Understanding Your Car's Dashboard Lights

Dash lights lighting up can mean different things. The most important thing to keep an eye on is the color. For instance, red lights a possible serious issue, orange or yellow means something in the car needs to be replaced soon and green or blue merely means that something is on and working. 

Brake- If this light comes on, there is a possibility of three reasons why: the parking brake is on, there is an ABS issue or there is a concern regarding the braking system. You can check the brake fluid and the parking brake. 

Check engine- There are many reasons this light comes on and your mechanic is the only person that can find the reason why. 

Battery- When the battery light comes on, it is an indication that your battery isn't charging correctly. Check the battery terminals. 

Temperature- This light simply means that the temperature of the engine is too high. You don't want to drive the car with this light on. 

Tire pressure- The tire pressure light means that one of your tires has low air pressure. Check the tire pressure and add air if needed. 

Low fuel- This is mostly seen near your fuel gauge and means that you are low on fuel. 

Oil pressure- An oil pressure light that stays on means you have lost oil pressure. Check the levels and pressure of the oil. 

Traction control- The traction control light will come on when you are using the traction control system. This normally is an indication that road conditions are slippery. 

Service engine soon- The service engine light is to let you know what some sort of routine maintenance is needed on the vehicle, like an oil change. 

Door ajar- If you don't close on of your car doors correctly, this light will come on. It will also come on if the hood or trunk is not closed correctly. 

Seat belt- If the driver or passenger of the vehicle has not put their seat belt on, this light will remind you to do so. 

Windshield washer fluid- This light will come on if the washer fluid is low in the reservoir.

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