Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake For Tacoma 2024 | Great Engine Optimization For Toyota Truck

Have you ever wondered what the best cold air intake for Tacoma is?

If you own the vehicle, you definitely tried to upgrade it in any way possible, giving Tacoma’s amazing potential to become a true beast on the streets.

What Is The Top Cold Air Intake Picks For Toyota Tacoma?

Well, in this article, you’ll find plenty of products that have the potential to be named the best cold air intake.

What’s sure is that the K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9039KP is one of the most popular and appreciated brands in the entire market, so whenever you see the name, you can be sure that it will work well in the long run.

Why K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-9039KP Is The Best Brand For Toyota Tacoma?

K&N Kit 77-9039KP air intake is the best on the market for increasing horsepower instead of just making cars louder.

Its increased horsepower, enhanced acceleration, and great performance made it the best choice for Tacoma.

Here! Find the best cold air intake for Toyota Tundra also.

10 Best Cold Air Intake For Tacoma Reviews

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039 – Best Quality Cold Air Intake For Toyota Tacoma

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 71-9039

Highlighted features

  • Tested for increased horsepower
  • Improved towing and uphill performance
  • Louder tract
  • Enhanced acceleration

K&N Performance CAIs are designed to increase airflow to the engine and improve horsepower and acceleration, but they do not make the car as loud as possible. The purpose of a cold air intake is to improve engine performance, not necessarily to make the car louder.

To answer the question, performance chips can be efficient in adding horsepower, but the extent to which they increase power varies depending on the specific chip and vehicle.

Some chips can add anywhere from 5 to 50 horsepower, but the results will depend on factors such as the engine’s condition, the quality of the chip, and how well the chip is installed and programmed.

It is also important to note that while performance chips can improve horsepower and acceleration, they may not necessarily improve fuel efficiency.

  • It doesn’t require filter cleaning
  • No additional tools required for installation
  • Zero engine contamination
  • Great lifespan
  • Noticeable suction sound
  • Time-consuming installation process


02. K&N Cold Air Intake 77-9026KP – Best Overall Toyota Tacoma Cold Air Intake

K&N Cold Air Intake 77-9026KP

Highlighted features

  • Adds an increase of up to 50% in airflow
  • Visibly increases acceleration
  • Loud sound and improved performance
  • No engine damage is involved.

K&N are known for their exquisite cold air intakes, and this model doesn’t make any exception from the rule. It increases the airflow by up to 50%, a number that K&N already used its clients with.

Because of the brand’s materials and the system put in place, the cold air intake lasts for up to 10 years.

Compared to other products on the market, this model offers targeted performance for on-demand acceleration, both off the line and uphill.

What’s even more interesting is that it also improves performance while towing through better throttle response.

There’s no question that it deeply improves the sound your engine makes, and it’s also a low-maintenance product.

The filter is washable, so you can rest assured that no debris will reach the engine.

The engine might still suffer damage after long periods of usage.

  • The maintenance process is convenient – no cleaning required.
  • Quick installation process
  • Guaranteed horsepower increase
  • Excellent durability
  • The engine can run roughly from long-term usage.
  • Engine airflow sensors can interfere with the CAI’s performance.


03. K&N Cold Air Intake 57-9015-1

K&N Cold Air Intake 57-9015-1

Highlighted features

  • General airflow increases with up to 50%
  • Better acceleration, including up-hill
  • Louder engine sound
  • Improved performance

What’s most interesting about this CAI version is that it fits older vehicles, making it much easier for car owners to upgrade their rides without needing to change them.

Cold air intake can entirely change how the vehicle performs and sounds, so the 57-9015-1 is exactly the product you need. Moreover, it also fits some versions of Toyota’s 4Runner model, giving it a bit more flexibility.

The product has all qualities you should look for in a cold air intake – it eliminates any obstruction, visibly increasing the engine’s airflow while making the sound louder and the performance much better.

It uses a conical high-flow filter coming in a bigger size that still fits well near the engine. The air intake keeps debris away from your engine through this filter, increasing service life for the product.

This product is known for its compliance, as it is legal in no less than 50 states. Always check regulation when you’re adding an upgrade to your vehicle, especially if older.

  • It doesn’t damage your vehicle’s engine.
  • Legal and available in more than 50 states
  • Impressive longevity (min. 10 years or the equivalent in miles)
  • Straightforward installation
  • Known for leaking air and causing engine errors
  • Low-performance gains


04. Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake SPE-9060

Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake SPE-9060

Highlighted features

  • Tested a 50% increase in airflow compared to factory components.
  • Throttle response improvement
  • Increased torque & horsepower
  • Oiled, synthetic filter

Spectre produces great cold air intake kits, with the SPE-9060 being one of their most appreciated products. It is one of the few cold air intakes that marry a good price with a great performance.

The product increases both horsepower and torque while also improving the sound of your Tacoma’s engine. It is dyno-tested and uses its own filtering system.

This product will visibly change your vehicle’s uphill performance for the better, and you don’t have to worry about filter cleaning either.

It needs to be cleaned after 100,000 miles of usage, which is the equivalent of about one year worth of driving.

There’s little to no risk of engine contamination thanks to the synthetic filter design. The filter is also oiled, and the entire system is protected against water leaking.

  • It doesn’t require cleaning before reaching 100,000 miles of usage
  • Bolt-on installation system
  • No debris can reach the engine
  • It won’t interfere with your car’s warranty
  • Installation can take up to two hours
  • Minimal mileage gain


05. K&N Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9025

K&N Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 57-9025

Highlighted features

  • No ECU tune required.
  • Dyno-tested for both acceleration and airflow increase
  • Protects engine from contaminant substances
  • Improves throttle response

When it comes to eliminating airflow obstruction, K&N really knows what it is doing. The 57-9025 kit managed to give the engine the most power through the cold air.

It doesn’t use a regular, standard filter but an oiled, synthetic one for a higher flow intake system.

A fascinating thing about this product is that it doesn’t require any ECU tune, which means you won’t spend an additional amount on it.

The product is dyno-tested, increasing acceleration and airflow without any issues or engine damage involved. The filter is also oversized and water-resistant so that you can wash it after dirt gathers up.

This way, you make sure that no debris is getting inside the engine. It is conical-shaped and fits the engine compartment perfectly for easy access.

As for installation, you won’t need additional tools behind basic hand ones and what comes into the kit.

As for gas mileage, it’s unlikely that you’ll see a huge difference, but you might have to face a slight increase.

  • Increases both sound and performance
  • Easy, bolt-on installation system.
  • Filter-cleaning is required only after 100,000 miles of usage
  • Long lifespan
  • Small changes in gas mileage
  • Low-quality installation parts


06. aFe Power Magnum Force 51-81162

aFe Power Magnum Force 51-81162

Highlighted features

  • Three-layer, non-oiled filter
  • Sealed housing with inlet scoop
  • Made of heat-insulating molded plastic
  • 119% outflow and 13 horsepower added

Continuing with yet another impressive product from aFe, the 51-81162 version is just as important to mention in this top because of its features.

It follows the same three-layered, non-oiled filter design that is also washable thanks to its synthetic nature, thus balancing a convenient fit, performance increases, and protection.

As with most aFe products, the cold air intake is sealed for water leakage prevention, with the intake track made of heat-insulated plastic, molded specifically to fit the place.

The only issue with this product is that it is not CARB-exempt, which means it is not legal in some states heavily regulated in this direction.

The most impressive aspect of the Power Magnum is that it increases the factory intake by up to a whopping 119%, a number that you rarely see in CAIs.

You should expect around 13 horsepower and 21 lbs./ft torque gains.

  • Tremendous horsepower increase
  • Proven outflow and torque increase
  • 100% polyurethane filter
  • Easy installation process
  • Not CARB exempt
  • It would be best if you double-checked dimensions to ensure they fit.


07. Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake SPE-9962

Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake SPE-9962

Highlighted features

  • Dyno-tested for 50% increase in airflow
  • Visibly improves engine sound.
  • Increases torque and vehicle performance
  • Keeps engine clean through high-quality filters

The biggest highlight of the Spectre Performance CAI SPE-9962 is that the installation process takes under 30 minutes, and it comes with self-explanatory instructions.

If it’s the first time when you’re installing a cold air intake, this one might be the best option for you.

The system fits perfectly without trouble or without having to move other parts around. Like other products from Spectre, this CAI will increase your Tacoma’s performance and add improvements in terms of sound.

Spectre designs the filter, and it is a low-restriction one. The intake tube is made of polished aluminum for the coldest air generation, with an additional powder-coated heat shield for extra performance and safety.

The kit includes everything you need for the installation, so no further investment is required for putting it together.

  • The filters don’t require cleaning before 100,000 miles
  • Oiled filter design against contaminants
  • Great lifespan thanks to the materials used
  • Bolt-on installation
  • It might cause damage to the engine in the long term
  • Slight changes in mileage


08. aFe Power Momentum GT Cold Air Intake Kit 51-76005

aFe Power Momentum GT Cold Air Intake Kit 51-76005

Highlighted features

  • Customized CAD design with roto-molded housing
  • Made of heat-soak materials and cross-linked polyethylene
  • Urethane plug included
  • 100% polyurethane frame

aFe products are also highly appreciated in the industry thanks to the increase in Toyota Tacoma cars’ performance.

It’s best to mention from the start that this product is non-carb compliant, and it’s a bit different compared to your basic K&N products.

The factory intake faces an outflow of up to 39%, but it will not reach 50% like similar variations of cold air intakes.

The filter itself is different too: it has 3 synthetic layers and is not oiled, washable, and offers the best protection against debris or contaminants.

The intake tube is roto-molded and is designed in CAD for the best possible fit. The kit’s entire housing is sealed and made of one piece only to keep the waterway.

In terms of risks, this aFe product is known for reducing the possibility of damaging your engine while bringing to the table all benefits of the kit.

  • One-piece design for easy installation
  • Airbox doesn’t have to be removed for inspection
  • 3-layer, progressive air filter for maximum performance
  • High-quality clamps included
  • No CARB exempts
  • High price compared to similar models


09. Volant Cold Air Intake 185406

Volant Cold Air Intake 185406

Highlighted features

  • High-quality materials
  • One-piece design
  • High-grade filter that you can clean easily
  • Complete installation kit

After analyzing popular brands like aFe and K&N, it is important to bring Volant into the picture. Not many people know about this cold air intake, even though it’s a great product considering its price.

It is made of cross-link polyethylene, which makes it durable and efficient. The filter is reusable, changeable, and easy to access for convenient cleaning.

The design is made of one piece to ensure water resistance and avoid engine damage.

The clamps that come in the packaging are made of stainless steel for extra durability.

  • Great performance in exchange for a reasonable price
  • Heat-resistant materials for extra performance
  • Stainless steel clamps for durability
  • Silicon connectors
  • Not compatible with some air sensors
  • Hole alignment might be off and require adjustments.


10. Auto Dynasty Black Aluminum Cold Air Intake System

Auto Dynasty Black Aluminum Cold Air Intake System

Highlighted features

  • Known for long durability
  • Considerable increases in horsepower and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Lightweight materials used

Auto Dynasty produces high-quality cold air intakes, this model being one of their most appreciated.

It can be the best cold air intake for Tacoma but note that it only fits those produced between 2005 and 2011.

This intake is known for the great improvements it brings to performance and filtration efficiency.

Your car’s engine will remain healthy throughout the entire period of usage.

You can adjust the inlet pipe in length and diameter so that it matches your engine’s resonance and drag as much air as possible to the cylinders.

  • 95% better filtration efficiency
  • Gains of 5-10 HP and 8% torque
  • Gas mileage improvement
  • Easy to install
  • Non CARB compliant
  • Hole aligning issues may occur


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Guide To Choose The Best Cold Air Intake For Tacoma

2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma Cold Air Intake Instal

When making upgrades for your car, you want to invest plenty of time in research before actually putting money in a kit.

Enhancing the vehicle’s performance is directly related to what products you choose.

This guide to choosing the best cold air intake for Tacoma answers the hottest questions on the topic and tells you what factors you should keep in mind when opting for this upgrade.

Even though this is rather a small upgrade to make, there are a few times that can change your entire experience with CAIs.

Find out which is below.

01. Model & Year

Before making any purchase, double-check your car’s model, release year, and other technicalities that might influence the cold air intake kit installation.

The older a car is, the more difficult it will be to find the best cold air intake for it. Commonly, cold air intake kits fit vehicle models launched in a specific timeframe.

For instance, you can search for the “best cold air intake for Tacoma,” and you’ll find all options for this model of Toyota, along with the kit’s serial number and the year range it is suitable for.

Check with your mechanic if you’re unsure of the size or other installation aspects of the cold air intake.

02. Material

As mentioned before, there are different types of cold air intakes, and one of the differences is made by the materials used in building them.

The best choice you have is opting for a heat-resistant material that doesn’t collect heat.

Collecting heat leads to downgrading the efficiency of cold air intake and – ultimately – defeating its purpose.

Heat-resistant materials will keep the air cold and performance efficient.

03. The System it Uses

There are two styles when it comes to cold air intake: short ram and true cold. The first one is known for easy filter access.

This way, you can clean it as often as required or change it without a hassle if needed. The installation process is also much shorter and straightforward for these.

The second one produces the biggest cold airflow by pushing the filter as close to the engine as possible. This type fits the needs of drivers who want visibly increased performance.

04. Engine Compromising

You should know that there’s a slight risk of engine compromising if the filters you’re buying are not high-quality.

Debris and contaminated air can easily reach the engine through low-quality filters, resulting in engine damage in the long term.

This is why you should make sure to buy high-quality kits and preferably opt for a washable filter.

Engine failure can also occur from the lack of water shielding, so keep an eye on this feature too.

FAQ’s About the Best Tacoma Cold Air Intake

Installing a Cold Air Intake for the Toyota Tacoma

01. Do Cold Air Intakes Really Increase Horsepower?

Another common question that you probably can’t wait to find an answer to is whether cold air intakes increase horsepower or not.

Let’s make this clear from the very beginning: in general, they do.

But you have to choose the right product to get the best out of it. Most cold air intakes delete the car’s resonator in the engine compartment, making the tract much louder.

02. How Do I Get More Power Out Of My Toyota Tacoma?

There are several ways to get more power out of your Toyota Tacoma:

  • Install a performance chip: Performance chips can optimize the air/fuel ratio, and increase horsepower, and torque. They are relatively easy to install and can provide significant performance gains.
  • Add a cold air intake: A cold air intake system allows more cool air to enter the engine, resulting in increased horsepower and acceleration. It can also improve fuel economy.
  • Upgrade the exhaust system: An upgraded exhaust system can increase the flow of exhaust gases, leading to improved horsepower and torque. It can also give your Tacoma a deeper and more aggressive sound.
  • Install a turbocharger or supercharger: A turbocharger or supercharger can provide significant power gains. However, they can be expensive and require professional installation.
  • Upgrade the suspension: Upgrading the suspension can improve handling and stability, which can make the vehicle feel more powerful and responsive.
  • Replace the tires: Switching to high-performance tires can improve traction, acceleration, and overall performance.
  • Tune the engine: Tuning the engine can optimize performance by adjusting various parameters such as ignition timing, fuel delivery, and air/fuel ratio. This should only be done by a professional mechanic or tuner.

03. Do Cold Air Intakes Improve The Sound?

Yes, cold air intake can improve the sound of your vehicle. The sound of your engine can be enhanced because the cold air intake allows more air to enter the combustion chamber, creating a more efficient combustion process, and thus resulting in a louder, more aggressive sound.

Additionally, some cold air intakes are designed with a specially-shaped tube that helps to eliminate unwanted noise and resonance, resulting in a cleaner, more refined sound.

However, it’s important to note that not all cold air intakes will improve the sound of your vehicle, and some may even cause unwanted noise or vibration. It’s important to choose a high-quality cold air intake that is designed specifically for your vehicle to ensure optimal performance and sound.

04. What is a Cold Air Intake to begin with?

Before getting into technicalities, let’s clarify what a cold air intake is in the first place.

CAIs or – by their long name – cold air intakes are aftermarket systems meant to make your engine sound louder by drawing more air into it.

By doing this, air also reaches the throttle body and also increases the vehicle’s overall performance.

There are cold air intakes that contain plastic and metal, but they are not as efficient as aluminum and polymer ones.

The explanation behind this is purely scientific – heat sensitivity.

The more heat the materials absorb, the worse – as the product’s name says.

The same goes with filter location – some are near the engine, and others are towards the car’s front side, thus changing how they send air into the throttle body.

It’s paramount to keep in mind that not all cold air intakes help with car performance, as some may even negatively influence gas mileage or acceleration.

05. How is cold air related to increased horsepower?

It is all related to air molecules: hotter air molecules have a smaller oxygen concentration, while colder air ones have a higher oxygen concentration, making the molecules considerably bigger.

As in the case of a fire that needs to be maintained, you need to give it more air.

If less to no air reaches the fire, it will slowly die out. The situation is quite similar to engines.

They produce more horsepower, and a wild sound as cold air in larger quantities reaches the combustion chamber.

Of course, a downside might come with it: your vehicle might start consuming more fuel than it usually did.


Hopefully, you found this article about finding the best cold air intake for Tacoma useful.

We tried to gather some of the most appreciated products in the market in one single place and sincerely reviewed each to make the purchasing process easier for you.

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