2016 Toyota Prius C

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Used 2016 Toyota Prius C at Thompson Toyota for Edgewood, MD

Meet the 2016 Toyota Prius C:  It is the Toyota brand's smallest and least expensive hybrid vehicle on the market today.  The Prius C rewards its owner and its drivers with 53 miles per gallon when driving in the city and an amazing 46 miles per gallon when cruising on the highway.  The vehicle has room for five people and can in fact operate for short distances strictly on electric power alone.  Many of the Prius' competitors either don't offer a hybrid option or don't offer the MPG ratings that this Prius gets.  The Prius C is quite small, however its design is unique enough where interior room for people and cargo is not greatly affected. The 2016 Toyota Prius C offers those with a modest budget a vehicle that is green, clean and dependable.

Under the Prius C's Hood

Under the hood of the Prius is equipment and a design that look very familiar to anyone that is acquainted with the Prius brand.  The Prius C uses a smaller version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive found in larger Prius models.  This vehicle combines a 73 horsepower, 1.5-liter 4-cylinder motor together with a 60 horsepower electric power.  When blended together the result is a great 99 horsepower that gets sent through a continuously variable automatic transmission.  It is front wheel drive and has a few different driving modes allowing operators to change the thriftiness. The EV setup takes gasoline out of the equation for short time periods at speeds below 25 mph.

Design of Toyota Prius C

Despite the Prius C being a subcompact on the smaller side it does not take away from the amenities that it has.  It certainly is not a bare bones setup and includes center mounted gauges and a steering wheel that is multi-functional. The seats in the Prius C are extremely comfortable with the rear ones having the ability to fold down and almost completely double the cargo space that is 17.1 cubic feet when seats are upright. The Prius C offers a style that is unique but also highly suggestive of being a member of the Prius family. It has sweeping headlights with LED setups that now come standard as well as very distinctive tail lights which are also noticeably part of the Prius family. Unique touches include a "boomerang"' shape within the rear doors. Prius C base models come with steel wheels and plastic wheel covers, while the top-line Four comes with 8-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels and fog lights. The Prius C has different tiers of trim that come in levels that are numbers spelled out.  The amenities and standard equipment all vary slightly depending on which tier you have selected.  An additional option is an updated version of Toyota's Entune audio system that is a touchscreen setup.

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This year the Prius C gets the Safety Sense package.  There is plenty of active safety systems as well as equipment that comes standard.  There is lane departure assist, auto high beams, pre-collision braking, nine airbags, electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes.  The amount of safety equipment onboard is actually quite good for the type of vehicle the Prius C is.

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