Winter is just around the corner. There are many first time parents with infants. Car seats can be very confusing. I think the best thing to remember no matter what the season is, is that car seat companies have done the testing and put these seats on the market the way that they are and are deemed safe.  If you add or take anything away from them will compromise their safety. Never put your child in the seat without the seat pad that comes with it. They are specifically fit with the padding in. The only reason it's removable is because babies can be messy.

Remember that putting on extra padding will mess with how well the straps fit. You want your baby to be comfortable but they aren't safe. Someone tested this buy putting a big fleece pad between the baby and the seat and buckled the baby in. Then took the baby out and removed the pad. There were a good 3 inches of "give" in those straps. The seat is molded to fit the baby. If it didn't come with it, please don't use it.

Blankets should be used instead of bulky clothing. Don't put the baby in a coat or bunting then put the straps on. It makes the straps much looser. Your baby can slip out if there was an accident. You can place a warm blanket loosely over the car seat when you are out in the cold.

Hanging toys from the handle of your baby's car seat is a fun activity. Remember not to hang things from the car seat handle while the car is moving. Hang a mirror on the seat or some stuffed animals that play music is a great alternative. You can give your baby the toys to hold. Hanging toys can end up hitting your baby in the face if you stop quickly.

 Car seats are meant to be used through one accident. After that, the straps should be cut and the seat should be disposed of. Be sure to cut the straps so if the car seat is found in the trash, it will signify that it was in an accident and it's no longer safe, even if it hasn't expired yet.


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