10 Best Sounding Exhaust for Toyota Tundra in 2024 – Roar Like a Lion

Sounding Exhaust for Toyota Tundra

Picking the best-sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra can be a herculean task with so many brands available to choose from.

Nevertheless, an array of choices means you have a greater chance of making a good pick and fitting your Toyota Tundra with the best exhaust system possible.

What is the Best Sounding Exhaust System for Tundra?

Flowmaster has proven to be the best sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra.

Responsible for several exhaust systems for a Toyota Tundra, they have proven to be more knowledgeable about Tundras, creating several systems to cater to the different available models.

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Why Flowmaster 817692 is the Best Brand for Toyota Tundra Exhaust System?

Flowmaster 817692, which has proven to be the best for Toyota Tundra. Thanks to its tuned dyno, which guarantees maximum performance, and a factory-fitted pair of mufflers amongst a host of other unique features, it is highly recommended within the Flowmaster family and the exhaust system industry.

However, several other brands have joined the fray, hitting the market with designs of their own, which have proven worthy competition for the Flowmaster brand.

Top Exhaust Systems to Give Your Toyota Tundra the Ultimate Sound

01. Flowmaster 817692 Cat-Back Exhaust System – Overall Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817692 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Full bolt-on fitment
  • Maximum-performance tuned dyno
  • Tip styles
  • Flowmasters mufflers
  • Bent mandrel tubing

This aggressive-sounding stainless steel exhaust system from Flowmaster can easily be considered a perfect fit for a Toyota.

This cat black exhaust system brings that aggressive sound that alerts everyone to your presence, a well-recommended improvement on a factory-fitted exhaust.

A combination of its dyno tuning and muffler systems ensures the sound stays aggressive as ever.

With a mounting point already factory fitted in addition to a complete bolt-on, installation is easy and quick. This is aided in part by the variety of tip styles supplied.

While the clamps may come off as weak depending on your installation style, good welding can always do the job of holding it in place firmly. However, there is more to this system than sound.

It has also been built to employ a high drive power complemented by a pair of mandrel bends that ensures airflow around the system stays efficient. At the same time, its stainless steel coating screams beauty.

It also ensures durability. There is little to no risk of immediate and short-term rust. This is to ensure longevity.

  • Smooth installation process
  • Lovely sound
  • Efficient airflow
  • Perfect fitting parts
  • Difficult installing black tips


02. Gibson Performance 60-0013 Exhaust System – Best Value Tundra Exhaust

Gibson Performance 60-0013 Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • 4-inch mandrel tubing
  • 6-inches round cut tip
  • Band clamps
  • Straight through muffler

Few exhaust systems on the market offer excellence at an affordable price. The Gibson 60-0013 is one of those, affordable yet lacking nothing in quality and durability.

This Gibson exhaust system has an easy installation routine. A perfect fit for Toyotas, especially Tundras. What more?

It still comes with stainless steel covering, not different from its more expensive counterparts, ensuring durability even though less expensive. Its tubings are stainless steel. Let’s talk sound.

The Gibson, although not quite as aggressive, still has a decent sound. It can produce both a huge and deep rumble, thanks to the presence of a straight-through muffler combining with a set of large pipes.

Other than its affordability, Gibson stands out because of its power.

Aided by the large pipes, this exhaust system can boost gas mileage while feeling your desire.

One last bit, though, this exhaust system exits through the passenger side just behind the tire at the rear.

  • Easy installation
  • Slash cut tips
  • It can be welded into place
  • Tailpipe can be difficult to tighten


03. Borla 140332 Cat Black Exhaust System – Peoples Choice Best Exhaust System

Borla 140332 Cat Black Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth mandrel bends
  • Stainless steel
  • Precise CNC computer-controlled manufacturing
  • Enhanced exhaust velocity
  • Patented multi-core technology

The Borla cat-black 140332 exhaust system is a master at unleashing horsepower and efficiency, a leading system in this regard. Quite unlike most of the exhaust systems in the market, the Borla is a different beast unchallenged.

Conveniently fitted with a straight-through and multi-core technology feature patented, the Borla has all it needs to unleash any horsepower hidden in that Toyota.

To ensure that airflow is efficient, the Borla employs mandrel bends with an ultra-smooth nature.

Coupled with an enhanced exhaust velocity that not only adds power but saves fuel, this directly saves you money.

Its stainless steel covering erases all doubts about its durability while shoring its reputation as a top performer.

Every part of this exhaust system is guided with a multi-core technology mentioned above, ensuring it is well fitted into that Toyota.

This exhaust system is different and superbly superior to the T-400 series. This is a recommended exhaust system for a Toyota Tundra model between 2009-2017, holding 4.6 or 5.7 liters.

  • Smooth throttle effect during speed transition.
  • Easy installation
  • Sound not loud but excellent
  • There are no gaskets for the cat pipes.


04. Walker 18954 SoundFX Exhaust Muffler

Walker 18954 SoundFX Exhaust Muffler

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum steel covering
  • Internal drain system
  • Internal partitions
  • Louvered tubes
  • Spun-locked heads
  • OE-style spot welds

The walker Soundfx 18954 is one of the most reliable exhaust systems coming from the Walker line. Fitted with a lot of features, the Walker Soundfx is quite unlike any other.

It stands out as one of the few exhaust systems to use aluminum steel covering, thereby offering protection against rust and, in extension, greater durability.

Walkers are known for their internal partitions and tubes, which have been joined mechanically; the walker soundfx is no different.

This means a reduced distortion and an expansion and contraction process are guaranteed. This ensures temperature changes do no cause a dip in performance.

When it comes to aesthetics, this product is beautiful and capable of enhancing the beauty of that truck. Very few exhaust systems can compete with such aesthetics.

Moreover, greater horsepower is also guaranteed with the walker soundfx 18954. It has been designed to improve the truck’s acceleration without any increase in fuel consumption.

There is no need to have a headache over the installation process. It is quite straightforward. There is no need for welding or any special fabrication with a direct-fit installation system to ensure solidity.

While the sound is not all that aggressive, thanks to its louvered tubes that cut down drastically on emitted noise, it is still decent. It wouldn’t be farfetched to consider this one of the best in the game.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Good fit
  • Sound is perfect
  • Installation can get quite technical.


05. Flowmaster 817664 American Thunder 409S Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817664 American Thunder 409S Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • 50-inch dual tailpipes
  • Stainless steel 3.50-inch polished tips
  • Dual our rear (DOS) bolt
  • Cat-back

The American thunder Flowmaster exhaust system can hold its own if there ever was a competition for the best exhaust system.

Perfectly created for the Toyota Tundra, particularly for the 2011-2014 Tundra trucks, no one questions the aggressive roar this exhaust guarantees you when throttled.

Compared to other exhaust systems from the Flowmaster family, the American Thunder has been aptly named.

Just like most of its Flowmaster cousins, the American Thunder guarantees optimal performance levels in addition to its thunderous sound.

The beautiful thing about this Flowmaster is how it increases horsepower. This is no surprise when the factory-fitted tailpipes and steel tips are taken into consideration.

These 2.50-inch dual tailpipes and stainless steel 3.50-inch polished tips combine to ensure a dual out rear while also ensuring greater horsepower.

In addition to this, this exhaust model ensures greater fuel efficiency.

When it comes to installation, a set of instructions guides you through an easy and faster setup process. It has a quicker installation process when compared to its Flowmaster cousins.

Furthermore, this exhaust system was designed to fit a long bed or a regular cab, crewmax, and the short beds or double cab models. In essence, it is capable of fitting almost all Tundra models.

  • Quick installation process
  • Great sound
  • Amazing power
  • Exhaust tips are not reliable.
  • Exhaust hanger is not reliable.


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06. Walker 47774 Exhaust Muffler Assembly

Walker 47774 Exhaust Muffler Assembly

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-corrosion steel
  • Internal partitions
  • Mechanically attached tubes
  • OE-type louvered tubes
  • Pipe routing

The walker 47774 muffler assembly is yet another top-notch exhaust system fitting for a Toyota.

There is no surprise to this considering its many features, all carefully crafted to ensure that this system produces an amazing sound while improving efficiency. One of these is the OE-type hanger factory fitted into it.

This ensures that the installation is seamless and stress-free. This OE-type hanger is combined with the factory-fitted brackets and its custom pip routings that further aid a seamless installation process.

There is no need for welding or any special fabrication to ensure a stronghold with these factory components.

The walker 47774 mufflers have also been built to last for as long as possible. It is a fully stainless steel coated corrosion-resistant system, further supported by an internal drain that leaves moisture collection at a minimum.

Its internal partitions and tubes that have been mechanically attached give room for expansion and subsequent contractions during temperature alterations.

This feature ensures there is minimal distortion. It also boasts top-notch structural stability through its OE-type spot welds.

It also comes with an acoustic control which is premium level when stacked against most of its counterparts.

Furthermore, the walker 47774 has a domed head that not only ensures a reduced noise but, when compared to straight, perforated tubes, comes up top with a premium sound quality.

  • Quiet but good sound
  • Easy installation
  • perfect fitting
  • Sound not as aggressive


07. Flowmaster 817708 Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817708 Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel covering
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Proven muffler technology
  • Factory hangers
  • Unique design

The Flowmaster 817708 outlaw exhaust system has earned its spot on this list with a unique design system as virtually all Flowmasters are known for.

The outlaw 817708, however, has features that ensure it stands out from the competition. Mentioned in no particular order, the stainless steel covering of the outlaw 817708 comes first.

But this is a common feature and doesn’t make the Outlaw 817796 stand out. Its muffler technology is rarely seen in other exhaust systems. This muffler technology has been proven to help in improving the efficiency of this Flowmaster exhaust system.

When it comes to sound, the Flowmaster is extremely loud, that is, if the information on the Flowmaster website is to be believed. When moved to increase RPMs, the sound can become beefy but still decent.

However, this exhaust system is prone to drone issues, especially when cruising at a regular freeway speed.

Although installation can be quite easy, there are noticeable issues with the installation.

The stock muffler seems to be larger than it should be and might require you to cut a bit off it to ensure a proper fit. Nevertheless, a little bit of research might help avoid this problem.

Furthermore, Outlaw 817708 is famous for its increased fuel mileage. This is increasingly possible to achieve when combined with a cold air intake.

Outlaws fit for crewmax and 2014 Tundras with a 5.7-liter capacity. If your extreme lifestyle requires extreme sound, this may just be the one.

  • An easy installation process
  • An aggressive sound
  • It is durable
  • The drone is horrible if 1500rpm is exceeded.


08. MagnaFlow 15306 Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 15306 Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • 409 stainless steel
  • Straight through flow design
  • Dual-pipes
  • One-sided exhaust tips
  • Mandrel-bent tubing

Picking exhaust systems that are both powerful and pocket-friendly can be quite tricky and difficult to decide, but the MagnaFlow 15306 stands out as one of the few that fit that category.

Created in a way that gives great durability while also enhancing the vehicle’s performance, the Magnaflow 15306 is quite the machine.

It radiates a deep yet smooth sound that has been designed to ensure balance to both the exterior and interior of the truck. Although stylish, the MagnaFlow is quite renowned for something else.

It uses a straight-through design to provide an increase in horsepower and efficiency. It also employs a dual-pipe that uniquely retains both exhaust tips on one side of the vehicle.

Covered with 409 stainless steel, there is a guarantee of greater protection against rust. Moreover, who wouldn’t love an exhaust system that has been tested against the SAE j1169 standards?

  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Nice sound
  • Excellent horsepower
  • Installation is not that easy


09. Corsa 14916 Exhaust System

Corsa 14916 Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Clamp-on tip
  • Dual-wall heat protection
  • Stainless steel covering
  • Polished dual-outlet tips
  • Performance tip kits

Not every exhaust system is capable of producing the revving roaring sound that the Corsa cat-black 14916 provides. Even though the roar is revving, it is still within the confines of civility.

That’s how efficient and classy the Corsa 14916 is. There are several reasons why this stands out. There is a dual-walled design that ensures that the exhaust is protected from any distortion caused by heat.

This ensures the tubes stay straight without warping. It has also been designed with a handcrafted tip, carefully polished to stun, thereby adding incredible beauty to that vehicle.

When it comes to installation, the Corsa presents no issues. It is easy to install and fit. Installation manuals are quite helpful in this regard. The clamps also ensure there is a good hold, although not in all cases.

You might need to weld it into place if you are not satisfied with the clamp hold. As always, there is a decreased possibility of rust and increased durability and reliability with all stainless steel coverings.

  • An awesome revving sound
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased performance
  • Not perfectly fitting
  • Joints may need welding


10. Dynomax 19330 Exhaust System

Dynomax 19330 Exhaust System

Highlighted Features

  • Large internal flow tubes
  • Patented flow director
  • Fiberglass matting design
  • Stainless steel
  • Mandrel Bent pipe

Dynomax products are appreciated and well renowned for their toughness and ruggedness, and the 199330 dynomax is no different.

This exhaust system is perfect and specifically designed with large flow tubes inside, and this exhaust system ensures all backpressure is greatly reduced and kept at the lowest levels possible.

This dynomax is also famous for its quiet performance tone. A fiberglass matting design can achieve this that acts as an absorber of any unnecessary interior resonance.

In addition, it is possible to customize this exhaust system with a performance system from Dynomax. This system is perfectly legal and keeps with acceptable emission levels.

Furthermore, there is a flow director exclusively patented that ensures good and proper flow while eliminating turbulence. The dynomax design also helps it to conserve fuel even in the face of increased performance.

The installation process is pretty straightforward and can be fitted straight in without making adjustments and bends.

  • No drone
  • Quiet yet powerful sound
  • Easy installation
  • Sounds not aggressive
  • Susceptible to rust


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Buying Consideration for the Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System

With so many factors affecting your choice of exhaust, it can be difficult to make a suitable pick.  Here are some important factors you must consider before deciding on what exhaust system to purchase.

01. Installation

Exhaust systems are quite complex and can be difficult to install, especially for brands that are made for bigger trucks.

However, an exhaust system is probably equally fitting for every complex installation while requiring less complex installation. This is for those who wish to do it themselves.

However, employing the services of a mechanic is encouraged. Not only will they help you during the installation process, but they can come in handy in selecting the right one concerning installation, especially when shopping online.

02. Exhaust Tube Construction

There is no denying this is a significant consideration. There are different exhaust tube constructions, and each could have varying effects if not installed in vehicles that support that construction.

For most exhaust systems, the standard is to use a construction style that ends in a crush bend.

Although fast and easy to achieve, this construction method causes reduced airflow and subsequent reduction in efficiency as it causes the pipe to become narrow at the bend.

Alternatively, a technique known as mandrel bending is employed by high-end exhausts to ensure greater horsepower.

This is possible as there is no tightening of the bend. This also ensures an awesome sound.

03. Material

For a car part constantly exposed to the elements, the material with which it is made must be considered before purchasing.

Dust, fog, and rain are just some of the elements an exhaust system is exposed to. This, however, means that the average exhaust is at risk of rust and corrosion. This is why the coating material is an important factor.

Purchasing an exhaust system that can resist these elements should be the top priority for the longest possible time. A quick corroding exhaust system means a shorter life span and regular changes.

No one loves to spend money this way. For exhausts, stainless steel has been proven to be more durable.

04. Model Year

It is important to consider the vehicle’s model year before making a move to purchase that exhaust system. While there are several exhaust systems in the market for Toyotas, not all are suitable for all models as they are model specific.

You must pay attention to your car model and purchase only the exhaust system compatible with that model.

An exhaust system that doesn’t fit well can result in leaks and subsequent reduction in power.

This is a dangerous possibility and potentially damaging in the long run. Spending money on a wrong fit is always a wrong move that you should avoid.

05. Price

This has to be the most important factor to consider. There is no need to pick an exhaust system with the right tube construction or the appropriate material if you do not have the money to pay for it.

Admittedly, a low budget means you will be restricted to picking only at the bottom end, which may mean you might not get the best there is.

You will most likely have to sacrifice one of the factors discussed above to accommodate the other. However, a high budget means your choice pool is greater.

Exhaust systems come at varying prices, each determined either by the brand or the site where it’s being sold.

Taking your budget into consideration means you will be able to determine the best place for you to shop without going burst.

06. Exhaust Type

A major consideration before purchasing an exhaust system is the type of exhaust. There are three types of exhaust: the cat-back, the axle-back, and the header-back exhaust system.

Cat-back systems modify the exhaust directly behind the catalytic converter. They are affordable, although less powerful.  But they are famous for ranking high during emission testing.

Header-backs are common for optimizing performances by overhauling the exhaust system completely. Although expensive, they are very effective.

Axle-backs cause modifications, but they are minimal compared to the cat-back systems. They are the cheapest of all types. However, they are also the least powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Exhaust System

Now and then, customers seek answers to questions that plague them while trying to purchase an exhaust system. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about exhaust systems

How dangerous is a faulty exhaust?

Generally, faulty exhaust systems are not that dangerous to the point of endangering your life. They may only cause reduced performance.

However, if fumes are leaking from your exhausts through a hole, this can be health threatening.

These fumes are odorless and colorless, meaning you cannot see them. This can result in fires which may cause huge damage to your car.

Must I modify my vehicle before installation?

The general answer is no, as almost all exhaust systems are made for specific car models and designed to fit perfectly.

However, in rare cases, slight modifications may need to be made to ensure ill-fitting parts of the exhaust system are cut properly to size to ensure a good fitting.

Can I carry out an installation myself

Yes, it is possible if you are a technical person and have some idea about mechanics. This should be enough for you to follow the installation instructions in the manual.

However, if you are not confident in your ability to do this yourself, you should not attempt it. Contact a mechanic instead.

 Are loud exhausts more fuel-consuming?

Actually, No. Loud exhaust systems do not use up more fuel than their silent counterparts. This is because of a component called the muffler. Mufflers help to modulate the sound the engine generates.

This ensures there is no direct effect on the mileage or performance. As long as the muffler is working perfectly and not obstructing gas flow, an increase in noise does not affect the fuel consumption rate.

How many types of mufflers are there?

types of mufflers are there

There are two types of mufflers which are the glass-packed mufflers and the chambered mufflers. Glass-packed mufflers are common for containing fibreglasses.

These fibreglasses are responsible for generating a unique popping sound. The chambered muffler is designed to let air flow through a connection of tubes or chambers inside a unit. This movement creates an exhaust note.

What is the perfect tubing size?

Although mufflers come in different sizes and varying shapes, and their inlet or outlet openings can be quite different, there is a not-so-common way to determine the right tube size.

The general understanding is to make use of a 3-inch tube. However, some mufflers are factory-fitted with inlets or outlets that are 2.25 inches in diameter.

It’s safer to check your vehicle specifications before making a decision.

Can I install a muffler myself?

Yes, of course, you can install a muffler all by yourself as long as you have some experience with vehicles. However, mufflers are technical for installation, and some require welding to ensure a stronger hold.

If it comes to that, you may need to employ the services of a certified welder. Well, unless you know how to weld too. Then, it’s okay.

Stainless steel seems a widely preferred choice.  Why?

Well, stainless steel is a corrosion resistance material hence its popularity. Stainless steels have been a preferred choice since the ’90s and have continued to be.

They are durable and come in different types. The most popular ones are the 409 stainless steel and the 304 stainless steel.

There is also the aluminized steel that is popular for rusting from its inside due to corrosive fluids.

How can I detect a faulty exhaust?

An exhaust system can become faulty. However, a faulty and deteriorating exhaust will show you some signs that you must heed.

Strange noises are an excellent way to know that something is wrong with the exhaust system.

These noises could be rambling or rattling, which is a clear deviation from the norm.

In another case, a rotten smell could indicate that the system’s catalytic converter is most likely blocked.

Also, low fuel efficiency could be an indication that your exhaust system is developing some faults.

Will my car perform better with a new exhaust system?

Installing a new exhaust system can potentially improve the performance of your car, but it depends on several factors such as the type of car, the condition of the existing exhaust system, and the specific exhaust system you choose.

A new exhaust system can increase the horsepower and torque of your car, which can result in better acceleration and overall performance.

It can also improve fuel efficiency by reducing the back pressure in the exhaust system, which can help your car to breathe more easily.

However, if your existing exhaust system is already in good condition and properly tuned, the benefits of a new exhaust system may not be as significant.

Additionally, installing an incompatible or poorly designed exhaust system can actually decrease the performance of your car and potentially cause damage to the engine.


The right exhaust ensures your vehicle not only produces that great sound you crave but also gives it an amazing appearance.

Although it can be quite difficult to choose, do not forget to apply the considerations discussed above.

The best-sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra is out there somewhere, waiting for you to grab it.

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