Understanding Your Car's Dashboard Lights for Drivers in the Baltimore, MD Area

Understanding Your Car's Dashboard Lights

Dash lights lighting up can mean different things. The most important thing to keep an eye on is the color. For instance, red lights a possible serious issue, orange or yellow means something in the car needs to be replaced soon and green or blue merely means that something is on and working. 

Brake- If this light comes on, there is a possibility of three reasons why: the parking brake is on, there is an ABS issue or there is a concern regarding the braking system. You can check the brake fluid and the parking brake. 

Check engine- There are many reasons this light comes on and your mechanic is the only person that can find the reason why. 

Battery- When the battery light comes on, it is an indication that your battery isn't charging correctly. Check the battery terminals. 

Temperature- This light simply means that the temperature of the engine is too high. You don't want to drive the car with this light on. 

Tire pressure- The tire pressure light means that one of your tires has low air pressure. Check the tire pressure and add air if needed. 

Low fuel- This is mostly seen near your fuel gauge and means that you are low on fuel. 

Oil pressure- An oil pressure light that stays on means you have lost oil pressure. Check the levels and pressure of the oil. 

Traction control- The traction control light will come on when you are using the traction control system. This normally is an indication that road conditions are slippery. 

Service engine soon- The service engine light is to let you know what some sort of routine maintenance is needed on the vehicle, like an oil change. 

Door ajar- If you don't close on of your car doors correctly, this light will come on. It will also come on if the hood or trunk is not closed correctly. 

Seat belt- If the driver or passenger of the vehicle has not put their seat belt on, this light will remind you to do so. 

Windshield washer fluid- This light will come on if the washer fluid is low in the reservoir.

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