Summer is almost here! We've been waiting to say that for months, and now that it has almost arrived, are you ready for your road trip? We're going to be giving you a few helpful tips on how to best save money while on the road, along with telling you some of the best places in Maryland that you should definitely visit this summer. Not only do we want you to take good care of your vehicle, but we also want to make sure that your next road trip doesn't have to be overly pricey. Road trips are meant to be fun experiences with the people you love, not constantly shelling out cash. As you continue reading, we'll be showing you how we best save money, and some of our favorite places to visit in the state.

How can I save money?

Vehicle maintenance: Before you go anywhere, it's important to make sure that you have properly maintained and prepped your vehicle. This is the kind of maintenance you should always be doing, but whenever you're getting ready to hit the open road, it's especially vital. First off, get a tune up and an oil change. Next, make sure you check your tire pressure and inspect your headlights/brake lights. Make sure you pop your hood and look at your fluid levels, and finally, fill up your gas tank. No one wants their vehicle to be ill-prepared for a long trip, and these few tips can help you save plenty of money in the long run.

Smart packing: One thing that always gets people while they're on a road trip is stopping to get snacks and other products. That is why we highly recommend packing snacks and drinks ahead of time, and keeping them in a cooler. We also think you should bring extra batteries, another phone charger, and even some toiletries, just in case. 

Map where you are headed: While many people do enjoy taking the long route in a road trip, it's always important to map your route ahead of time. This way you can be more strategic on the financial end of things. You can check out restaurants you want to stop at, gas stations, and even landmarks that you'll be driving by.

Get a gas app: Saving money on gas is one of the most immediate ways you can keep more money in your wallet. Thanks to platforms like GasBuddy, you'll be able to see up to date pricing at local gas stations, which will make it even easier to decide where and when to stop. No more driving around to find the right price, or taking the first option that you find.

Where should I visit in Maryland?

There are many places we recommend checking out in Maryland. We recommend checking out Kent Island, St. Michael's, Ocean City, Assateague Island, Oxford, and Cambridge. No matter what kind of getaway you're looking for, these different cities and islands are the perfect chance to breathe in some fresh air and walk around in quaint downtown areas. Here at Thompson Toyota, we're located in Maryland, so if you get to any of these places and start having issues with your vehicle, we have a full service center available for your needs. We even have the latest in new Toyota models, along with a used vehicle inventory. Get your trip started today!


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