How to Reset Viper Alarm – Unlock the Secrets

How to reset Viper Alarm

Do you have the viper car alarm technology installed on your car? You must know how to reset viper alarm in case of unexpected failure.

Just like every advanced automotive technology, the viper alarm is not perfect. However, it functions optimally and provides your vehicle with outstanding security from time to time.

Nevertheless, it is not flawless, and you may experience some issues along the way.

As you read along, you will learn the techniques you can adopt to quickly reset your viper alarm whenever it fails to function optimally or as expected.

What is a Viper Alarm System?

Car Upgrade-Viper Alarm

The Viper alarm system is renowned car security and advanced remote start brand. According to the manufacturer, this product is built using innovative and highly advanced technology.

This ensures every vehicle owner enjoys impressive security features that restrict theft or unauthorized access.

How does a viper alarm works?

The viper alarms come with two activation options (passive or active). This activation option gives all vehicle owners complete control over the alarm operations and functions.

This way, you can select a preferred or desired security level.

The alarm can be activated and disabled using your viper remote control with the click of a button. You may decide to activate the alarm silently.

This way, your vehicle is armed, but anyone around your neighborhood won’t know that you have an alarm installed on your car. Your vehicle’s status is monitored and shown on the remote’s LED display.

The second activation option is known as the panic mode. When the panic mode is activated, the alarm triggers or goes off whenever someone tries to break into your car or vandalize it.

This alerts you and people around, informing you that an immediate response or attention is needed.

Benefits of Viper Alarm

  • Restricts unauthorized access to your vehicle. The alarm system produces a loud noise that alerts the vehicle owner or people around in case of intrusions, vandalism, and possible theft.
  • The viper alarm system comes with the starter kill feature. This feature is built and programmed in the viper alarm to allow car owners to control the engine completely. Hence, you can stop your car’s engine from coming on or starting.

Why do you need to reset viper alarm?

  • If you misplace or damage your alarm remote while the alarm is still active, you will have to reset the alarm before you can start your car.
  • When the car alarm is triggered (accidentally or not) and starts making that loud sound, you will have to reset it once you confirm and verify the condition associated with its activation.
  • If the alarm comes on and the remote fails to work, or when you can’t find the alarm remote anywhere close to you. The only option you have left to stop the annoying sound and avoid disturbing your neighbors is to reset the alarm.

If you’re struggling with resetting your Viper alarm, this helpful guide also provides information on disabling the VSC off button in Toyota vehicles, which can be found at this link.

Different Ways of How to Reset Viper Alarm in Your Car

If your alarm triggers, this section discusses how you can stop the noise and reset the alarm accordingly without disarming it.

Also, you will find out how you can reset the alarm if you misplace/damage the remote so that you can start your vehicle, especially during an emergency.

Approximate cost of the service/setup

The installation/setup cost depends on the brand, model, year of your vehicle, and the type of alarm system you wish to install.

There are alarm system models with the basic functions (security only) and other models with advanced/complex functions (security and start engine features).

On average, a viper alarm costs between $30 and $400. The labor/installation cost depends mainly on the complexity of the alarm system you wish to install.

Usually, the price varies from one location to another.

On average, the labor cost falls between $25 and $150.

01. Using the Valet Button (for misplaced or damaged alarm remote)

Valet Key Viper Alarm

The valet button is a specialized switch that turns on/off your vehicle’s security functions. This button is positioned in an area beneath the dashboard in most cars.

You need to follow the following steps to reset your viper alarm if you misplace or damage your alarm remote.

Step 1: Confirm if your vehicle has the valet switch

This procedure is for you if your car has a valet button. Go through the user’s manual to find out the location of this button on your vehicle. However, it is mostly positioned beneath the dashboard.

Step 2: Turn the ignition on

Once the button has been identified, you can start the reset process properly. You have nothing to do with the button at this point.

Insert your car key into the ignition and turn the ignition on. Do not attempt to start the vehicle. However, the car won’t start even if you try since the alarm is still armed.

Step 3: Turn on the valet button

Once you press the valet button, hold it for as long as the sound source (siren) chirps once. This resets or turns off the alarm immediately.

The alarm stays that way (disabled) for as long as the valet button remains on. During this time, your vehicle is not protected and could be easily compromised.

This is why you need to get your alarm remote as soon as possible. Once found or repaired, go to the valet button again and turn it off.

02. Resetting the Alarm Using the Alarm a Remote

Remote Control

Immediately the alarm gets triggered and starts making a loud noise; you can reset it while still keeping it armed.

  • Point your alarm remote directly to where your vehicle is parked
  • Leave the alarm to blare for about 6 seconds, and then press the lock button on your remote

03. Disconnecting the Vehicle’s Brain from the Harness

If you find it difficult to reset your alarm using your remote due to a synchronizing issue. This technique may come in handy.

This technique disables, reactivates, and resets the viper alarm.

  • Go to your vehicle’s harness and disconnect the brain
  • Please turn on the ignition and then reconnect/reinsert the brain to its usual position.

Step by Step Guide on How to Program Viper Remote

This section discusses the methods you can adopt to reprogram both old and new viper remotes.

01. Open the front door (the driver’s corner)

Enter the car and leave the door open for as long as you are still inside your vehicle.

02. Insert the key into the ignition

Turn/rotate the key to the ON position once the key is inserted into the ignition. Do not attempt to crank/start the engine.

03. Trace the alarm transmitter

Once found, reach out to the button on the transmitter and press it 7 times continuously, and hold on to the button as you press it the 8th

04. Wait for the chirp sound

Once you hear the beep sound, you can press the lock button on your remote to reprogram it.

If you do not hear or perceive any beep sound, repeat the process until you achieve the expected outcome.

In addition to the steps for resetting a Viper alarm, this article also includes a link to a helpful guide on the Toyota Smart Key system and how it operates, which can be found at this link

Viper Remote Start Problems & Solutions

The following are reasons why your viper remote may fail to start or stops working unexpectedly.

You have to troubleshoot your remote and check for each of these problems until you eventually identify the issue.

01. Weak or damaged remote battery

Your viper remote may become unresponsive when the battery goes bad. If the battery is running weak, you may experience slow or no response when attempting to control your vehicle over a long range.


If your remote uses a rechargeable battery, check the battery level. If it’s low, recharge it accordingly.

When you notice that the battery drops faster than usual, you may have to get the battery replaced.

For the non-rechargeable battery, open the remote, take out the old battery and replace it accordingly.

02. Defective/faulty hood pin

The hood pin is a vital component of your viper alarm safety system, which you can find in your vehicle’s hood. The role of this component is to put the start system out of action or deactivate it temporarily whenever you open your hood. This way, your vehicle won’t start unexpectedly during diagnoses or while a mechanic works on it to fix a minor issue.

Whenever the hood pin becomes damaged or fails to reset automatically after you have closed or shut the hood, this may result in a problem.


Check the cable that plugs/links into the hood pin to see if it is still firmly connected. Confirm if the hood pin is still in good working condition (not rusty or broken).

The hood pin is susceptible to rust since it’s mostly exposed to dust, water, road salt, heat, and other chemicals. It can also break when you or the mechanic slams the hood aggressively on the hood pin.

Once you notice that the electrode (where the cable plugs into the hood pin) is rusty or when the pin is broken, this could prevent your hood pin from working. Get a replacement done as soon as possible.

03. The toggle switch is inactive

This is another issue that could prevent your remote from starting. In most cases, you may have triggered the off switch unknowingly, thereby affecting the toggle switch performance/operation.


Before you conclude or decide to get, your viper alarm remote replaced or repaired. It is great to check the toggle switch first to detect if it is active (on) or inactive (off). If the toggle switch is off, then try and put it on.

04. Wrong/Incorrect pairing

This may not be a common problem or issue that affects the viper remote start. Nevertheless, you may have to check the remote pairing if none of the previous troubleshooting techniques could fix the issue.


You can perform a reset or program the remote accordingly by following the steps and procedures highlighted earlier in this guide. Alternatively, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the repair manual.

FAQs Related to Car Viper Alarm

How does the car alarm get activated?

A car alarm can be activated in a number of ways depending on the type of system installed. Generally, car alarms can be activated through a remote control, a key fob, or a smartphone app.

The most common way to activate a car alarm is by using the remote control or key fob.

The remote control or key fob has a button that sends a signal to the car’s alarm system, triggering the alarm to go off.

In addition to manual activation, car alarms can also be set to automatically activate when certain conditions are met.

For example, if a car is parked and the doors are locked, the alarm may be set to activate if someone tries to open the doors or tamper with the vehicle in any way.

Some advanced car alarm systems also use sensors to detect movements, sounds, or even changes in temperature.

If the system detects any unusual activity, the alarm will be activated.

How are remote starters powered?

Batteries power remote starters. While some starters use a rechargeable battery, others make use of the non-rechargeable battery.

If your remote battery is rechargeable, you can easily charge it through the charging port whenever the battery is down.

You will have to break the remote apart if it’s powered by a non-rechargeable battery to get the weak battery out and then replace it.

How long does the viper alarm remote battery last?

Whenever the remote start is in use or responds to your commands, the battery is in a good state and has enough power.

When it goes the other way (when the remote only responds at a closer range or doesn’t respond at all), you may have to replace the battery.

On average, it takes about 4 years before the battery goes bad or needs a replacement.

How do I replace my faulty viper remote?

If your remote becomes faulty or gets damaged, there are some things you need to consider before you go ahead to pick a replacement.

First, not all viper remotes are the same. Hence, you need to know the remote model or part number and then get a similar model as a replacement.

For best outcome and performance, it is advised that you only pick up a replacement from an authorized viper dealer or directly from the manufacturer by visiting their website.

Where can I get a viper alarm system installed on my vehicle?

There are several places where you can get a Viper alarm system installed on your vehicle, including:

  1. Authorized Viper dealers: Viper has a network of authorized dealers who can install their alarm systems. You can visit the Viper website and use their dealer locator tool to find a dealer near you.
  2. Car audio installation shops: Many car audio installation shops also offer installation services for car alarm systems, including Viper systems.
  3. Automotive service centers: Some automotive service centers, such as Pep Boys, also offer installation services for car alarm systems.
  4. Mobile electronics specialists: There are also mobile electronics specialists who can come to your location and install the Viper alarm system for you.


There are several models or designs of viper alarm systems on the market. The reset and reprogram techniques discussed in this guide are applicable regardless of the model you have installed on your vehicle.

When you understand how to reset viper alarm, you won’t have to consult or pay a mechanic in a situation where you misplace your alarm remote or when the remote fails to synchronize with the alarm system.

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