10 Best Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrade – Hear the Difference

Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrade

The Toyota Corolla stereo upgrade brings a new definition of what it means to be complete or to have everything in one.

Entertainment, luxury, and ease are words to describe upgraded stereos.

You may be quite familiar with the stereos we discussed in the previous reviews. We have brought yet another, similar but much more to what was given in the first.

Technology gets upgraded from time to time, and it aims to make improvements on things, to make our living worthwhile.

So, why stuck with the single option of bread when you can have bread, butter, and cheese in a package?

And be sure you read till the end to see our ten incredible Toyota Corolla stereo upgrades.

What is the Best Stereo for Toyota Corolla?

As in the former review, Dasaita clings to the number one position yet and stands out the best.

It beats all other stereo brands this time. It has come with excellent features that will leave you amazed.

Why Dasaita is the Best Stereo Brand?

After looking through the features, descriptions, and feedback from genuine buyers, we can boldly say the Dasaita stereo brand is the best for the Toyota Corolla stereo upgrade.

Because it combines almost all features of the other brands and yet, crowns in unique features and qualities.

Dasaita is easy to install, gives value for money, has a quality sound system, comes with HD Video out, and so much more than most stereo brands out there which only take second place after it.

The Dasaita stereo U.I was explicitly designed for ease and accessibility. And to give users more of everything they can imagine.

This is why Dasaita remains the best stereo for Toyota Corolla.

Top Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrades

01. Dasaita Car GPS Radio

Dasaita Car GPS Radio


  • Andriod O.S
  • Screen size (10.2inches)
  • Touch screen
  • Wireless connectivity (WIFI and BLUETOOTH)
  • 3 USB ports
  • Rear camera compatibility
  • Split screen
  • Radio
  • Video output (H.D.H.D.)
  • GPS
  • iPhone and IOS compatibility
  • 4GRAM and 64GROM

The Dasaita stereo comes with incredible features to give its buyers comfort and ease. It is a carplay with the Andriod O.S.O, which gives it compatibility with so many applications.

The 10.2inches H.D screen gives it a more expansive and impressive graphic display. Its touch screen is susceptible and responds to touch faster.

It has a split-screen that allows dual display at a time. The Dasaita stereo comes with wireless technology features of WIFI for internet access.

It also has Bluetooth for wireless data transfer with 3USB and audio ports for more connective choices. It has a radio and media play compatible with various media plays and high-quality audio output.

It has supports for the rear camera and displays its views in H.D.  With its GPS, the driver can navigate his way through towns and cities.

It is also iPhone and IOS compatible, giving it even a broader option for more applications and devices. But all the functions cannot be complete without a robust storage and processing capacity.

Indeed, it came with a 4GRAM and 64ROM to support its powerful apps, videos, music, and H.D Games. Dasaita is a stereo you should look out for when considering buying one

  • Easy to install
  • It gives you value for your money
  • Awesome sound quality
  • the user interface is amicable
  • It has a split-screen where you can have a double display at the same time on the screen.
  • Quite expensive
  • You may need an expert to help out with technical settings that the OS may require


02. UNITOPSCI Car Stereo – People’s Choice Toyota Corolla Radio Replacement



  • Android 8.1 OS
  • GPS.
  • Touch screen
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • 9inches display screen
  • LCD screen
  • Radio
  • 1G RAM and 16GRom
  • Rear camera support
  • USB
  • Multimedia carplay

The UNITOPSCI comes preinstalled with an Android 8.1 Operating System which gives a range of compatibilities to apps and programs. It has a sensitive touch screen for soft-touch controls.

With its wifi, you can access the Internet and even connect to other wifi through a hotspot. Its Bluetooth gives us the option to connect to different devices wirelessly.

The 9inches LCD screen supports the rearview display of the camera. It comes with a 1G RAM capacity and 16GROM and supports a range of media play.

It also has a G.P.S display on the screen to guide our navigation and an inbuilt radio receiver.

  • It fits well
  • Affordable
  • You don’t need a technician help to get it fixed
  • Some features fail to work as they should
  • And the radio receiver doesn’t function as it should.


03. NVGOTEV Car Radio – Best Value Toyota Corolla Stereo



  • Wince 6.0 O.S
  • G.P.S.
  • Bluetooth
  • 7inches Screen(H.D)
  • Voice command
  • 256 RAM size
  • 16G map card
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • SD/USB
  • Mirror links
  • Multimedia support
  • Radio

The N.V.G.O.T.E.V. is a stereo head unit that fits well too with Mazda 3 2004-2009. It comes installed with the wince6.0 operating system.

It has a DVD player and Bluetooth to allow wireless connection from other devices. It supports a range of media plays, too—the 7 inches H.D screen displays within a high resolution and supports the G.P.S. display.

The voice commands allow us to receive calls hands-free. The stereo comes with an inbuilt radio receiver and steering wheel controls to support our driving.

It also has a good storage and processor capacity of 256MB and 16G, respectively. With the SD/USB and mirror links, we have extra storage and media devices connected to the head unit.

  • Easy to install
  • Have a good sound system
  • Affordable
  • It fits with only a few vehicle types
  • It has limited compatibility with other devices.


04. Heiha Car Stereo

Heiha Car Stereo


  • Android O.S
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • IOS support
  • Bluetooth
  • USB ports
  • Stereo dimensions (7.01×2.56×3.94)
  • 7inches screen size
  • Multimedia player support
  • Inbuilt FM receiver
  • Rear camera support
  • Mirror Links
  • Capacitive touch screen

The Heiha stereo is yet another option you should consider for your Toyota Corolla. The upgraded version comes with improved features.

It comes preinstalled with the Android operating system, which allows compatibility with various applications and programs. It is also compatible with Apple’s programs and devices.

It also has an inbuilt F.M receiver and multimedia player, which supports a range of digital media. With Bluetooth, one can have a broader option to connect to other devices wirelessly.

Still, the USB ports allow for a wired connection. The 7inches screen comes with an incredible display and gives an H.D Rear camera display when reversing.

It has mirror links support and a capacitive screen, which is highly sensitive to touch. Heiha also has a user-friendly interface.

  • Quite affordable
  • Support a range of devices
  • Good sound quality
  • It does not fix well in all vehicles
  • You may need the help of a technician when fixing it


05. j Junsun Car Radio

j Junsun Car Radio


  • Android 10.0
  • 10inch screen size
  • Touch Screen
  • Wireless connectivity (Wifi and Bluetooth)
  • 2G RAM
  • 32G octa-core CPU
  • Multimedia player supports
  • G.P.S.

j Junsun stereo is an Android 10.0 head unit. Android version 10.0 gives the j Junsun a great deal of compatibility with many apps and programs.

It comes with a 10inch size screen that allows display in H.D. It also comes preinstalled with a G.P.S. for our navigation and guide.

It has Bluetooth supports that allow other devices to connect to it wirelessly. wifi-Fi allows access to the Internet and connects to available wifi-Fi through a hotspot.

It has a sensitive touch screen which allows on-screen controls of the device. It supports a range of media players too. All these functions are possible with a storage of 2 G-sized RAM and a 32G quadcore CPU.

  • Good price
  • It Has an excellent working G.P.S.
  • It comes with an operation guide
  • It can be a bit slower with the 2G RAM size
  • It cost extra to upgrade the RAM


06. Alpines i-LXW650 CarPlay

Alpines i-LXW650 CarPlay


  • Bluetooth
  • USB ports
  • Touch Screen
  • Voice control
  • Radio
  • Digital receiver/player
  • 10×8×7(inch) device dimension

the Alpines i-LXW650 comes with many improved features to its previous version. It has a dimension of 10×8×7 inches with Bluetooth, which allows it to access other devices.

It has a powerful inbuilt microphone that allows voice command controls. It has a radio that receives FM/AM. The touchscreen allows touch control of the stereos apps.

It also supports a range of digital media plays. The stereo comes with USB ports for wired connections to other devices. It also has an Android Auto with Apple car plays support.

  • Easy to install
  • Great sound quality
  • It gives value for money
  • It has limited compatibility
  • Android auto and other supports seem not to work as they should


07. Binize Car Stereo

Binize Car Stereo


  • Andriod10.0 OS
  • Bluetooth
  • wifi-Fi
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Mirror links
  • Radio receiver
  • USB ports
  • G.P.S.
  • Voice commands
  • DDR2 2G RAM and 32GROM
  • Quadcore CPU
  • 9inches screen size
  • The rear camera supports.

The Binize stereo head unit comes with outstanding features for ease and comfort. Its latest Andriod version, 10.0, gives it broader compatibility to a lot of apps and programs.

It has an extra sensitive capacitive touch screen which gives us control over the devices using soft touch. We can have access to the Internet through wifi-Fi and hotspots.

And with its Bluetooth, it can access other devices wirelessly to share data.

It comes preinstalled with an FM app and also has a radio receiver. It has mirror link supports with steering wheel controls. It also supports a range of media players and H.D Video display on the 9 inches screen.

It displays the camera review on-screen while reversing and comes with an accurate, real-time G.P.S. With its USB ports, wired connections are possible from other devices.

It comes with an inbuilt microphone that supports voice commands and control of the stereo. It has a good storage of 2G RAM size and Flash memory of 32GROM.

The device comes complete with a quad-core CPU, making it functions at incredible speed.

  • Easy to install
  • Fits pretty well
  • Friendly U.I
  • It has a low memory
  • And cost extra to upgrade its memory


08. Eincar Car Stereo

Eincar Car Stereo


  • 6.2inches screen size
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • DVD player
  • Rear camera support
  • F.M receiver

The Eincar is a 6.2inch screened-size stereo with a DVD player and F.M.F.M. receiver. It has a touch screen which allows on-screen control of the device by touch.

It also has rear camera support, which allows an H.D. H.D. View of the rear when reversing. Bluetooth gives us a wireless connection to other devices and tools.

And also a Navigation System that provides a real-time guide on our positions and gives direction when driving.

  • Affordable
  • easy to install
  • No proper instruction manual/guide
  • The camera is of poor quality


09. SYGAV Car Stereo

SYGAV Car Stereo


  • Android 10 OS
  • 10.2 inches screen size
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Auxillary
  • USB
  • Radio receiver
  • GPS
  • LCD
  • PX5 CPU (octa-core)
  • 4G RAM and 32GROM
  • Rear camera support
  • Steering Wheel Control supports
  • Multimedia play support
  • Wifi & Hotspot
  • SD card
  • Multi-language and voice command control

The S.Y.G.A.V. is a stereo head unit with the Android 10 O.S, which allows a range of compatibility with apps and programs.

The 10.2inches LCD screen size has a high resolution which allows the display of H.D Games. The extra sensitive touch screen gives us an effective control with a simple touch or swipe over the screen.

It also has a radio receiver to help us listen to local F.M With USB, and we can connect to other devices. The LCD screen also displays control features like a steering wheel and air conditioning status.

It supports and displays the view of the rear camera when reversing. The stereo supports a range of media players. It comes packaged with a 4G RAM and 32G R.O.M.

The S.Y.G.A.V. supports a real-time G.P.S. to guide our location when driving. It also has a power PX5 quadcore CPU. It also has a fantastic sound quality.

It also has the wifi-Fi and a hotspot that supports 3G and 4G networks. The extra 8G SDcard gives us an expended storage option with multi-language and voice command controls.

  • Easy to install
  • Great sound quality
  • Quite expensive to buy


10. BroGo Tek Car Stereo

BroGo Tek Car Stereo


  • Android 8.1
  • Touch Screen
  • 4G wifi-Fi
  • Radio
  • G.P.S.
  • Bluetooth
  • 9inches screen
  • Double Din screen display (split-screen)
  • Voice controls
  • Steering Wheel supports
  • Rear camera support

The Bromo Tek stereo head unit is an Android 8.1 version operation system, which supports many applications and programs.

Its touch screen is sensitive and gives us an on-screen control of the device with a simple touch and swipes, and Its wifi. Supports the 4G brand.

The inbuilt radio receiver gives us access to local F.M. It has a split-screen that allows dual-display on the screen simultaneously.

It has an accurate GPS that gives us precise positions and directions during driving. With its Bluetooth, we can have other devices connected wirelessly and share data.

It has steering wheel support features, including rear camera support. The voice command allows us a most convenient speech control, which is possible due to an inbuilt microphone.

  • Affordable
  • Great sound quality
  • Responsive customer service and after-sales service.
  • It doesn’t fit well with all Toyota Corolla types.


Stereo upgrades aren’t just limited to the Corolla – Tundra drivers can also elevate their audio game with their impressive range of options 

Buying Considerations for the Best Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrade

There are things a buyer must consider before buying any of the Toyota Corolla stereo brands.

Having a map out in your mind what you will look for when buying a stereo brand would not just help you acquire one that will best suit your choice.

But also help you avoid the unwarranted consequences of buying a stereo brand that turns out to be what you never expected. Or maybe you wanted more, but it gives less.

The consequences one may have to be confronted for not having a list of what to consider before seeking to buy a stereo for their Toyota Corolla include;

  • Not getting value for money.
  • Annoying features that don’t give you what you want.
  • The thought that you’ve wasted your money
  • The pains of having to look for other supports to help bring it to what you expect
  • Or the thought of replacing a newly acquired stereo.

To avoid all those, then, we have to consider the following:

01. The Stereo Brand

Toyota stereo upgrades

We must be familiar with the brand we may want to have for our Toyota Corolla. Or at least have a piece of updated information about it.

Different stereo brands come with their unique features, and you have to be clear about what you would prefer and what not when making a choice.

Some brands come with a whole lot more features and functionalities than others. And yet also, some are pretty simple and easy to install/use.

In contrast, others may need an extra piece of instruction and techniques to manage. We must go for brands that would not pose much trouble in installation and usage and one that gives us a range of compatibility and connectivity options.

02. Connectivity

In today’s world, lots of devices pair up to share data. Some device comes with multiple connectivity options while other comes with a few connectivity options like wireless (wifi, Bluetooth) or wired connectivity (USB ports and HDMI).

It would be best to consider a stereo that allows you to connect to other computers quickly without much hassle.

03. Navigation System

You can’t imagine yourself in the middle of anywhere while driving in this age of information technology without a navigation system.

And you also would like your dashboard to look neat and not disorganized with an extra piece of a device hanging out, whose job is to give you directly only.

But why would one have to attach a G.P.S. device on a dashboard when we have stereos that come preinstalled with G.P.S.?

With the stereo having the G.P.S., the dashboard looks more organized and neat without needing an extra device.

It is not just about looking for a stereo with a G.P.S. but also a functional and accurate navigation system.

That is why you need to have the necessary information about the stereo you wish to buy in the aspect of navigation display.

04. Operating System

Most upgraded stereos for the Toyota Corolla come with an O.S. With the Operating System, you can have much more apps and other compatibility features like games.

But you have to check the limitations of the Operating System and whether it will allow you to enjoy the apps and games you may wish to have installed.

Or just if they are compatible with other OS programs like Apple and IOS. Having a stereo where the Operating System allows a range of compatibility is a plus to your comfort and enjoyment.

05. Ease of installation

To avoid the troubles of installing a stereo that may not fit well or requires a high degree of technicality to fix, you must consider the ease of installation of the device you want to buy.

Must we ask ourselves questions like does it come with an installation guide? Or is the installation guide easy to comprehend and follow? And would I need a technician’s help to get it fixed?

Giving sincere answers to those questions will guide you through buying a stereo brand that will not cost you extra or too much to get fixed.

06. Affordability

Following all, we have discussed so far. It is now time to consider the affordability of the stereo you prefer as stereos come with different price tags.

In contrast, Some are more expensive than others. Going for stereos that are of good qualities with good features and affordable would be a great idea.t5

Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrade Instructions

All stereos come with their setups. However, there are things every day between stereos when installing them. Stereo system setups are what we shall see under this sub-heading.

But most stereo comes with a setup guide. Now, let’s see some of the basic instructions to help you set up your carplay stereo system for Toyota Corolla.

  1. After buying your desired choice of stereo, open the pack and bring out all that is in it.
  2. Before fixing, look to see the instruction manual to guide you
  3. Power off the ignition and Fix it according to the instructions provided in the guide
  4. Find out if you need other accessories and whether they are provided in the package. If not, get them before you begin the installation
  5. Look carefully at the old one you are replacing and how it was fixed while pulling it.
  6. Identify the sockets and note the positions on the new stereo
  7. After pulling out the old one, position the new stereo according to the guide that came with it in the pack.
  8. Fix the sockets accordingly.
  9. After installing the new one, switch on the ignition
  10. Do all necessary settings using the buttons on the stereo screen or surface and start enjoying your stereo.


What are the benefits of upgrading the stereo system in a Toyota Corolla?

Upgrading the stereo system in a Toyota Corolla can offer a range of benefits, including improved sound quality, increased functionality, and enhanced aesthetics. A new stereo can provide a clearer, more powerful sound that is more enjoyable to listen to, and may include features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility, and built-in navigation.

What should I consider when selecting a new stereo?

When selecting a new stereo for your Toyota Corolla, it is important to consider your personal preferences, as well as the features and capabilities that are important to you. Look for a stereo with high-quality sound, user-friendly controls, and the features that you will use regularly, such as Bluetooth connectivity or a built-in navigation system. You may also want to consider the size and aesthetics of the stereo, to ensure it fits well with the interior of your Corolla.

Can I install a new stereo in my Toyota Corolla myself?

While it is possible to install a new stereo in your Toyota Corolla yourself, it is generally recommended that you have the installation performed by a professional. A professional installer can ensure that the stereo is properly wired and mounted, and can help to prevent any damage to your vehicle during the installation process.

What are some popular stereo upgrade options?

Some popular stereo upgrade options for a Toyota Corolla include units from brands such as Pioneer, Sony, and JVC. These units often include features such as Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility, and built-in navigation systems. Other popular options may include speakers and amplifiers from brands such as Kenwood, Kicker, and JL Audio, which can help to further enhance the sound quality of your new stereo system.

How much should I expect to pay for a Toyota Corolla stereo upgrade?

The cost of a Toyota Corolla stereo upgrade can vary widely, depending on the brand and features of the new stereo system, as well as the cost of installation. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a high-quality stereo system, including installation costs. It is important to do your research and shop around to find the best deal on a stereo upgrade that meets your needs and budget.

Can I still use my steering wheel controls with a new stereo system in my Toyota Corolla?

Yes, it is possible to retain your steering wheel controls when upgrading the stereo system in your Toyota Corolla. Many aftermarket stereo systems include an adapter that allows you to connect your steering wheel controls to the new unit, enabling you to continue to use these controls as you would with the factory-installed stereo.


 Toyota Corolla Stereo

Technology keeps changing the ways we live, and the aim behind them is to improve our comfort.

Going for upgraded stereos offers us the opportunity to enjoy the latest features and applications that add to our fun and relaxation.

Getting the best Toyota Corolla Stereo Upgrade will give you the completeness that you deserve. And we have given you reviews of the best and upgraded stereo for your Toyota Corolla.

We have also given you tips on things to consider when buying one for your Toyota. With this information, we are sure you have the guide to help you make a better choice of stereo.

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