  • Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formula
  • Simple economic design
  • Basic shims, chamfers, and slots
  • Zinc-coated anti-corrosion plates

ACDelco is a bit of an oddity when it comes to this list. Not because of its quality, mind you; these are still some of the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra that money can buy.

The oddity comes from its intended automobiles. Namely, the Silver 14D976CH has been made almost exclusively for General Motors vehicles.

That tends to show when it comes to their performance with Tundras, which we will get into shortly.

First, let’s see what makes the 14D976CH a decent choice. To start, there’s the material. These pads are made from a blend of ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic materials, combining them to produce a sturdy, powerful product.

And since Tundras are often driven offroad, durability is a must. Next, there’s the simple design. It’s both practical and economical, plus it makes installing the pads and the rotors quite easy.

Finally, the combo of basic shims, chamfers, and slots makes for a somewhat quiet drive.

The “somewhat” part is not there without reason. Because the 14D976CH is mainly used for GM vehicles, fitting it with Tundras might be difficult, especially the Tundras made before 2007.

And an improper fit will inevitably cause squeaking. So, when buying a set of 14D976CH pads, always do your research and see if your Tundra can even fit them.

  • Installs on a range of vehicles beyond GM
  • Durable in harsh conditions
  • Simple design for easy installation
  • Pads might squeak on various Tundra models


09. Detroit Axle Ceramic Pads

Detroit Axle Ceramic Pads


  • Ceramic brake pads
  • Zinc dichromate rotor coating
  • Grooves and holes on rotors
  • Set of both front and back pads

With this specific Detroit Axle product, you get a complete pad and rotor package, both front and back. Most of the entries on this list only offered one of the two options, so this is a good start, at least.

Now, let’s see what other features these ceramic pads have to offer.

Firstly, there are the materials. Detroit Axle often opts for ceramic pads, as they don’t wear out as easily as metal ones.

Furthermore, the rotors themselves have a zinc dichromate coat, making them rust-resistant. In short, the pads will last as long as they need to to help you brake evenly with your vehicle.

Sadly, they suffer from the same issue as the previous few entries on this list, i.e., they can squeak fiercely if they do not fit.

And speaking of fitting, the Detroit Axle ceramic pads tend to be a product that Toyota Sequoia owners buy.

Indeed, the product will fit best in a Sequoia, but your Tundra can handle them just as well. Plus, they will keep the dust and dirt at bay when needed.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Keeps dust and dirt away
  • Fit any number of Toyota vehicles
  • Squeaking might be an issue


10. Akebono ASP1303 Performance Ultra Premium

Akebono ASP1303 Performance Ultra Premium


  • Ceramic pads
  • Chrome exterior
  • Come with a brake kit
  • Ergonomic design

The last, but certainly not the least among the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra is the ASP1303 from Akebono.

The reason this company shares the name with the famed sumo wrestler is quite simple — their products are sturdy, last a long time, and are quite difficult to break.

The ASP1303 themselves are ceramic, with a chrome exterior. And while this combination doesn’t help with the squeaking, it still keeps the pads in one piece, even after a substantial mileage.

Furthermore, you will find next to no wear and tear on these pads, showing just how powerful they are. And with a simple, understandable design, anyone can replace them in less than a few minutes.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Extremely durable with next to no wear or tear
  • Simple and effective design
  • The pads might squeak after a certain mileage


What are the Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra?

According to our own data, the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra in 2024 are the Power Stop K2813. As a close runner-up, you can consider Bosch BP976, which is why we have it second on our list.

Why Power Stop K2813 is the Best Set of Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra?

Out of all the brake pads listed in this article, Power Stop K2813 stood out for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the pads are durable, strong, and long-lasting, showing little wear and tear after prolonged use.

Next, the pads themselves have excellent protection against dirt and dust, while the rotors themselves are coated with zinc against corrosion. Finally, the only real flaw of the K2813, the noise, happens rarely and only after extensive driving.

Buying Considerations of the Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra

Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra

The majority of us car owners are not experts on how our vehicles run. Therefore, it can be a bit scary to go out there and start shopping for car parts.

So, as a helpful little buyer’s guide, here’s a list of things you’ll need to consider when shopping around for a set of the best brake pads for the Toyota Tundra.

01. Construction Material

Most modern pads are made using metallic or semi-metallic materials, and there’s a good reason behind it. After all, working the metal is cheap and simple.

However, metal pads have minimal heat dissipation, and that’s a huge problem when operating at high speeds.

With that in mind, car owners should focus on ceramic pads, and especially ceramic mixed with other materials like fiberglass.

Not only do they dissipate heat well, but they also help with reducing wear and tear. The only downside is the large price tag. So naturally, there are various combinations out there, such as semi-metallic ceramic blends.

They can perform just as well, but it all depends on how they are designed and installed.

02. Dust and Rust

You might have noticed the number of times this list focused on the zinc plating of rotors.

And yes, most top-of-the-line brake pads are ceramic, and they come paired with zinc-coated rotors. So why is that the case?

Well, first and foremost, dust will inevitably accumulate in and around the pads. As stated earlier, Toyota Tundra is an excellent vehicle for offroad driving, which is why so many people choose to drive it there.

But offroading can bring centimeters of dust with it, reducing your brake pads’ ability to work properly.

So, you would need a set of pads that can avoid collecting dust, grime, dirt, and debris, and none do it better than ceramic ones.

Of course, there’s also the issue of corrosion. Since rotors are made of metal 99% of the time, they need good protection from rust.

After all, even if you don’t drive your Tundra into a lake, the humidity in the air itself can cause the metal parts to corrode. Zinc plating is, therefore, the perfect protection against this process.

But it doesn’t have to be zinc — it can be any alloy capable of preventing rust.

03. Kit Completeness

Browsing the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra will give the buyer a plethora of choices. However, some of them might be cheaper than others because they are missing something.

In other words, you might end up with a kit containing only the front or only the rear brake pads. And while that’s not necessarily a setback, it can still save you money to compare the prices of full kits to those containing only one type of pad.

Furthermore, when buying a set of pads, make sure that they contain lubrication oil and shims. If not, you might end up having to spend even more money on additional parts.

04. Noise Cancellation

No pad will be completely silent all the time. Even some of the highest-rated products on this list will squeak, squeal, or make other noises after your car has been through a couple of thousand miles.

By far, the quietest option is ceramic pads, followed closely by ceramic-metallic ones.

05. Braking Accuracy

Performance is not easy to check with brake pads. After all, you can only test them out by installing them and testing them directly.

With that in mind, there is no right or wrong choice out there when it comes to predicting how accurate brake pads can be.

Most people will still swear on ceramic pads as the best, considering they make the least amount of noise and show the least wear and tear after use.


Brake Pads for Toyota Tundra faqs

Why Should I Invest in Brake Pads?

Investing in high-quality brake pads for your vehicle is important for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Brake pads are a critical component of your vehicle’s braking system and are responsible for stopping your vehicle safely and quickly. Investing in quality brake pads can help ensure that your vehicle stops when you need it to, reducing the risk of accidents and keeping you and your passengers safe.
  2. Performance: High-quality brake pads can improve the overall performance of your vehicle’s braking system, providing better-stopping power and a more responsive feel. This can be especially important during emergency braking situations or when driving in challenging conditions.
  3. Durability: Cheap brake pads may wear out quickly, requiring more frequent replacements and costing you more money in the long run. High-quality brake pads, on the other hand, are designed to last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements and saving you money over time.
  4. Noise Reduction: Cheap brake pads can often produce loud squeaking or grinding noises, which can be annoying and distracting. Investing in quality brake pads can help reduce or eliminate these noises, providing a smoother and quieter driving experience.

Can I Install the Pads Myself?

Yes, you can absolutely install brake pads yourself. In fact, a lot of the choices in our list of the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra are quite easy to install.

The manufacturers even provide sets of instructions or links to YouTube videos for anyone interested in doing that. However, just to be on the safe side, always consult a mechanic before doing anything.

The same rule of thumb applies when it comes to brake pad replacement.

Of course, you can try to do it yourself, but if you don’t want to risk damaging your car any further, take it to a professional so they can remove the brake pads properly.

What Type of Brake Pads Should I Get?

Broadly speaking, you have three types of brake pads based on the material: metallic, semi-metallic, and ceramic.

However, you will often find pads that combine these materials or even contain others. Therefore, picking the right ones can be an issue. Rotors, on the other hand, are almost exclusively made of metal.

If our list is any indicator, you should get ceramic pads with zinc-coated rotors. After all, they produce the least amount of noise, and they perform well.

However, a stainless steel pad could outlast a ceramic one, and so can some semi-metallic products. So, naturally, the wear and tear will be far more evident with anything metal in it.

Is There a Set of Brake Pads that Fits All Tundra Models?

Some products definitely have a one size fits all designation, including a few on our own list.

However, there is really no set of pads out there that can fit all Tundra models. And yes, that also includes the pads that were made specifically by Toyota themselves.

The best way to go about it is to research all the available models and see what the past experiences are with other drivers. But, again, that input from previous customers can be vital.

For example, brake pads can falsely advertise that they cover all Tundra models from the early 2000s to today.

However, more than a few options will simply not cover the 2000-2006 range of Tundras. Strangely enough, there are even brand-new brake pads that won’t cover any of the 2019 or 2024 models either.

Are the Holes in the Rotor Necessary?

Yes, the holes in a brake rotor are necessary and serve an important purpose in the braking system.

The holes, also known as “vented” or “drilled” rotors, are designed to help dissipate heat and gases that can build up between the brake pads and rotor during braking.

This heat and gas buildup, also known as “brake fade,” can reduce the efficiency of the braking system and increase stopping distances, making the vehicle less safe to drive.

The holes in the rotor allow air to flow through, cooling the rotor and reducing the temperature buildup.

This can help prevent brake fade and ensure consistent braking performance, especially during high-speed or heavy-duty driving.


There is no simple solution for choosing the best brake pads for Toyota Tundra in this day and age. With so many Tundra models out there (as well as so many brake pad products), it can be overwhelming.

And while we have our own top pick, it still might not be the one you are looking for. So the best way to go about it is to find as much information about the brake pad set as possible.

Once you’re sure you know what your Tundra needs, you can click on that basket option on Amazon.

Keep in mind that the brake pads you’re buying have to last for a while before you can even consider getting the next set.

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