The Toyota 4-Runner TRD

Meet the Toyota 4-Runner TRD

The 2017 Toyota 4-Runner is now available in two new grades and continues to improve upon its already impressive off-road credibility. These new grades include the TRD Off-Road and the TRD Off-Road Premium. What is TRD you may be asking? TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development and it is bound to stand out wherever your 4-Runner takes you. Since the 4-Runner was first introduced in 1984, it has only continued to deliver when it comes to off-roading capabilities. The 4-Runner's body-on-frame architecture allows the vehicle to traverse challenging terrain while still maintaining a comfortable drive for its passengers. Please read on to learn about the Toyota 4-Runner TRD.

What's new for the TRD?

For over four decades, the TRD has been adventuring through rugged terrains and that culture is definitely demonstrated in the new upgrades. The exterior of the TRD Off-Road 4-Runner is now featured with black painted wheels and a unique TRD Off-Road badge that is located on the C-Pillar. You will also find a TRD Shift Knob below the center console that features a carbon fiber look and the floor mats now feature the TRD Off-Road designation. The TRD Off-Road Premium 4-Runner also adds on TRD red lettering located on the headrests for the driver and front passenger seats. Although the 4-Runner is well known for its off road capabilities, the new interior may give that reputation a run for its money. The interior will now feature the Multi-Terrain Select system which allows you to use the dial to select the mode that best fits the prevailing terrain and conditions while adjusting the wheel slip accordingly. There is also an electronic-locking rear differential and Toyota's Crawl Control feature (CRAWL). This features assists in maintaining a constant speed which enhances the vehicle's control while driving up and over various obstacles. When the transfer case is shifted into low range, CRAWL will regulate both engine speed and braking force in order to propel the vehicle forward or in reverse at one of the driver-selected low-speed settings. Therefore, the driver can focus on steering over obstacles without have to also deal with the throttle or brake pedal.

The new 4-Runner TRD will also impress with its superior approach angles, departure angles, high ground clearance, and available suspension upgrades. For greater off-road capability and stability, you should definitely look into the available Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) which facilitates extended wheel travel at slow speeds. For instance, if you were on a loose terrain such as mud or sand, a more than normal wheel slip would be permitted by allowing wheel-spin to work in the vehicle's favor. There is also a Mogul setting that is perfect for any extremely uneven terrain, such as slopes and ridges. This mode will allow for the wheel-slip to be minimized and the system will act more like a limited slip differential.

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