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Disclosure as Required by the FTC

We are committed to staying true to laid down rules and regulations by relevant authorities. This is why we have decided to update our product reviews and customers’ testimonials guidelines and regulations to meet the new FTC standards. To effectively communicate these new guidelines, we have carefully put together the following statements.

  • We will like to reemphasize that this site was purposely created/built to bring some difficult-to-find information to customers’ attention. Our aim is to make important information related to various products and services available to customers so that they may have an adequate understanding of a product of interest before they eventually invest in it.
  • We will also want to restate that this site is designed to earn additional income. This extra earning may come in the form of commission from third-party merchants or vendors once we assist them in selling their products and/or services.


We are a responsible affiliate marketer. We are accountable for our actions, and this shows in our dealings and approach. We will like to assure you that the testimonials available on this site are unique and real. We have never compelled, and we will never force any individual to make recommendations or approve any of the products and services advertised on this site. These testimonials were submitted by customers who invested in a particular product or service at a certain point in time. These customers feel it’s important to tell the world how they feel about the purchase.

We will also want you to know that we do not receive compensation for recommending any advertised products or services. We have never asked for compensation for recommending a product or service. Also, we are not planning to do that in the future.

Other Testimonials

Occasionally, we may post some testimonials from other sites such as, eBay, and some other top online retailers. It is important to note that these testimonials will only be posted upon their permission.

Privacy Policy

This section explains how we make use of personal details that are collected on this site. Before you provide your personal detail, ensure you read the privacy policy. When you proceed to access this site or engage any of the available contents, what this tells us is that you understand and accept every detail stated in the privacy policy.

The practices described in the privacy policy are not final. This means these details can be amended when need be. Whenever there is an amendment or alteration, we will definitely communicate that on the site. Besides, any modifications are effective going forward and do not affect past activities or the information provided previously. We advise you to keep yourself abreast of any changes made to the privacy policy by checking it out every time you visit the site. This is the only way you can have explicit knowledge of how we use every personal detail you provide.

Reminder: It is essential to know that all the details and practices described in our privacy policy are restricted to this site. The biggest mistake you can make is to assume we share a similar privacy policy with every site you visit. Our privacy policy is exclusively designed for this site. So, whenever you visit any site asides from ours, we advise that you go through their privacy policy and not assume.

Collection of Information

We ask the site’s visitors to provide their personal details. These details are names, email and postal addresses, and other information that we think is relevant. The provision and submission of your personal data are not mandatory. Visitors can decide to provide these details voluntarily or act otherwise.

When you provide or fill in any information on the site, we use these details to find desirable responses to every request you submit. Your personal details can also be used for other purposes, such as including you on our mailing lists. For clarity, we do not add you to any of our mailing lists without your permission. We only do upon your approval.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

There may be needs to make use of cookies and tracking technology considering the site’s setup. These features facilitate the collection of necessary details from visitors. This includes the type of browser they use to access the site and the Operating System (OS), keeping records of the number of visitors, and fully understanding how these visitors navigate the site.

In addition, cookies ensure the site meets the requirements and needs of every visitor. When the site adopts cookies and related tracking technology, there is no way your personal details can be accessed. Nevertheless, suppose you have submitted similar personal details before the site starts making use of cookies. In that case, the chance is high that cookies may have access to such details. Should it be deemed necessary, aggregate cookies and tracking information may be given out to third parties.

How We Make Use of Provided Information

We are a responsible affiliate marketing company, and we have zero tolerance for fraud and do not condole such. If need be, we may have to give out important details to government agencies and other websites or agencies that we partner with. These details will be provided to prevent any fraudulent activities that may want to take place or investigate any fraudulent activities that might have taken place.

The following are conditions under which we may have to provide necessary details to agencies responsible for the fight against fraud:

  • Details that are permitted to be shared with a third-party or that are required by the law.
  • If fraudulent activity is believed to have happened and there is a need to investigate.
  • If fraudulent activity is about to occur and there is a need to prevent it.

Note: The details given out to these agencies are not in any way used for marketing purposes. They are solely used for security purposes.

Our Commitment to Keeping Children Information Safe

We believe that details related to children are delicate and not to be provided online. This is why we do not request or take any personal details from children below 13 years of age. We advise every parent to keep an eye on the online activities of children below 13 years to protect their personal details and identity.

Now, we believe parents know how intentional and deliberate we are about keeping their children’s information off our site. If, by any chance, you think we have the personal information or identity of your child who is under 13 years in our database, feel free to reach out to us. We will work with you to ensure such details are permanently removed from our database as fast as we can.

Our Obligation to Data Security

Your personal details and identity are safe with us. Access to your personal information is restricted to our employees, contractors, and agents. Before we allow them to access your personal details, they must have agreed to protect your identity and keep everything they know confidential.

Suppose you are no more interested in our newsletters and other related emails. In that case, you can easily stop receiving them at the click of the unsubscribe button.

Contact Information

If you need clarifications or have questions or issues related to our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Once again, the privacy policy can be amended or altered when need be. In case there is any amendment to our privacy policy, it will be communicated.

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