Difference Between 275 and 305 Tires in 2023 – Know Which is Best for You!

You’re probably wondering the difference between 275 and 305 tires and how they could affect cars. We must have known that tires are a crucial component of a vehicle, and there are verities of them with various features.

The fact that one tire tickles our fancy after observing its exceptional qualities doesn’t mean we can pick it up and fit them on our vehicle.

This is because no matter the incredible features a tire may possess, it is only meaningful to us when it suits the car intended perfectly without permanent or even temporary damage or making the car vulnerable to an accident that could lead to fatal injury.

Difference Between 275 and 305 Tires

The 275 tires can fit vehicles such as; Larger sized SUVs and trucks. Larger-sized SUVs of which include: RAM 1500, Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon and Jeep Wrangler even Chevrolet Suburban.

While 305 tire sizes find their application in; Nissan 370Z (2013& 2014), Cadillac CTS-V(2015), Jaguar XKR(2009), BMW M6(2015), and Dodge Challenger(2014).

How do I know my tire size?

tire size 305

There are two basic ways to identify and tell to which tire sizes a vehicle belongs. Firstly, the most straightforward way is to look at the door Jam for manual on tire information, where the tire’s specifications and maintenance are contained. Yet also, you can tell the size and specifications directly from the tire.

However, this way of telling tire sizes is more technical and requires understanding the meanings of the designated numbers, letters, or symbols written directly on the tires. For instance, let us take the P305/30R20 90S, which we commonly find written on the walls of our vehicle tires.

Every letter and number you see on it has its respective designation, and knowing them will help you tell the size of your vehicle’s tire quickly and accurately.

From P305/30R20 90S, the letter P stands for Passenger type of vehicle tire, and the number 305 tells the width of the tire, which is, 305millimeters. After the width in millimeters, the slash symbol gives information about the tire’s Aspect ratio, usually measured in percentage and calculated by dividing the tire’s rim diameter by its width. In the case of P305/30R20 90S, the aspect ratio is 30%.

After the Aspect ratio is a letter R which designates the Radial, and it tells the pattern used in lining the ply cords inside the tire during its construction. And this construction pattern means a lot to your vehicle’s tire stability. D and B letters also denote the diagonal and bias-ply respectively in the tire’s construction if we find them in place of the “R.”

The following number we will encounter gives us information about the rim size, and in the case of P305/30R20 90S, the 20 there means 20inch rim dimension.

305 Tires. Fitting

And it is simply saying the tires are compatible with a 20inches rim size diameter. The number that follows tells about the Load index. That means; the load capacity which the tires can support. And finally, the S on the strings of numbers, letters, and symbols designates the speed rating.

Every alphabet has its respective speed rating, and it is ideal to know the bracket your specification falls in terms of speed. All the above designations are according to the bodies responsible for the standardization of car tires, including Euro-metric, P-metric, and LT-metric.

Different tire sizes

There are, of course, different tire sizes out there, made to fit different vehicles and for a variety of purposes.

Some of the everyday tire types we often encounter are; 37inch, 285/75R16, 33inch, 275/70R18, 275/60R20, 35inch, and 285/70R17.

Features & Specifications of 275 tires

The 275 tire is a 20.00inch rim diameter fit, and it has a rim width of between 7.50inch -9.50inch with an overall diameter of 31.91inch and a sidewall height 5.95inch. The tires are manufactured for large SUVs and trucks.

Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT

Features & Specifications of 305 tires

On the other hand, 305 tires find their application on vehicles compatible with a rim diameter of 20inch and rim width of dimensions 20*11.0 & 20*11.5.

And also has a sidewall height of 6.0inches with a cross-sectional width of 305mm. Vehicles compatible with this tire size include modified cars to fit the P305/30R20 car tire sizes.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Common Difference Between 275 and 305 Tires

1. Weight

Even though there are some similarities between the 275 and 305 tires, they still have vital differences. The 305 tires are weightier than 275 tires.

Mass and gravity are a function of weight, and the tire with more mass has a more significant attraction to gravity. That means the 305 tires have a considerably greater pull to gravity than the 275.

The weight of the 305 will allow the tires to have more power surface contact to the road and give the vehicle more balance.

2. Gas mileage

Gas mileage is a significant consideration to the setup of the vehicle component. As we must have known, the weightier tires are, the greater the power required to pull them.

However, the tires may be improved to use fuel more economically, but the weight will still affect our gas consumption rate. The 275 tires have more outstanding gas mileage than the weightier 305 tires.

3. Carloads

When it comes to a carload, the meatier nature of 305 tires gives it the ability to support larger loads.

The 275 tire sizes are thinner or have less thickness than 305, and when loads beyond its carrying capacity are exceeded, it risks being damaged as it is susceptible to objects that could puncture it.

The advantage which the 305 has in this respect is that its thickness will quickly help it overcome things that could lead to its damage while supporting larger loads.

4. Stability

The 305 tires have larger width compared to the 275 tires. And what that means is, the tire with the greater width will have a wider surface grip on the road to one with less width.

The wider the grip on the road surface, the more balance the vehicle will be, and in extension, the greater will be the stability. Therefore, 305 tire types have more excellent stability than the 275 tire types.

5. Speed

When it comes to speed, a number factor contributes to it—features like; weight, width, or rim diameter.

The 305 tires are weightier compared to the 275 tires. The 275 also has less width than the 305, giving the 275 a more tremendous speed advantage than the 305 tire types.

6. Height

Another significant difference between 275 and 305 tires is in their heights.

The 305 tires are made to have greater heights than the 275. That means when it comes to giving vehicles lift, the 305 tire has a better advantage.

7. Toughness

Having seen each tire’s qualities between 275 and 305, we can say the 305 tires are more rigid than the 305.

8. Terrain

The 275 and 305 are well adapted for tarred roads, but when it comes to off-road terrains like rocky or sandy, the 305 will overwhelm the 275 in performance due to its weight and height.

Pros & Cons of 275 & 305 tires

275 tires

  • Offers better gas mileage
  • They are not too heavy on the vehicle engines to pull
  • They cost less
  • They cannot operate outside the tolerant limit (terrain)
  • They wear easily and quickly

305 tires

  • They can support vehicle greater payload
  • they bring more stability to vehicles
  • thicker and more durable
  • they are weighty and requires more power to pull them
  • they may cost more


275 and 305 faq

01. How much taller are the 305 tires than the 275?

Assuming both the 305 and 275 tires have the same aspect ratio (which is the ratio of the height of the tire’s sidewall to its width), the 305 tire will be approximately 1 inch taller than the 275 tire.

This is because the number in the tire size represents the width of the tire in millimeters, while the aspect ratio represents the height of the tire’s sidewall as a percentage of the tire’s width.

Therefore, a 305 tire would have a sidewall height that is 30.5% of its width, while a 275 tire would have a sidewall height that is 27.5% of its width.

Since the width of the tire is the same in both cases, the difference in the aspect ratio means that the 305 tire will have a taller overall height.

02. Will the 305 tires fit my 18inch rims?

It depends on the width of your 18-inch rims. The 305 tires are typically designed to fit on rims that are at least 10.5 inches wide. It’s important to check the specifications of your particular rims to ensure that they are compatible with the 305 tires.

It’s also important to consider the aspect ratio and overall diameter of the tires to ensure proper fitment and avoid any rubbing or clearance issues. It’s recommended to consult with a tire specialist or mechanic for further guidance.

03. What are 305 tires equal to?

305 tires refer to tires with a section width of 305 millimeters. The section width is the measurement of the tire’s widest point when mounted and inflated on a rim.

04. What do the numbers 305 and 275 mean?

The numbers 305 and 275 on tires refer to their width in millimeters. Specifically, the first number (305 or 275) is the width of the tire’s tread from sidewall to sidewall when it’s mounted on a rim and properly inflated.

05. I want to add a little more height to my car. Which amongst the tire type will give me the lift I desire?

If you want to add a little more height to your car, you can consider getting a larger tire size with a larger sidewall. This will increase the overall diameter of the tire and add some extra height to your car.

However, it’s important to make sure that the larger tire size is compatible with your vehicle and doesn’t cause any clearance or rubbing issues. You should consult with a tire professional or your vehicle manufacturer to determine the best tire size for your specific car.

Keep in mind that altering the tire size may also affect your car’s speedometer accuracy and fuel economy.

06. Having a tire that will give me a better mileage will be great. Which do you think will allow an improved mileage for my car?

Generally, narrower tires tend to provide better fuel efficiency compared to wider tires. Therefore, if you want to improve your car’s mileage, you may want to consider using 275 tires instead of 305 tires as they are narrower.

However, there are other factors that can affect your car’s fuel efficiency, such as tire pressure, driving habits, and road conditions, among others. It’s essential to keep your tires properly inflated and maintain them regularly to ensure the best fuel efficiency.

07. Can I install 305 tires on a 275 rim?

install 305 tires on a 275 rim

Originally 305tires were made for a minimum of 10.5inches rim while the 275 are made to have a minimum of 9.5inches rim sizes.

The problem with fitting the 305 tires on the 275 rims is that the giant tire will be rubbing, which may not suit your tires and cause them to damage quickly.

08. I would prefer more rugged tires for my truck. What option between 275tires and 305tires will help me achieve my purpose?

If you’re looking for more rugged tires for your truck, either the 275 or 305 tires could be a good option. However, generally speaking, wider tires like the 305 will provide more traction and stability on rough terrain, while narrower tires like the 275 may offer better handling and maneuverability on the road.

It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as the type of terrain you’ll be driving on. It’s recommended to consult with a tire expert or mechanic to determine the best option for your truck.


It is important to note that all tire types have their advantages and disadvantages, and they don’t have it all. We must be clear about the specifications of the types of tires we want and the purpose they should be directed to. Also, we have to pay keen attention to the various tire safety regulations, so they are used as recommended.